September 7, 2001    Depression


Black of night so hides the sun
Fears come rushing out. The grass stays away
We run around without clothes
         The child cries at night
There is candy around. Plenty of sugar to eat
          The whys of what's right and what's wrong
         Come home after a dinner like this tonight

So begins this week's newsletter on depression. We hide our words. We stay under cloth. A warm phrase. A sorrowful look. Mood swings affect almost everyone. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over 28% of all Americans suffer from some type of mental disorder including the two big ones, anxiety and depression. In my research, including three more books I added to my dining room table, there was almost not only no mention of depression, but it was being treated as a non-entity. There were phrases like, "He had depression," and that's it. No cause. No explanation. No reason. So this is how our research begins. Is depression a disease? Does a disease constitute a visible illness? Does red mean black or does white fit the bill? So we move forward. Sugar Blues is one of those classic books on health that stretches, expands, and drives health truth to new horizons. It mentions depression once and that was in regards to the stock market crash. I think. I ponder. I declare myself a little shocked, especially since the average sugar consumption has reached epidemic proportions: 160 lbs per person. That fact alone brings frightening results. Sugar Blues states, "Refined sucrose (sugar) is not digested in the mouth or in the stomach but is passed directly to the lower intestines."

Sugar Blues defines 'sugar blues' as, "Multiple and mental miseries caused by human consumption of refined sucrose commonly called sugar." Sugar is found in everything. To say the body is not affected by the constant inundation would be the first denial of what's happy and what's sad. Nancy Appleton described our daily food and its sugar percentage saying, "Meat packers would feed sugar to animals prior to slaughter so they would taste sweeter." Other products with sugar include the ketchup, the beer, the wine, the luncheon meats, the salmon; the list goes on and on. Sugar is 99.4-99.7% pure calorie. No vitamins, minerals, or protein. Just empty calories. Our body has to deal with that fact. Out body has to deal with an average intake of 30 teaspoons of sugar daily or 4 cups per week, which adds up to 10lbs per month and 150lbs per year. That's a reason for depression right there. We as a people need to stop putting this pure poison into our body. The body normally needs only 2 teaspoons of sugar, meaning whole sugar, daily. Therein begins the body's breakdown. According to Nancy Appleton, Ph.D., "When a person eats sugar continually, the body becomes inefficient at manufacturing glucose. The breakdown of this mechanism causes blood glucose levels to drop leading to cravings, perspiration, shakes, and depression." This means that this process can be dramatically switched when we change to a mostly raw diet, for there is no metabolic waste. So, within itself, the body can become efficient.

Our bodies seek a peaceful existence rather than failure and toxicity. We begin to see truth in healing by our body's ability to regenerate itself into purity. We can refer to an Alternative Medicine statistic that says that 28% of mental disorders vanish into nothingness, but getting rid of sugar is just the first step. However, the hope is there. Words like, "On the third day of the Hallelujah Diet my depression vanished," ring in my ears. To give a little background, the Hallelujah Diet is based on the same theory of Life Science, Sunfood Diet Success System, Raw Foods, Living Foods. There are any number of ways to say the same thing, meaning mostly raw fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. The Hallelujah Diet emphasizes mostly (85%) raw food, carrot juice, and barley greens. One bonus with Hallelujah Acres is that they blast their message to the public over and over and over by any way possible, including emails, Health Ministers, books, videotapes, and websites. To this end we applaud them in their efforts.

As we continue reading the stories from website, we find Greg Schumacher, age 39. He stated that after 3 weeks on the Hallelujah Diet his depression was gone. There were no words to express his joy. He had been suffering from depression since the age of 14. His despair changed to hope. So we read further about how depression vanishes into white light. The words flow like a magic chandelier that has turned to blossom its many lights across the channels of darkness. "I have seen improvement, since going onto the Hallelujah diet, in depression/anxiety," (treated professionally for 13 years).

Quick segue. I have all these books in front of me. I'm not quite sure which one to turn to first. Books based on raw food simply say change your diet and the depression will go away. The alternative books kind of hint about the relationship between nutrition and depression by statistics but fall dramatically short in making that statement abundantly clear. Then I look at a medical book, meaning the Merck Manual 17th edition, which was written by over 300 outstanding physicians as well as being a major resource for the medical establishment today. They have the symptoms down pat.

There is about a page that explains it very well starting with depressed, irritable, and anxious. Then there is poor posture, slumped shoulders, downward turn of the corners of the mouth, and the possibility of suicide, which is really scary. So this is where the common bonding begins and ends. When treatment is discussed there are no success stories. Not one. There are no happy endings. Not one. In fact, of the 2,700 pages written in that book there are thousands of medical treatments and not one success story.

What is that about?? We look up treatments. We see medications, antidepressants, and selective serotonins. We read further and read side effects. Imagine a person that feels down, with possible suicidal thoughts. That person takes a medication that can produce any number of side effects. It states, "Antidepressants produce nervousness, insomnia, and sexual dysfunction." Apparently that's the good news for the very next statement says, "Blockade is associated with alleviation of depression."

There are 21 drug therapies for depression. There are 21 precautionary statements for the different drugs that are used. There are no success stories. There is not one mention of the 300 physicians and their thousands of patients. As we skim the Hallelujah Acres we find other success stories including a person with 15-year depression that no longer exists after beginning the Hallelujah Diet. By the way, carrot juice, besides being cheap, tasty, nutritious, and found in every grocery story, doesn't have any side effects. There is no need to go to a doctor and no need to continue taking any medication. The testimony from a 57-year-old man states, "Physical problems no longer exist." Now we begin to see how depression forms and how it's so easy to get rid of.

