September 23, 2002    Cystitis


It became the sadness of mind
A joyless heart 
That everything once true-had no meaning whatsoever
40 years of working
Brown urine is certainly not a thing worth mentioning
The endless test-the passing of the buck
Hold your quarters please-the man requires just one thing
Operation-Bladder-Cancer can be licked

So it begins with these words. So it begins with these thoughts. So it begins on a Wednesday afternoon that I listen to the words and felt the pain. I saw the gloom, the last hope that the bladder struck another soul with nothing that can be done except an operation.

It's almost a year and a half that I have been writing the short newsletters, although some people call them way too long. It's been almost a year and a half that I've written research, research about any disease--any disease. As if the name really matters--it doesn't, it's all the same theory that the truth of one's existence is based on a supreme knowing. There are the laws of nature that govern our life, our reproduction. The truth has to be ingrained in us as a fine filament of tarnished leather from an unequivocal descent into what's true for the universal highest good. It's also the same laws that govern the well being of ourselves: Man-Woman-Life-Birth-Death.

It's a Tuesday night one week after I finished an article on Autism and one week before I start an article on cataracts. It's one of these weekly moments that there is no joy, yet I am overflowing. It is one of those weeks where there is no anger, yet I'm seething in its simplicity. Cystitis is one of those not so rare diseases that bring forth such emotion on such a wide scale that we as a people almost do give it a second thought. It's one of those diseases that we say oh well, too bad, and don't even give it a second thought. Until that special day, whether we are walking, whether we are just in suspended animation without a care when all these irrelevant thought processes come to a standstill as we meet someone such as I, who stopped me in the middle of a parking lot and began their story; a story about cystitis, about the bladder, about cancer. It was one of those explanations where anything that was loose kind of just tightened up.

The story begins with the brown urine flowing out of the system--the years of garbage intake. Garbage in the sense of the processed food, the liquid colas and coffee, the red and white meat all collectively toxic material waiting to be expelled. As quoted by Dr. Herbert Shelton in "The Hygienic Care of Cystitis," "Chronic disease means chronic provocation. Habitual food excesses result in such a lowering of nerve energy and a breaking down of resistance that the power to live is ultimately overwhelmed." These are words of understanding. I hear these are the words of warning for all those willing to hear. These are the voices of the human body when constantly inundated day-in, day-out with excess food, contrary to it's well being reacts violently, reacts forcefully, reacts with precise precision to get these excess waste out of the system. The brown urine flow--the reaction begins.

George was shattered to that of less than a man as he saw the brown gooky liquid coming out of him as liquid. There were no words to describe his fear. There was just a slight hope, it was a fluke of nature. So, George waited. He continues with his story in the parking lot, just he and I. I listened and he talked. His very roots were shaken into total disarray. He waited for a second chance. Unfortunately it was the same results. It is at this point that we recognize the fallibility (if there is such a word) of man at his worst in ignorance. George sought medical attention, sought tests, sought medication, and sought anything but his own to treat his internal brown waste flow. As the test began, as the medication continued, as his nerves became slightly unraveled, his body became even more overwhelmed with foreign material. The brown urine turned to blood. Imagine a world that although not perfect, is forced to watch blood flowing from a penis. George was completely  overtaken. Everything that once was a bother fell by the wayside. George's world would no longer be the same. Blood--red blood gushing out of his penis, his world changed forever! He went immediately to the hospital and was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The treatment is like no other. There are no words to describe the unfathomable treatment by the medical establishment as the best treatment for those who contact this disease--chemotherapy!

It is on such a note that we begin our study on this week's topic of cystitis. As defined by "Prescription for Nutritional Healing," "Bladder infections are usually caused by some type of bacteria resulting in cystitis, an inflammation of the bladder." At one time that would have been a good enough answer. At one time I would have accepted that with no further question. But, this is now, not at one time. Are there bad bacteria? Are there good bacteria? Is there really a difference? Is inflammation an accident or by body design? We hold these words in suspended animation and review the word inflammation. As quoted by Dr. John A. Tolden, "Stages of diseases of inflammation is a local response to toxemia and injury on a cellular level characterized by capillary dilation and leukocyte infiltration." To those who suffer, take a look at lifestyle choices. To those who would rather change lifestyle than have an operation, take a look at the same intelligence that guides our heart to beat 100 thousand times a day and 2.5 billion times in the average lifetime. It is the same intelligence that creates this inflammation. It is the same intelligence in our brain, which takes "billions and billions of bits of information, organizes them and offers a staggering array of responses." In "World Medicine" by Tom Monte, the statistical data of humans is repeated over and over. The information on what a human can do is staggering. So, when there is inflammation in the bladder region, we rejoice with gratitude for as quoted by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton in, "Does Nature Cure Disease," "disease is the process of the cure. "Inflammation is by body design and intelligence for the alternative would be oh so much worse. What is occurring, again quoted by Dr. Shelton, "the bladder becomes irritable from slight retention of urine and so as the retention increases the bladder becomes more irritable and the passing of urine more difficult." That was the answer given which was more than any other answer, but still not good enough. 

