August 25, 2001    Anemia


Tiredness wreaks havoc on sterile feet.
  Body's glow.  Stranger's cry.  A mother of three stays in bed.
Wake up Angel of Gladness.  A new dawn awaits
  It was a welcome breeze.  It was a heavy sigh.
Being alive means Eating Right.
  Which foods do we choose tonight?

So beings this week's newsletter on anemia.  One of those crazy ailments, which no one says they have yet "it's like so out there!"  You begin with the tiny rumblings in the morning, stretching your way out the door, and end with the rush, rush to the local coffee shop.  America the beautiful is inundated with energy lag.  This insight was the impetus for this week's newsletter.  We at Arnold's Way see it, hear it, and feel it.  This week we spread the news to change it.  It is making a switch from low energy to rockin' and rollin'.  The time is 11:10pm, the time I normally start writing these newsletters.  This is technically when my day should be finished since I get up early (6:15-6:30am) exercise, eat, exercise, go to work (which usually ends around 6:45-8pm), come home, relax, play with my grandson, talk to my wife, and hang out with my younger daughter who is now 19 (the other three have already left the house).  By 11pm I am free at last to begin writing, but there, my friends, between the getting up and beginning to write this newsletter, lies the answer to why anemia is so prevalent in the US.

T.C. Fry, author of Natural Hygiene text states, "Anemia is a condition wherein the body is without sufficient white blood cells containing enough iron and other nutrients to properly transport the body's needs, especially

In my research, there is either a lot of information or none.  The Merck Manual 17th edition went bonkers with 39 pages devoted to anemia of which a page was dedicated to why (which I had to read several times and still didn't understand).  Why does medical information have to be written in such a way so that no one can understand?  It states, "Symptoms are caused by a sudden decrease in blood volume and by subsequent hemodilution with a decrease in the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood."  That, my friends,
is not good enough.  It doesn't explain what causes this sudden decrease; it only states what happens.  Is it a spontaneous knee jerk reaction that out body in its magnificent intelligence just allows this to occur?  Are we as a people made up of accidental combustions that just so happen to come together without any type of master plan?

Anemia is virtually unheard of in third world countries that live close to nature.  In this country it affects 20% of all women that are childbearing age, so there is a pattern being formed.  According to John Robbins, author
of Diet for a New America, anemia in women is, "primarily due to their monthly loss of iron in their menstrual flow, coupled with their intakes of sugar, dairy products, and fat, none of which provide any iron to replace
that which is lost." To add a twist to the complexity of iron and whether it is essential, Neal Barnard, M.D., author of Food for Life states, "Iron is a key component of the free radical theory of disease."  All those women who are taking iron, take heed.  Dr. Barnard further states, "Iron catalyzes the formation of free radicals, which then damage the tissue around them." The recommended daily allowance for iron is 10 milligrams, which for a
healthy person is plenty since, "the body recycles 95% of the iron in expiring red blood cells," as stated by T.C. Fry.

Once again as in practically every disease we see a gap.  There are too many different stories.  It's difficult to determine who to believe and what to believe.  The force of nature creates a set of standards for us, meaning the living creatures of this planet, to follow.  There is no magic bullet, no easy path.  Our bodies carry a 6-month supply of usable iron, which is normally carried in the liver.  Our bodies create 200 billion red blood cells daily.  The universe has created a system that can produce whole foods that contain enough iron to sustain us disease-free, fat-free, depression-free, and anemia-free to be able to enjoy life in a loving, caring, happy environment.  We are given this great opportunity in life to feel the goodness of what life has to offer.  To be robust with energy, to see the good, to taste the sweet nectars of our creator, to be in a perpetual state of receiving and giving, to walk humbly through time as a tree stands tall without words of what's in it for me.

I search for Viktoras  Kulvinskas, author of Survival into the 21st Century, who wrote about Dr. Barbara Moore, a well-known British physician-scientist known for her athletic endurance.  She walked 110 miles in 26 hours and 29 minutes.  Her diet consisted of fruit and vegetable juices.  Her diet is simple: four small glasses of mixed juices, water, and a little honey.  She is 57 and states, "I have the body of a woman of 32, the vigor, stamina, and endurance of a man of 24."  Viktoras later goes on to say, "Every study in longevity shows that frugal eating predominantly of liquids promotes health and prolongs life."

To begin the journey to recovery from anemia one has to make choices.  What to eat, what not to eat.  This is not an easy road.  "If any man will come after me, let one deny himself and follow me."

The answers have been around a long time.  Truth is truth.  There is absolutely no way to get around it.  Overcoming anemia is rather easy.  It means, according to T.C. Fry, adding "sea vegetables and raw food,
especially dulse, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, squash, green leafy vegetables, especially peaches, apricots raisins, and nuts, plenty of daily exercise and sunshine, and anemia will be quickly overcome."  Can you
believe that it is that easy?  No supplements, no tests and best of all you can go back to giving blood (yuck!).  The answers are so obvious that the scope of consciousnesses is shaded by the opinions of many.  What does that mean?  Jenning, an early hygienist (believer of raw fruits and vegetables) wrote the Law of Conditionality.  It states, "Give the body the conditions for health and you get optimum health."  What does that mean?  A diet of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, exercise every day for 20-30 minutes, plus sunshine for the same amount and presto!  You have optimum health. There is no magic pill, no special surgery, and no special radiation to make a disease disappear.  It just doesn't work that way.  We are governed by the laws of nature.  What's true for optimum health is also true for optimum disease.  According to Jenning, "Give the body conditions for disease and that is what you get."  There is absolutely no intelligence in figuring this out.