Besides the sugar, there are other helpers that weakening our immune system and that rob the body of its homeostasis balance. Alcohol exhausts the enzymes in the bloodstream. Would that depress a body that demands perfection? Probably, especially the side effects of unabsorbed alcohol, which expand the cells of the intestinal lining. Just walk out of the house and you will see the definitive outcome when you see the swelling beer belly. A 40-inch waist is almost a common sight. We follow the path from alcohol to caffeine. What's a body to do when Starbucks, Coffee Inn, Coffee House, Dunkin Donuts, schools, plays, and movie theatres are out there selling coffee left and right? It's like an everyday thing. People are selling coffee for money and giving coffee away as a fringe bonus.

I am in total shock at the image, my brain feeling the aftermath of coffee being flung down its throat at a temperature that can exceed 212 degrees. To my body that calls depression in full bloom. Imagine an onslaught of coffee, easily accessible to millions of dead cell bodies. These cells were meant to live their full cycle not to be destroyed by one cup of coffee.

And we sit, we ponder, we almost have no desire to drink. We then study, educate ourselves, and take action and research the success stories in Hallelujah Acres on how depression just vanished. The choice becomes clear. The depression, "impacted every aspect of my life, from high school achievements to job choices to relationships". Twenty-five years of suffering and he says, "On the third day of the Hallelujah diet, my depression vanished." What's the price? Coffee has to go. Sugar has to go. Alcohol has to go.

Next are the drugs, which Nancy Appleton states, "cause an imbalance in the body chemistry and must be detoxified or undergo some change within the body before they can be eliminated." Hence the side effects, the chemical imbalance, not to mention the cost factor for the young and for the old. Medicare drug prescription can be transformed overnight by supporting those therapies that result in success. Thank you carrot juice. If we skip to Paul Nison, author of Raw Life, he bluntly states, "All legal drugs are still drugs (the aspirin, the antacids, the antibiotics) and are totally unnatural." He further states, "Drugs are bad for your health." It's that simple.

So we quickly test the feeling of being depressed, the posture, and the thoughts. We think about all these poisons that we can stop easily. Everything that is unnatural to the body technically is treated as poison with adverse feelings resulting from a chemical imbalance. We write. We see. We envision. Roe Gallo, a former Philadelphian, was hospitalized at the young age of 25 with a serious medical condition and not much hope. She could be treated medically with absolutely no change for depression, being inundated with all this drug therapy. She chose raw food treatment. In a short time Roe was completely healed. So began her transformation. So began her writing. In Perfect Body she stated, "All things unnatural to the body like meat, cooked food, pesticides residues, etc., etc., etc., are really legal drugs in a more accurate sense of the word." Period, end of discussion.

It's 12:30 at night. I finish drinking a quart of orange juice. I'm still not tired, but I'm angry. Every week it's the same theory, different disease. From anemia to prostate cancer to ovarian cancer to this week's depression. Our bodies cannot thrive in filth. It causes, what is labeled in the US, an epidemic in the well being of our country. It has reached that proportion where 50% of this country's population dies from heart disease. Forty percent of the country's population dies from cancer. We have more cancer in this country than the whole world combined. We have a country that pushes pills for everything. We have a country that gives their newborns tiny injections of known poisons in the name of health. It's a country where there are 500,000 deaths a year during birth and where sudden death syndrome is a major cause of concern. It completely vanished in Japan when the vaccines were stopped until after the age of 2. We have Hallelujah Acres who, through their dietary changes, are getting remarkable, if not miraculous, results just by drinking carrot juice, barley green (a super enriched 100% natural green living food that contains the widest spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes of any food on earth), and being on a mostly (85%) raw diet. It's work, absolutely. It's time consuming. It's a call for excellence, so demanded by our body's intelligence. It means not only not following the crowd. It means standing in front and using every tactic conceivable to change their thinking, for the information out there is the information that guides our every thoughts from vaccinating our children with 22 different shots to feeding them milk or soy products at a young age. As time passes, the milk changes to sugar products, for that's what the media pushes. The strong correlation between children's health problems and poor dietary eating habits is significant, yet there is mounting evidence of diabetes, birth defects, and multiple sclerosis. What do we reward our children with? How do we raise money? Selling carrot juice. What do we treat ourselves with? The same treats we give our children. Is there a reason for depression? You bet. Is there a way to stop having depression? You bet. "Fifteen-year depression no longer exists." The answers are easy.

Lester Roloff stated, "The secret of a live clean body is live clean food. Fresh vegetable juices, fruit, and nice green salads. I do not live completely without a cook stove but, because of its overuse, it has become the murderer of the human race." The time is 1am. I'm not sleepy. I'm a little less angry, but angry nevertheless, at all the injustices that are being bombarded against the human race in the name of greed and profit.

We close this newsletter on depression enjoying the moment and the freedom as well as the consciousness to be able to write a newsletter of such magnitude against the major power establishment that created the environment we live in. We are accepting both the bad and the good, for this is the environment in which we selectively choose to be nurtured, to be angered, to be loved, to be at home with our feelings, at whatever choice, whether good or bad.

I thank you for your time.



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