September 20, 2004    Women's Hair Loss


Excellence stood within the four walls
A cry for emergence rings through out the land
The child plays and the bells vibrate their wings of flight
A woman dances while the crowd cheers

A knowing exists that raw food will keep the hair straight and tall. It was one of those strange realizations. It was one of those secret discoveries that are never ever talked about in public. It is one of those subjects that is talked only in hushed tones and never ever talked about with a man in hearing distance. In fact, it's about a subject so open, so easily seen, so blatantly obvious, so never ever discussed in true fashion that when it occurs it is a surprise to us all. It is under these circumstances that I first learned about hair loss with women who go on a raw food lifestyle. I who have been involved with raw food and changes one goes thru for over seven years had never ever heard of these consequences.

It was a Tuesday afternoon when Karen walked into our café. She walked quietly assured and so self-bothered that it was rather obvious something major was going on. This was my starting point for learning the deep dark language of hair loss. It is at this point we briefly close our eyes and think of Youtka"s flowing hair gaining momentum with each movement and each grace of her hands. Her beautiful satin hair flowers with the deep sun. She has known for over thirty years that raw is the way. We briefly closed our eyes and think of her flowing hair. I write of Karen and I think of Youtka as I listen to Karen as she begins telling of her hair loss. It began when she started changing her diet from mostly vegetarian to raw. Karen did not speak of her weight loss (60 pounds), which was oh so obvious. She did not speak of her skin which became oh so radiant or her appearance that became oh so beautiful. All those things were oh so great oh so fabulous and oh so minusculely unimportant when she began losing her hair. The hair was falling out not in little pieces but in great big clumps. Her thick rich luxuriant hair was becoming thinner by the day. This was the secret that is not supposed to be shared with the male species.

A woman's hair as quoted by Karen II is her "Achilles heel". It is a fact that they live and die by. So when the hair begins falling out, it is not such a minor detail. It is the shattering of the earth and the ringing of the skies. I listen as Karen explained herself. She was not in total shock but quite upset. Although I understood exactly what Karen was going thru, I too was fighting my battles of hair loss. Since I possessed that infamous balding spot in mid hairline as well as those strands of gray along the sides, I too was fighting my battles of hair loss. Little did she know that I wash my hair everyday with a scrub brush, which helps thicken my hair (by the way it works). Little did she know that I also massage my hair almost daily to strengthen my hair. All my secrets were working. My hair is losing all its gray but that too is another story. As I was explaining about my hair loss, Bridgette walked in. She too went 100 percent raw. She too lost 25 pound. She too lost great amounts of hair in the early stages of her going raw. She too began to change before my very eyes from skin tone of good to exquisite. Bridgette and Karen both realized that excellence is the overriding factor of our existence and finally whatever the human body does, it is due to the love of who we are rather than what we take or believe.

I requested Bridgette's assistance. Would she talk of her experiences as a woman who went on a raw food diet and the changes she went thru? This would be far superior to my conversation as that of a man. Although they had never met before, Bridgette listened and then shared her story how her hair loss was also out of control. Back in the early days of changing her lifestyle Bridgette's body became cleansed, her hair went from thinning to thickening. Bridgette became transformed from losing 25 pounds in all the right places to recapturing her beautiful porcelain skin and finally recapturing her "Achilles heel". Her golden red hair became thick and shining and most important growing strong. Karen listened as if every word, every moment passed was a gift of the gods. Karen began to realize that her hair loss was part of the cleansing process. I paused briefly and glimmers become oh so clear of Youkta performing perfection in motion. Her arms were gently swaying calling upon the earth forces to guide as they flow with the time. Her hair springs out for pleasure as they tingle the nostrils of all that watch her performance.

Youtka is about 60 years of age and know one would ever guess her age passed thirty-five. The way she looked up close and the way her body performed the flawless belly dance performance and the way her hair shined in the midnight sun, no one would ever guess how old she really is. She learned oh so long ago as she quotes" my secret is what I eat, I have been eating raw foods for over thirty years". All these thoughts, all these women and all their secrets came rushing through on a Thursday night as I think of Karen II. Each time we met I was so mesmerized by the beauty of her hair that I barely could keep myself from staring at pure beauty within my grasp. So when she spoke of her hair I listened intensely hanging onto every syllable. Her comments come rumbling out like a steel tank that found its juicy target. Karen II began explaining about her hair and about her life. Her hair was unmistakably her glamorous asset. If words could talk and memories remember, I in my younger days would not have been able to resist such hair. I would do whatever it took to meet the owner.

It was wild, frizzled, satin red and almost out of control. To the keen observer, Karen II's whole existence was centered on her hair, her "Achilles heel". It was her golden wand that touched the pulse that determined her every word and her every action. It was that important to her and to all the other women who dare to share their inner-most fears of losing their hair. Karen II began explaining about losing her hair three months to the day after she went on a 14-day water fast. As explained to her by Dr Joel Fuhrman, the body goes thru a deep cleansing on all levels including the hair which happens about three months after starting a raw food diet." Whatever hair she lost, and it happened over a two week period, would began growing back richer stronger and more pure. This statement was the final culmination of my journey in discovering the hushed secrets of women who changed their diet.

I thank you for your time, Arnold

Special thanks to Youkta,, who I had the pleasure to watch perform and then listen to her charming secrets.