Tom Monte quotes, "the bladder holds urine, the liquid waste of the body and releases it when it's full." It does this by nerve impulses to the brain via the spinal chord alerting you to urinate. So, a picture is beginning to form, we think, we meditate, we ponder, why would the bladder want to hold onto liquid waste? Is there a signal between the brain and bladder that determines that holding this liquid is much better? If the bladder is full, every conceivable energy of life force is creating its release. So why does the bladder hold the urine which causes the irritation, which causes the cystitis, which once held this urine and then released it flowing through the urethra which passes through the prostrate in men? We hold this statement in present glory. We hold this statement as if our very lives and those of our children and their children are dependent on its outcome. We study cystitis in woman. As quoted in "Nutritional Healing," "Bladder infections are much more frequent in women than men due to the closeness of the bladder and urethra to the vagina. The bacteria gain access to the bladder by traveling up the urethra in females. "All sounds so simple, so easily explained, and in my opinion, all so wrong. We have a body that never makes mistakes! So the inflammation in the bladder is for a reason. We have the disease, as stated, that causes cystitis. But, it is also labeled as the "world's greatest recycler. "As quoted by Victoria Boutenko in "12 Steps to Raw Food," "Bacteria is smaller than any living cell and can instantly increase its power by multiplying into zillions." 

As we see the forests, as we walk it's path, as we see the beauty, as we smell the natural setting of it's presence, what is the determining factor that keeps the dead trees, the animals that die from farming in huge piles? Bacteria are the natural recycler. To further add a touch of mystique to bacteria as quoted by Victoria Boutenko, "it will never touch anything that is still alive." So, these were the statements that were dangling in my head. As I read all the causes of why cystitis, why inflammation, why brown urine, why blood in the urine, why bladder cancer--so many why's, so many knowledgeable guesses, so many wrong paths given to the unaware public. 

We read the bacteria, as the cause, in "Prescription for Nutritional Healing," we read about Dr. Herbert Shelton's theory as quoted that, "this retention is due to a persistent catarrh and in a few cases, perhaps a neurosis may be responsible and a spastic bladder may develop."

Here I am, late at night reading all this information and nothing makes sense. These are not the answers of a wise body. In the Merck Manual 17th Edition, the word cystitis is clearing defined, "Bacterial infection of the bladder in men." To further add substance to this argument, they named the bacteria. It was on this basis I went to bed confused, unsure, and not knowing--why the bladder would retain its urine? I slept 7 hours sound. I slept without thought. I slept just to sleep. I awoke at 6:30 a.m. with the answers I was looking for. I awoke with my opinion on why the body seeks perfection constantly working for our highest good, as per repeating my clarity of why cystitis? Our brain, which has the ability to release this toxic waste stored in the bladder, this waste that comes from, as quoted by Victoria Boutenko, "people who eat mostly cooked food are loaded with potential toxic waste. Waste that requires a major force within it's power to be gotten rid of, hence bacteria, hence retention, hence inflammation. But, it goes one step beyond that, what if this liquid toxic waste was released continuously? How would it affect men? I think, I see, I feel this brown sludge being passed through the prostrate which not only causes prostrate infection, prostrate enlargement due to the inflammation but on a more deeper level the very soul of our existence. As quoted by Tom Monte, "Ejaculation occurs at the height of sexual excitement causing rapid contraction which pump sperm from the testes to the prostrate where it is joined with seminal fluid passed down through the urethra and out the top of the penis. "That my friends is why cystitis, why inflammation, why bacteria comes about, why the body retains this urine and why the brain doesn't send signals back to the bladder. If it did, there could be disastrous results. The sperm count could be destroyed, the seminal fluid could be contaminated, and the very nature of human reproduction could be stopped. In the film, "How to Eliminate Sickness," Dr. George H. Malkamus quotes that sterility has reached 40% in the United States--there is a reason!

