September 13, 2005    70 Days...


It began as a thought that somehow became a runaway train that did not know when to stop. I think in jumbles of thoughts that have been rumbled upside down from the world within and the world that exists outside my domain. In the past 70 days for whatever reason I got deathly sick with a disease that could have been labeled pneumonia or a thousand other names. In the end it really didn't matter. I rode the storm of healing with some days not being sure whether I would make it to the next. This healing crisis came with all the gifts that would test my inner most strength of my own beliefs: that my body could heal itself without tests, without medical help, and without drugs. It was a faith so strong, so determined to know both consciously and unconsciously that all my symptoms would simply disappear if I followed the path of pure living. Some of the symptoms I had included losing my voice, losing almost 25 pounds and being in that strange position of deep meditation and self-evaluation of what went wrong and what did I do to create this.

These things are not supposed to happen to someone who is on a mostly raw diet, to someone who exercises religiously, or to someone who is almost totally conscious on a 24 hour basis of his well being. What is supposed to happen and what happens are on two different parallels. In the end, as I begin to revamp my lifestyle, as I made a little change here, and a big change, I was caught up in an even bigger picture, the mass destruction of hurricane Katrina. There it was in all its evilness and power of what went wrong. A city, a state and a government did not take the proper procedure of self-prevention. Is there any comparison between Katrina and me? Absolutely! Is there any comparison between all those dying of cancer, heart disease and all those labels, which we name disease? Absolutely! My friends, it is all the same theory: what goes on inside is a microcosm of what goes on outside. As the storm ripped the city apart, as the powers to be were at a standstill on what to do, as the people were being swept away in a wrath of nature's power, as people were dying and starving and as we watched on TV, a country was dying with no one around to help. These are the lessons of life. Once we take charge, once we take the necessary steps of prevention and once we learn and respect the natural flow of life and all its glory and power there will be peace both within and without.

I thank you for your time.