September 1, 2006    The Operation


It's two days after supposedly the big operation. It was one of those operations for those who knew a day of reckoning on everything. I thought I knew everything. I thought I didn't know. It was that important and that earth shattering type of operation that was a year and a half in the making. In fact it could be called one of the biggest operations in my life. It could have been called all these things.

It started early Monday morning at the break of dawn. I was up way before that early sunrise because I couldn't sleep knowing that this was the day that had taken me almost a year and a half to decide whether or not I should even begin this type of operation. It was the day of my eye surgery to replace the lens that was injured during a freak accident. The technical term of the extent of the eye injury was called nuclear sclerosis. Monday was the day that would determine whether my left eye would regain its eyesight. You would think I would be a little nervous, I was. You would think I would be a little scared, I was. What you would not think is the reason why I was so scared and so afraid. I am a mostly raw foodist. This means about 90 to 98 % of my diet is fruit, leafy greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The majority of that diet is mostly blended and mostly green smoothies. It comprises about 65 % of my daily intake of food. This type of lifestyle is great for energy, for continually being happy and that jackrabbit feeling of never being tired. This lifestyle dietary choices in fact, is great for just about anything regarding health, well being, emotional stability and almost any physical problems except -- and it is a big exception -- going into a hospital and getting anesthesia. It was on that note that I began my Monday morning getting ready for cataract surgery. I was at a crossroads of emotions. On one hand I was borderline ecstatic while at the same time I was prepared for the worst and totally accepting of whatever the outcome may be. I just may have an allergic reaction to the local anesthesia with no less than dire consequences up to and including death. Talk about not knowing what the future may bring. Although I did not write my last will and testimony I had mentally prepared myself for one of three outcomes. I would either continue being blind in the one eye for the rest of my life or the operation would be a total success and I would regain my vision 100% or in the worst case scenario I would never wake up.

I valiantly tried for 18 months so I would not be in this predicament. I knew back then as I knew of the day of surgery all anesthesia could be potentially life threatening for those on a pure diet. I did whatever therapy I could think of so I would not be faced with this predicament. I fasted as long as 21 days. I juiced feasted 30 days. I did combinations of the two. I did and I tried whatever therapy seemed reasonable for healing my eye. In the end they all did not get the desired results in order to prevent surgery.

As always, everything for a reason and a reason for everything. In the last three weeks leading up to the operation I changed my dietary habits radically. I remembered the words of Matt Monarch, speaking this Friday, who said he wears a neck bracelet for just that reason. It states that he would get violently ill if they gave him any type of medication. I remember hearing the words of Dr Fred Bisci who stated that when the dentist gave him some type of sedative he stopped him in mid occurrence because of the allergic reaction he was feeling. All these thoughts were running thru my head about three weeks prior to my operation. What I did went contrary to my dietary beliefs but in tune to my survival beliefs. I primarily did not want to die on the table. I did not want any type of allergic reaction that would upset the doctor while he is operating on my eye and most importantly wanted to live for another at least 35 years. I am a spring time youth who has entered my second childhood (59 years young). I began eating cooked food. I started with potatoes and steamed broccoli. In my infinite wisdom I felt that wasn't cooked or processed enough so I added a bag of high quality vegetable chips daily to my diet. I added brown rice, cooked vegetables and bread. To counteract this drastic approach to my diet I continued drinking green smoothies about 64 to 100 ounces a day. What I noticed was there was no effect on my energy level. I did not get tired. I did not have mood swings. I still continued being highly energized and on an emotional high daily. I still continued my exercises as well as finding time to volunteer at a local organic farm. In other words I was still vibrant despite drastically changing my lifestyle dietary habits. All these were my preoperational approaches to my big day.

On Monday, August 28th 2006, I went into the operating room about 7:30 am. I was given a local sedative for nerve relaxation. I was given local anesthesia around the eye. I was fully prepared for whatever the results would be. The operation appeared to take just minutes. I was awake during the whole operation. Yeah! I heard the noises of the doctor and nurses talking. I saw all those circles of white around my blind eye. I was in a semi state of consciousness watching all these colors. I was exhilarated, happy just to be alive. The operation ended and there I was on the bed not sure what to expect. It was the tinniest of moments where a blink of an eye and you would know that everything, every incident that occurred in all your life was worth it. That's how long it took me to realize that when I opened my eye I could see again as if I had never lost sight for almost 18 months.

I thank you for your time,