But once again, we as a people are swayed into thinking otherwise.  If we skip forward to the Merck Manual's 17th edition 39-page explanation, it states, "Primary mechanism for Fe deficiency, the most common cause of
anemia, must always be considered to be blood loss."  There is absolutely no mention of diet.

Let's shift gears for a minute.  It's my normal writing time - 11pm.  This is my third day writing about anemia and actually one of the hardest diseases to poetically prose.  The information out there can be labeled quasi-informative without being complete to keep my mind working.  I'm eating oranges, actually clementines; by the end of the night I will finish eating about 30 while writing feverishly, which is exactly what this is always about for me.  I require a tremendous amount of fuel, hence tonight I eat clementines.  Last night it was grapes, an easy 2-3 lbs.  The reason?  I am commanded to write.  It comes from a higher power.  At whatever cost at
whatever time, and for no other reason than it has to be done by someone, anyone.  Today it's my turn; tomorrow it may be yours.

If we follow the Merck Manual's thought process in its writing about the treatment, it also explains why drugs are so prevalent in the county.  Why are over 100,000 deaths from doctor prescribed over medication?  Why are Medicare bills are soaring?  Why they haven't found a cure for cancer?  As quoted, "Fe therapy without pursuit of the cause is poor practice.  The bleeding site should be sought in cases of mild anemia."

At this point everything sounds honky dory until you realize that primarily sufferers of anemia are women - a known fact.  For women, the time they lose most of the iron is during menstruation - a known fact. So doctors, mostly men, are going to check the "periodic bloodletting in the sloughing off of the uterine lining during menstruation?"  I don't think so.  It will be a bloody mess.  So much for intelligence.  As we continue reading further in the Merck Manual about treatment it states, "Fe can be provided by various Fe salts (ferrous sulfate, gluconate fumarate) 30 minutes before a meal." At this point, as a raw foodist, my first consideration is
whether it's useable or not.  Useable iron must be from a raw food source so the body can use it as part of a whole food complex along with the other nutrients.  "If it is cooked or chemically altered it reverts back to an inorganic form, which is technically unusable by the body."

The point is I'm not a doctor and the American women, meaning 20% of all women of child bearing age, have anemia.  They are being checked thoroughly during menstruation and are given iron supplementation as the main source of treatment.  I want to restate what Dr. Neal Barnard says in his book, which is, "Iron is a key component of the free radical theory of disease."  And let's quote Dr. Randall B. Lauffer, a biochemist at Harvard University from his book Iron Balance, where he clearly states, "Iron can be like a detonator in a munitions warehouse."

We scan, we skip, and I am now on my second box of clementines, number 32. We read T.C. Fry who states, "Anemia is a condition that arises from abnormal blood loss and insufficient intake of usable organic iron to
properly imbue easily created red blood cells (RBC) of which the body creates 200 billion daily."  Not thousands, not millions, but billions.  Day in.  Day out.  That fact alone needs to be emphasized.  Anemia is no simple disease that can easily be handled by an iron pill that will supposedly be able to produce 200 billion RBC.  My gut reaction is that this pill can't even produce 1 RBC let alone 200 billion on a day-to-day basis.

The words of Herbert M. Shelton ring out very so clearly on the futility of giving these inorganic iron supplements.  He states, "Only an idiot would expect such abuse to restore these or any other patients to health."

In the Merck Manual, the 39 pages about anemia did not mention cure rate. It did not mention in specific length of time either having it or losing it. So when somebody speaks about healing anemia with specific causes with
specific time lengths for healing, with specific names, dates of real people who have gotten not only better but are thriving, then we as objective people have to sit down and listen, for truth is truth.  There is no argument with that.  Anna-Inez, teacher of Life Science, trains those who don't know to become those who know.  She trains people in lifestyle choices rather than in medical supplementation.  Therein becomes a transference of
power from, "What can you do to help me?" to "What can I do to help myself?" She stated that for an average person to stabilize problems with anemia one not only has to be on a raw food diet, but also has to include exercise, a minimum of 20 minutes daily (specifically the trampoline) in addition to 20 minutes of sunshine, which enables one to receive useable vitamin D which in turn will help the nutrients to be better absorbed in the system.  In addition, our bodies, our complex mechanisms, require daily recharging. Sleep is the vehicle in which this is to occur.  Sleep means total rest in total darkness in total quiet, for we are creatures of habit that demand excellence in what we do either awake or asleep.  If it takes using an eye mask to achieve this sleep then do it.  If it requires the window to be blackened then do it.  Do whatever it takes for there is no price higher
than the price of our well-being.

As it begins so it ends.  The time is past 12 midnight and my body aches for sleep.  In the time span of approximately 2 hours I have devoured approximately 32 clementines and a half-pound of grapes.  I fell asleep
briefly from 11:30pm-12am, yet I reached my goal of finishing this by Friday morning.  So ends this newsletter.  Next week - depression.

I thank you for your time.

Food for Life by Dr. Neal Barnard
Alternative Medicine by Burton Goldberg
Diet for a New America by John Robbins
Survival in the 21st Century by Viktoras Kulvinskas
Life Science Text by T.C. Fry
Hygiene Review by Dr. H.M. Shelton, edited by Victoria Bidwell
Interview with Anna-Inez, Life Science Educator
Merck Manual 17th Edition

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