September 6, 2007    Magnificent Seven


It was one of those soft summer nights when everything that was supposed to happen happened, and everything that was not supposed to happen didn't. It was a day that exuded light, love and a happenstance that literally could change the world. It was a day that I can only call the arrival of the "Magnificent Seven." It was a meeting of the twenty something crowd. It was that type of day when the sun rose and the moon faded away with everyone in the limelight of being alive, free and experiencing the joy of living. It was this type of day when Joey (Arnold's Way film maker) arrived at 9:00 am to film and at 9:00 pm, we were still filming. It was non-stop action. It was a non-stop happening of those who wanted to share their testimony of what happened when they changed their dietary habits. It was the kind of day when we heard testimony after testimony of symptoms disappearing once there was a switch to a raw food lifestyle. It was the kind of day when we heard emotional distraught, physical ailments, mental fatigue, emotional upsets and other mental disturbances, and in most cases, most or all of their symptoms simply disappeared one by one by everyone who had made just a simple change in their dietary habits. It was that simple and that pure whether it was the "Magnificent Seven" or the twenty something crowd, or anyone else who was suffering from a disease, ailment or anything else.

As the sun rose, the filming began of my Krissy, my roommate and mother of five children. Joey, the filmmaker, and I, set off to capture the wind, to ride the waves, and to journey into the sunset. We were off on a mission to visually prove that radical change in a body can occur to a woman that had just given birth barely five weeks ago. To visually prove that giving birth is not a life long sentence of a disfigured body that cannot return to its old self once again. Krissy, our subject and heroine, was of the mindset that after giving birth to her fifth child, she could through hard work, proper eating habits, and the proper mindset; she could magically and with continued and persistent effort, transform her body back to its former self of exquisite beauty, exquisite shape, and to experience an endless stream of vitality. Krissy could become once again a Mother Earth woman, being generous, and being a gift of caring for her children. It was when we happened to have one of those random conversations with Krissy, that we got the idea to create a film about Krissy's life. The truth of the matter is that what holds true for Krissy in her rejuvenations also holds true for anyone else with a degenerative disease or illness.

Krissy's rejuvenation process began about three weeks after giving birth. Krissy was a dancer, and wanted to get her shape back. She did not want to continue to have all of that flab around the middle and flabby arms. She did not want all of the fat that begins to form, the kind that, for the most part, never leaves once you give birth, let alone the kind you get after having five births. It was on this note that we begin to tell Krissy's story. It is on this note that we begin to tell the "Magnificent Seven" story. It is on this note that we begin the twenty something crowd story. Krissy made the commitment that in four weeks she will be back to her former self and then some. I heard her words, I believed in her, and we filmed the total transformation. My friends, it was unbelievable, but we did it. We filmed it, and we will be showing her transformation in our store soon. Krissy began by drinking the green smoothies religiously (leafy greens, bananas, apple, pears, dates, and any combination of whatever fruit and leafy greens she wanted) as much as possible. She went almost 100 percent raw. She went to bed early; she began exercising whenever possible. In between the breast feeding, in between taking care of all of her other kids, in between making them dinner, in between cleaning, washing the clothes, running after five kids and their friends, and doing whatever else a Mother Earth woman would do, and in committing herself to loving and giving to her children as her highest priority, she was willing to be persistent and committed to doing whatever it took to transform her self. She wanted to keep her word knowing that millions of other woman would be watching her transformation. She found time in the morning to do the rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline.) She found time in the afternoon to do sit ups, push ups, and to lift weights. She found time in the evening. She found time wherever possible to sneak in a few minutes of exercise here and there wherever she could. She was making gradual progress but progress never-the-less.

My friends, her secret should be part of your secret. Progress is slow but sure. It is a day in day out process. It is a commitment to excellence no matter what she was doing, no matter where she found herself, what she was served, or what food was placed in front of her. No matter what she confronted, her mindset was that if the food had been cooked, then it is not food. This means that once a food is cooked above 105 degrees, all of the life force in that food is gone. Krissy, day in and day out, was able to be of this mindset 80 to 90 percent of the time. It was approximately 40 days later that she became the first of the "Magnificent Seven" who showed up to share their story on film, and to show the magical transformation that happened to them. Krissy showed off her exotic dance moves in a costume where nothing can be hidden.

