September 24, 2001    Lupus


Whispers of joy.  White stretch limos
 A sadness abounds
Young women, not girls, having faces
 Blanked with pain
Answers need questions.  Questions need answers
We walk the streets.  We pray for no more
 Does black mean white?  Is time an illusion of space?
Needles and pins.  Armbands are torn to shreds
Hard to remember healing is always from within

So begins this week's newsletter on lupus, one of those dreaded diseases, never heard about until questions are asked.  It's a disease that was almost never mentioned in public.  As a soft diaper ready for its first wipe, it's a disease that exists in loud, bold print.  Last week these facts became obvious once I started to ask.  Lupus is a disease that strikes mostly black, young women.  I'm sure there is more information on that.  Each with theory, each with a thought to just carry them through the day.

This past week the lupus factor came roaring its ugly head through the door. Those women who had it kept it to themselves.  I wasn't quite sure why, but it certainly wasn't a topic that any women brought up without being asked. It was almost as though it was their quiet resolve that they have it, will live with it, and there is nothing that can be done about it.  It is on this basis that we chose to write about the hope, the possibilities, and the breaking down of ignorance that has led to this type of thinking.

From when it began to where it ends my first thoughts on the lupus article came on September 6, 2001.  While scanning through a local newspaper one article caught my eye.  The headline flashed in big, bold, black print.  It was an article that dared to challenge.  It read, "Spreading the word about lupus in the Black community."  The article stated that it affects 5 million people a year between the ages of 15-44.  Each year 5,000 people die from lupus.  An estimated 60% are black.  To add fury to insult to the average reader it was stated there is no cure and no hope.  If I had lupus, knowing what I know I would be furious against the writer who wrote the article, against the women who accepted this fate, against the medical profession that only uses drugs as a temporary solution and drug research as their only hope.  But I am not black; I'm white.  I'm not a woman; I am a man. Nevertheless I'm furious for the way people are being duped on this no hope, no cure issue.  So begins my research on lupus where I devote 6-8 hours a week picking out a different disease and explaining how poor lifestyle choices can create disease and healthy lifestyle choices can heal disease.

That article and a short conversation I overheard on TV about lupus were the fire of hearts that helped select this week's topic.  The conversation, which was heard not by choice, began mentioning the Lupus Foundation in memory of a young woman who never got better and eventually died.  As always, as now, the way to supposedly prevent is by donation.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  These words have to be ingrained in the minds of John Q. Public. Money was not the answer yesterday, is not the answer today, nor will it be the answer tomorrow.

We live in the type of world where the boundaries are no longer walls of separation.  We discover lupus is a disease of the 21st century where 2 million people are dying and are offered no hope, no cure.  We at Arnold's
Way are operating from the tiniest of places having the fewest resources for trying to spread this worldwide disease of hopelessness into a worldwide possibility of possibilities.  But for once to occur one has not to occur, for action has to being with education.  An education begins here.  I am taking on the responsibility for myself and for others and all those around. Lupus is a terrible disease being placed in our bodies.  Who will win on the inside will eventually determine who will win on the outside.

As the words being to flow on lupus so healing begins.  One word does not stay in its path.  It's spread, it's shared, it's a thought wave that begins the journey to create an omnipotent force of information and education that will beat down those poisons that have tried so many times, so many different paths, to defeat the universal force that has created the beauty of life.

The newspaper article begins innocently while it deliberates and grabs hold of a coal miner's daughter as the heroine.  But does the heroine wind up as a victim?  Is this an article to determine who shall live and who shall die?

The article states that 5,000 people die each year.  We read the article, and if we had lupus we would believe it to be so.  The story of no hope is temporarily blinded by partial possibility when we begin searching for other
truths in healing.  In God's' Way to Ultimate Health, Dr. Max Gerson talks of his clinic.  In addition to curing lupus with just fresh vegetable juices he has had success in curing other "incurable" diseases such as, lung
cancer, spreading melanoma, lymphoma, bone caner, colon cancer, etc.  So why does a clinic, which has tremendous success with many incurable diseases and a current news report, list "no hope?"  Within this framework there lies an information gap of credibility.

According to Alternative Medicine, mostly young women are affected (90% of cases).  According to the article, 60% of all those are black.  We close our eyes and wonder.  Is there a pattern being formed?  Once again we read between the lines.  The key word is ignorance of the multitudes.  We look at the foundation raising awareness through education.  We read over the word in describing this disease.  Words like "fever" ring in my ears.  We stop and hold that in suspended animation.  While "fever" is listed in one book
as a symptom of an incurable disease, in World Medicine it is described as "an important first step in the body's effort to destroy an enemy invader perhaps raising the body's temperature to make the inner environment hostile to the invading organism."  So within this framework of the definition lies
a truth of understanding.  We delve further and read about the inflammation. Lupus has its own designated "Big 8."  According to the American Rheumatoid Association there must be four of the following eight symptoms for lupus to be diagnosed: ANA antibodies in the blood, low white blood cell or low platelet count or hemolytic anemia, joint pain in a number of joints (arthritis), butterfly rash on cheeks, abnormal cells in the urine, light sensitivity, mouth sores, and seizures.

