September 18, 2001    Heart Disease


Driving for success.  Looking backward
 Is falling behind.
A narrow road where fear counts its victims
 Running through the woods
 Early failure.  Early rewards
All eyes close.  Bill left us at 47 never knowing
 The years ahead and realizing the price he paid.
 A high risk job with only money in the bank

So begins this week's newsletter on heart disease.  It is one of those diseases that affects almost every family in the country.  Talk about information!  It's out there.  There's so much, in fact, that I could not find any information, unless you learn how to read between the lines. 

In the latest Advance for Nurses publication, September 2001, we read about the latest possibilities in heart surgery.  There was a patient, 77, who was suffering from heart disease since 1995 (like this is a bragging).  The article discusses the latest in medical advances.  When describing the woman the article commented, "She has so many medical problems that not having to further compromise her by undergoing a cardiopulmonary bypass is of greater benefit to her."  Imagine suffering 6 years, each year getting worse.  Each year more reports, more paperwork, more medications, more money spent.  This is a story written over and over.  Heart disease, according to Alternative Medicine, affects over 60 million Americans.  According to this latest publication, your best bet is endoscopic surgery.  Excuse me while I puke. Heart disease barely existed at the beginning of this century. Things change and things happen.  Were those doctors so good back then that all their
patients never developed heart disease?  I wonder.  We quickly skim through John Robbin's Diet for a New American.  Page 210 clearly states, "A study involving 12,000 men in Finland, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, the US, and Yugoslavia found a correlation between the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in a person's diet, the levels of cholesterol in their blood, and their death rate from heart disease."  The winner (or loser or the silence that ranks with rank) was the US and Finland who, "had the highest consumption of animal products, highest consumption of saturated fat, highest consumption of cholesterol, and the highest death rate from heart disease."

So we review the scenario of this endoscopic surgery.  We review the hospital and its specialized open-heart surgical team.  We review and study the 600 heart surgeries per year, with each surgery bringing in between $50,000 to $100,000 in revenue.  We review all the technical support for making this high risk patient less prone to dying, and we think of the other 60 million Americas who are suffering using these same advances in medical know-how so they can be saved using these new apparatuses.  All these diseases, operations, medications, and endoscopic surgeries can be stopped in a wink and a prayer simply by removing the cause.  David Wolfe, author of Sunfood Diet, states, "The more raw plant foods people eat, the more likely they are to experience all sorts of health benefits."  Did the woman have to suffer from 1995 until now just so she could be scheduled for special endoscopic surgery?  Or could that 6-year ordeal have been completely eliminated?  Did all those heart attacks in the early part of the century never occur because the diet back then was mostly plant based?  I wonder.

It is 12:30 at night.  It's one of those I am totally driven to write more but sleep awaits me and tomorrow is another day, another night to write
about how all 550,000 deaths annually can be eliminated without investing a penny in research.

Well, it's not the next night but 2 nights later.  It's one of those try to tidy everything up and get an early start to finish this week's newsletter on heart disease by tonight, which may or may not happen.  But no matter how hard I tried, 11 o'clock is about the earliest I can start.  Oh well.  So I
continue this week.

There is another side of the heart that has been totally ignored by the medical field.  As stated by the Yellow Emperor, "The heart is the root of
life."  It's a simple statement, but the words echo through the halls of the living, from the broken hearts to the mended hearts to the joyous hearts.
Does that mean that there is a connection between emotions and heart disease? Probably, especially when the cells of the body can easily
understand the language of the bearer.  What we say about ourselves, that language, that emotion, and those feelings, determines the cell and its constant effort to continue onward and upward with joy or feel out of control, without care, and simply tired, unwilling to go on.  Within this
framework of existence lies life.

The heart is a fist-sized double pump organ that has been marveled, pampered, studied, and written about since biblical times.  "For God sees
not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart," (Samuel 16:7).

So we turn to World Medicine and begin to gather facts about the heart.  Why do 60 million Americans suffer from this disease?  "The heart beats between 60 and 80 times per minute."  If your mathematical mind begins calculating, it adds up to 100,000 times a day.  That would not seem too improbable, but the other twist is that it has to go through 98,000 miles of arteries before each heart beat.  In today's world where the average person will live between 65-75 years, the heart will beat 2.5 billion times during the course of one's life.  I can't believe my heart does all that amazing stuff!  In addition, our heart pumps about 1/6 of a pint of blood per beat or 12 pints per minute which sounds beyond amazing until that same awesome figure becomes miniscule when exercise becomes another added dimension.  Then the heart beat races to move 100 pints per minute.  These statistics become more mouth dropping and jaw opening with each added fact.  Our entire blood supply passes through the heart every 60 seconds.  During the average day each side of the heart pumps 2,000 gallons of blood.