We barely finished filming Krissy's story when Don walked in with a proud look on his face, strutting around full of vim and glory. He wanted with everything inside of him to share his story with us. Don suffered (if I remember correctly) from major thyroid issues. His continual tiredness, fatigue and general lethargy had forced him to go to the doctors. The standard treatment for any illness, for any deviation from norm from a medical stand point is to give test after test and then to give possibly more tests. This was the onset of Donald's diagnosis. His diagnosis was what would determine what the next medical step would be necessary to treat Donald. My friends, there were no questions asked by the doctors about his dietary habits. My friends, there were no questions asked about his lifestyle. There were no questions on whether or not he exercises, or how long he sleeps. Their only solution was to give him one test after another, and then to prescribe him medications. Donald decided to do his own research. He began to read. He began to change. It was on that fateful Saturday morning that Don held up his test results on his thyroid two months ago and now saw that his thyroid issues simply disappeared when he began taking control of his life. We filmed Don as he shared his story.

It was barely an hour later when in she walked. I immediately thought that this woman belonged in Hollywood. I asked myself what this exotic woman was doing in my store. She had all of the qualities of a top notch movie star past her prime but in her prime. I approached her, and as we talked, it dawned on me that I had spoken to her several years ago about breast cancer. She was diagnosed and was given those deadly words of her prognosis. It felt like a repeat of Donald's story. She was given test after test. There were solutions offered. There were no questions asked in her case as well. There were no other options offered other than medication, chemotherapy, or surgery. What is a woman to do? She, Mrs. H, (I'm not allowed to use her name) decided amongst the options provided to her what would be her best option. She listened to her doctors, and then she called her 20 year old nephew for another option. A twenty year old kid who had no medical degree, no medical background, no possession of any fancy machines or pills that would somehow take away her cancer gave her his passion for truth, and gave her his passion for raw food. He also sent her to a friend who owned a Vegetarian raw cafe in Lansdale, PA. That, my friends, was about three years ago. They both came together. I spoke about the wonders of eating raw food. I spoke of the body healing itself. I spoke of removing the cause, and about how the body will do whatever it can to heal itself. I spoke about the fact that the human body never ever makes a mistake. She heard my words. She heard the doctor's words and about their options. She felt the love of her nephew for her well being. She decided to go raw. That, my friends, was three years ago. She has never looked back. She walked back into my store cancer free.

Joey and I were in a state of utter awe as every hour on the hour another person walked in wanting to share their story. It was on this note that we begin with our discussion with our twenty-something crowd. A young woman walked into the store who also was exotic looking, very friendly, who I knew, but really didn't know of her strong connections to raw food and why. Katie walked in and greeted me ever so lovingly, saw the camera, and wanted to share her story. Katie was diagnosed with Bi- polar. It is at this point that I remembered nothing else about her. I don't know for how long she had this condition or what type of medication she was on. What I remembered was how she was depressed, how she could not function, and how she was in desperate need of a change. The medical solution offered was drugs. They kept changing her medications from one to the other. Her father, a medical practitioner, felt that a better solution would be for her to take herbs. In summary, even her father's medical solutions did not work. Katie then discovered raw food about 6 months ago. She began changing her lifestyle and miracle of miracle began occurring. She got her life back. She got her glow back. She became an integral part of the "Magnificent Seven" that day who shared her story.

It was barely a few minutes when in walked Andrew. He was one of those guys that would give Brad Pitt a run for his money. He was uniquely dressed with the right looks, the right hairdo, the right everything. What I didn't know was that all of this wasn't always the case. He grabbed the spotlight, and began his testimonial. I was rather dumbfounded that all of these good looking normal people who had shared their horror stories of medicine, bad diagnoses, and about how they explored other solutions other than from the traditional medical approach. Andrew spoke eloquently and with tremendous passion about how his colitis symptoms simply disappeared once he changed his lifestyle.

I was simply amazed how all of these lives were positively changed by moving to a raw food life style. I can go on and on, but I won't. In today's society, there is sickness, illness, and disease that will affect each and every one of us if actions are not taken to correct our wayward course. We, as a people, as a country, and as individuals can either take full responsibility for our health, or pass it on to someone else. We are as weak dogs without wisdom, without truth, without knowledge, and without hope for a better tomorrow. My friends, I challenge you to take the steps necessary to prevent this from ever occurring to you. Day in day out, I encourage you to read the books we have available on how eating raw food can transform your lives, watch all of our free videos, and as Ghandi once said: "Be the change you want to see."

I thank you for your time.