We use this same thought process for women on why cystitis could be considered a blessing. As quoted by Tom Monte, "ovulation assisted by various hormones that are under the direction of the pituitary gland. "The same brain that determines via the spinal chord whether to release muscles that hold the urine in place, Tom Monte continues, "ovulation takes place every twenty eight days. Only one ovum is produced every 28 days. Once the ovum leaves the ovary, it enters the uterine tube," the same tube that the bladder would normally release its' urine from. Once again the body intelligence has to work for it's highest good; the body intelligence has no choice, the brain has no choice. There are no options, the bladder loaded with its toxic waste has to be retained, and otherwise, the ovum could be destroyed if it's released through the urethra tubes. The chance is obvious--life or irritation, inflammation or possible fertilization? The sperm and the ovum meet in the uterine tube. Fertilization cannot take place with a flow of brown toxic waste flowing through the tube; hence retention, hence inflammation, hence cystitis.

So, we study the causes, we study the possibilities, we read about what treatment is and what treatment should be. We read the medical treatment as they give words of causes, as they give long names for hope, as they give reasons for causes. As quoted in Merck Manual 17th Edition, "Intestinal cystitis is a chronic bladder disease occurring primarily in women, etiology is unknown." Using this as a basis, there are treatments given, there are long names given, words of 10-15 letters with impressive long sounding names. I read the possibilities; I read the amount of days these impressive chemicals, as quoted, "in  men trimethorpim-sulfamethoxazole for 10-14 days." In women, as quoted, "a 3 day course of trimenthoprim-sulfamethoxazole or a fluoroquinolone effectively treats acute cystitis". These are words I read, these are the medical options given, these are the chemicals that are put in our bodies as a cure-all. We review alternative medical opinions as to whether these heavy duty, long-term impressive drugs are necessary. Once again we refer to Dr. Herbert M. Shelton as quoted, "the bladder is then treated, irrigated with strong poisons or neglected until an operation is supposed to be necessary." 

These are the options! We think about the inflammation, we think about the bacterial blame for all causes, we think about without bacteria there would be mountains and piles of dead animals in the forest. We think about raw fruit and vegetables being put in compost--they will rot and disintegrate without odor, without smell, without putrification, without fermentation. We think about taking the average cooked meal and instead of eating it so it won't go through our bodily system of 90 degrees, but putting it in a compost in the sun, outside, at a temperature of 98.6 degrees. What will happen? Heavens to Betsy! The fried chicken, the mashed potatoes, the cereal, the milk, the bread, once it is put in that compost outside in the hot weather. A funny thing--the smell becomes horrid, the odor becomes unbearable. Your neighbor would call the police, all because the bacteria 
jumps up to the zillions trying to break up all that cooked food. 

So begins the explanation of why cystitis? What's a person to do? According to Dr. Shelton as quoted, "acute cystitis readily ends when the patient is put to bed and all food except water is withheld". It's that simple, that pure. We refer to Loren Lockman's "A handbook for Vibrant Living", where he explains fasting. It's not magic, not a cure all, just an opportunity to be at rest. It doesn't have to be worried about digestion because there is none, which allows the body the time to do what it does best--perfection. So, we repeat the words of Loren Lockman as he speaks about fasting; "eliminating toxins from the body is a necessary step in creating true and lasting health". 

It is on this premise that the body has to heal itself. It is on this premise that long lasting health is possible without drugs, without surgery, without the standard medical practice. But, these are all choices that we as an individual, a community, a country, as a world, have to make. Do we empower ourselves to realize the full potential of our innate healing system? The other option is to declare that we as a people have no birthright to worthiness. We have no birthright to happiness. Love of self--that the only healing possibilities lie in a power outside of us. The choice is there. I choose freedom. I choose myself as defining my ultimate of self-healing.

I thank you for your time,


The Hygenic Care of Cystitis by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
12 Steps to Raw Food by Victoria Boutenko
Handbook for Vibrant Living by Loren Lockman
Alternative Medicine by Barton Goldberg
Merck Manual 17th Edition
How to Eliminate Sickness (Video) by Dr. George H. Malkmus with Michael Dye
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