What does all this mean?  It means the heart was made to last a long time without ever breaking down, you would think.  You would also think that since the US technically is the richest, most powerful, most advanced country in the world that there would be enough knowledge and wisdom within our prestigious medical establishment to at least have the lowest death rate due to heart disease among all countries of the world.  You would think.

The fact of the matter is that it doesn't matter.  We, meaning the people of the US, are obsessed with the obvious.  For those that know not, know not.

In 1992, at the young age of 45, I began developing chest pains in my heart area.  I, either being too stupid or too nave, suffered with this chest
pain for at least 2 months until I had the bright idea of going to a different holistic expert on a weekly basis.  As always, I saw no result, no
improvement, and another day of suffering.  All this came to a climax when I was driving my then 13-year-old daughter to school.  As my chest pain kept getting worse, my fingers were tingling, and my left arm was becoming numb. Every pill that I took for my chest pain to get better did not work.  I decided, as it seemed did my body, that death my imminent.  I switch lanes, told my daughter I was having a heart attack, drove myself to the hospital, and admitted myself.  That was 9 years ago.  As time changed so I changed becoming 20 lbs lighter, losing 3 inches around my waist, and not looking a day older as the time passed me by.  At the age of 45 I didn't think I would live to 46.

I was going to become a statistic.  I was a sedentary, white male, slightly overweight, chocoholic.  I was never into booze, drugs, or cigarettes.  My main vice was sweets, which included 5-10 pieces daily.  If it came in a fancy wrapper I ate it without remorse, so that almost heart attack, in
hindsight, became my blessing.  I changed directions.  I went on the journey to figure out why I became sick.  Easy explanation.  Poor diet.  I began eating salads daily.  That was plenty of live green food.  My next major rude awakening was 34- inch waist.  I was not exercising.  My saving grace back then as well as today was rebounding (a mini-trampoline).  Why rebounding?  Why a saving grace?  Why do I, Arnold, personally swear by this personal mini-exercise equipment?  Point blank.  It not only saved my life because it can clean out the lymph system daily just by jumping for 5 minutes on it, but the mini-trampoline did for me what no doctor could do. It offered hope, strength, and a total rejuvenation of my being.  That means, 9 years later I ROCK with enthusiasm, enjoying each passing minute as a reward in itself.

The medical profession then as now did not offer any possibility of healing other than with drug therapy.  According to Alternative Medicine, which is one of those 1000 page books written not only by medical experts but by other leading experts, as if to say that using this method is better than drugs being that it takes a more holistic approach.  However, in this author 's opinion, it's still the same old bullcrap except they are now replacing drugs with vitamins and herbs as the main treatment of choice.  This supposedly legitimizes the so-called new healing methods as the best alternative for one's well being.  To add more spice to the sanctifying of herbs and vitamins, Alternative Medicine simultaneously blasts the typical standard treatment of advance heart disease (the bypass surgery, angiograms, angioplasty) as "unnecessary surgery and over prescribed."  To add another twist to the power play of which treatment is better, Alternative Medicine clearly states, "Medicine is more equipped to treat heart disease only when it has reached its most serious and life threatening stage."

At this point we reach the crux of the folly.  There are groups of doctors who supposedly take on a more liberal viewpoint by adhering to herbs and vitamins as the magic pills.  On the other hand, another group of doctors push standard treatment.  This endorsement seems to be led by those who have the most to benefit, which is the drug companies.  The Merck Manual 17th edition pushes drug therapy to the tune of devoting almost 57 different sections on how the heart deteriorates and how it can be treated.  In each section the explanations become glorified verbosity.  For example, heart failure is defined as, "Symptomatic myocardial dysfunction resulting in a characteristic of hemodynamic, renal, and neurohormonal responses."  This, my friends, is why heart disease is the number 1 disease in the country.  To understand that verbiage of one group versus the verbiage of another group each saying their treatment is the best is a difficult task.  Who does one believe?

One has to be able not only to speak that language but have the appropriate understanding of the information.  Dr. Dean Ornish, "demonstrated that heart disease can actually be reversed without medicine."  This statement was quoted almost 11 years ago.   This statement has been proven over time with almost every study shattering the myth and lies displayed by both groups. The true information on heart disease is simply not being shared by either group.  You would think that somehow this would get a brief mention as an option in the leading alternative magazine Nutrition Action.  I don't want to use names, but the director for cardiovascular disease prevention of Harvard Medical School states, "High blood cholesterol, infections, and tobacco smoke are some of the causes."