I read the Big 8 and think, "No big deal."  There is a sense that there is no cure.  I quickly think of Tim Lewis today.  He is a man of excellent health and an ex-ball player.  Don't mess with him!  That is today.  Three years ago he was not the same.  Lupus might be the word to describe his past disease, although he was white and male, which would put him in the 10% category.  Tim Lewis was a very sick man.  He had a low platelet count of 10,000 (150,000 is considered low normal).  He had black and blue bruises that would not go away.  He had spontaneous bleeding.  He had red blood spots occurring all over his body.  He had joint pain.  He could have had lupus by definition since he had 4 of the symptoms.  Tim's medical team, 2 doctors that specialized in hematology, chose to label him as having one of the long winded diseases that was a disease with no known cause, no known cure.

Tim spoke so passionately while explaining his story at our monthly testimonial at Arnold's Way.  He described the fatigue, the tiredness, and the stupidity of the medical choices that were made and given.  The first step in medical treatment was prednisone.  According to the Merck Manual, it 's the same treatment for lupus at the severe disease stage.  It states, "A combination of prednisone and immunosuppressive drugs is recommended in active, serious CNS lupus or active reversible lupus nephitis."  These are the medical words.  There is no cure, and Tim's doctors could only guarantee that he needed the drugs or he would get worse.  As we continue reading we see more drugs being mentioned.  We are beginning to see why there is no hope, no cure.  "Improvement does not usually occur for 4-12 weeks and may not be evident until corticosteroid dosage is reduced."  To say Tim was frightened by all this would be an understatement.  If the drugs did not work the next option would be intravenous drugs; the final option would be removal of his spleen.  My first reaction was of total disbelief regarding the effectiveness of the removal of his spleen.  This medical thinking is not from 100 years ago.  These were Tim's options just 3 years ago.  Tim was very lucky, unlike the 5,000 people who are dying every year, the 2 million who have the disease, and the voices of the medical establishment that are saying there is no know cure.  Tim questioned the doctors.  He tried to find out the truth and decided, against all opinions, to walk out and never return.

He walked for freedom.  He walked for truth.  He walked away against all those in the medical field who begged him to take the medication for his own good.  Starting at a low platelet count of 10,000 he began eating a totally raw diet.  He became a natural hygienist and empowered himself back into total health.  His parting words to the doctors as he left their door was, "Watch me heal myself."  He ate only fruit in the morning.  He exercised on the Rebounded beginning with 5 minutes and working his way up enough to put
Tim out of danger.  Because of his low platelet count, any cut or bruise could have caused him to bleed to death.  Tim had no choice but to increase his intensity in the natural hygienist world.  There was no medicine, no chemotherapy, and no cutting out his spleen.  Instead he went to a health and education center that specialized in fasting.  The place he chose is operated by Anna Inez, educator.  Tim spent one week there and his platelet count rose to 60, 000.  That was three years ago.  That was the time of bruising easily, black and blue marks, and joint pain.  That for all intents and purposes could have been called lupus.

Today Tim ROCKS!!  He is a specimen of excellent health who passionately defends his return to superb health as a choice.  To all those who have lupus, I share this information.

As I questioned two women who had lupus about their dietary habits I was flabbergasted.  As Tim was told, as these women weren't told, to start the healing process, the meat, liquid meat (yogurt and milk), the fish, the
chicken, the pork, and the seafood all had to be removed from the daily menu.  The reason is very simple.  Douglas N. Graham states in Nutrition and Athletic Performance, "Heated fats usually require a temperature that exceeds 300 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that the human body cannot achieve."

We study, we read, and we research.  We think about Tim and his superb success.  We reflect on the article on lupus with no cure.  We repeat the conversation heard on TV about raising money for research.  We try to place all this information together in a logical, easily understood format that can be used as a format for treatment of lupus.  We find an alternative option.

As lupus symptoms can be recognized so can they be healed.  As stated in Alternative Medicine, "100% of all system lupus patients have food allergies.  If one removes the cause - milk, corn, wheat, chocolate, sugar,
and eggs, there will be improvement."  Other food that can cause food allergies according to Nancy Appleton, author of Lick the Sugar Habit, states "all protein whether meat, wheat or vegetable protein, has the same
chemical configuration."  Tim Lewis went from down, weak, and helpless, to strong, healthy, and physically fit with unlimited hope just by simple changes in his dietary habits.

Remove the cause, all those foods mentioned that can cause allergies, and Tim got not only better, but he found a cure.  He started eating more vegetables and fruits properly combined, and he found the cure.  He started exercising, and he found the cure.  He got plenty of sunshine, got rid of his high stress job, and he found the cure.  To those who have lupus, read carefully, not once, not twice, but over and over again, for the lupus answer is a choice.  Your choice.  It's that simple.  We as a people are pretty much composed all the same way.  Color becomes blinded by the truth of our cellular formation.  Each one of us, meaning all 5 billion people, has the same amount of cells that speak the same energy of life and regeneration.  This force for truth in its daily habitat governs each one of us in a quiet unconsciousness.  The body's intelligence seeks its honor and glory by requiring essential nutrients that can only be found in live food. The cells (yours and mine) need these nutrients in order to live their lives to the fullest.  Otherwise, degeneration begins.  The cells begin to fade, die, and then vanish into sky gray. So ends lupus, the story, the glory, and the way for a better tomorrow for those 5 million sufferers who have to change their way.

Thank you for your time

Lick the Sugar Habit by Nancy Appleton
World Medicine
Merck Manual 17th Edition
Alternative Medicine by Burton Goldberg
God's Way to Ultimate Health by Dr. George Malkamus
Food for Life by Neal Barnard, M.D.
Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe


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