This is still evasive language meaning if the cholesterol gets lower no one would ever have a heart unless they smoke.  The language is safety netted all over the place.  If we found a study, for example, that showed not one person who had a cholesterol level lower than 150 even though they smoked or had infections never had a heart attack would that prove something? Anything?  Such as test is now in progress.  In fact, the test has been going on for over 40 years and not one person who has a cholesterol level below 150 ever died from any heart disease.  This can be best achieved by going on a complete vegetarian diet.  No meat.  No chicken.  No dairy.  No eggs. Nothing.  So, the answer if you can't go completely raw at first is to go Vegetarian.  The average cholesterol level of people who eat Vegetarian is 124.  There
are no pills to be taken, no doctors to see, and no hospitals to visit.

In my own testimony at the age of 45 all hope was lost.  I thought for sure I would never hit 46.  My major mistake was I listened to everyone for they knew and I knew not.  That included all those holistic practitioners prescribing those herbs.  Hawthorne.  Sillymarin.  Those vitamins COQ.
Calcium.  I was taking from 10-15 pills a day for they knew and I knew not. As the days passed and my energy became weaker I was still asking everyone in the know.  For what is known out there in the so-called real world is a world of fakery and hearsay.  If their hearsay cannot be backed up with results, personal experience, plus a myriad of truth-breaking resolute, where this is no hesitation of doubt or argument, are they in the know?  A glossary of words, meaning the body's intelligence, rises above all facts and argument.  So I began my journey from believing in others to believing in myself.  After my second trip to the emergency room within a month I chose the freedom to decide for myself.  The hospital wanted to admit me after I was again complaining of terrible chest pain.  I looked at the bed, I looked at the medicine, I looked at the needles, the green uniform, the sterility of care given, the blankness of hope possibility.  I walked out the door and let fate take its stance.  The first step I took was to reexamine my lifestyle, which in fact was never even mentioned as a possible treatment.  Primarily, I wasn't exercising.  As truth shone brightly, as truth is never forgotten I remembered one line from one page I read at least 10 years before in Fit for Life.  Somehow, quasi blurrily, I remembered reading a statement that said that jumping on the mini-trampoline is the best exercise one could do.  A quest for health has no boundaries, no cost considered, no questions asked.  The next week I bought a trampoline, started to jump, and haven't stopped.  To this day I still jump anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour a day.  It's a luxury of life, which I greatly enjoy.  My body enjoys it.  My cells are in total ecstasy.  As its main feature it cleans out the lymphatic system in 5 minutes through an intricate detoxification process, that demands excellence with each jump.

My next major realization was that in my previous lifestyle I was not eating any greens.  I was in complete ignorance of diet possibilities.  In Sunfood Diet, David Wolfe states, "Green leaves soothe the nerves and calm the body, relieve pain, and decrease overall stress, and an abundance of green in the diet strengthens the heart."

As rebounding continues, so does eating a green salad daily.  My life, my choice.  It is not longer a question of what I want.  It's my body's
intelligence and its demand for excellence.  I am a mere pawn in the game of survival.  All 60 million Americans choose a lifestyle contrary to their well being. It is a disease, which costs up to $56 billion a year in medical costs.  The average person is not willing to give up a lifestyle that
supports this disease.  In truth, everything one ever believed in, ate, touched, looked at, tasted, cherished, and enjoyed has to vanish completely under the guise of healthy lifestyle.

This leads me to my third avenue of attack to rid myself of this deadly disease.  I educated myself.  Anything that pertained to truth in healing I
read.  I graduated from reading about herbs to reading about vitamins, from studying biology to studying Chinese medicine.  Each forward step made more sense but in the back of my mind there was a doubt.  I began studying homeopathy for one solid year to the tune of 3-6 hours daily along with the shiatsu Chinese medicine, a wealth or dearth of information to choose from. I hit the big OH, meaning this is it, when I began studying natural hygiene. To this day with the many testimonials there is no doubt, no exception that with all my years of experience dispensing this information and seeing the results of those who choose to follow this lifestyle that the words Heart Disease could vanish completely from the pages of the medical journals.

In ending, I quote Rose Gallo, author of Perfect Body, who says, "Educate yourself.  Believe it and then attack."  As a fighter to a new opponent life can only be enjoyed to the fullest with radiant health.  As the sun sets so shall it rise.  We are the creatures of a never-ending universal energy that seeks passion in its footsteps.

Thank you for your time.

Next week's topic is lupus.

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