August 23, 2002    Autism


We write from a distance, we write from far away
We write of the tears, we write of the pain
We write of time, we write of what happens all day.
The words of enough's enough is not enough.
Autism - Autism - Autism - is much too much;
To be cared for by one person, by one couple, by one nation.
Knowing what we know, it should never have happened.
We hold our breath - We hide our shame
We must go on, day after day....

In the midst of meadow green and a peaceful night's sleep, images of words struck at my very core of what is truth, what is lie. It was one of those long summer nights when sleep seemed like a distant lion waiting for it's prey. It was on such a night that I was startled-literally and figuratively. It was like I was commanded from some universal force to write words on autism; to write words that would penetrate one awake, the sleeping consciousness that rocks our world today. The time is 4:33 a.m. and I rise out of my bed, grab a pen, turn on the light, and for the first time ever, I write as if there is no choice. So, I begin this week's newsletter on such a basis. I begin my research on - why autism? I begin doing what I do for no other reason but to search the truth.

"You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free"

John 8:32

The words begin to flow; images of sadness streak my very existence. I seek the right words, I ask for guidance, I ask for whatever universal power there is to watch over me as I write, as I communicate - why autism? It just doesn't have to be.

It is on that note that I start of all references which I used, the one that struck the deepest cord; which is not "why" but "what is" an autistic child? I had no idea. I couldn't even fathom what dealing with an autistic child is like. The words are like bullets that mainly destroy my very core of saneness. As quoted in, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, "many autistic children also exhibit unpredictable and unusual behaviors that can range from constant rocking, to pounding their feet while sitting, to sitting for long periods of time in total silence. Some experience bursts of hyperactivity that include biting and pounding on their bodies".

I am rocked; I am in shock, not for myself, but as a parent, as a caretaker, as a mother and father that has to deal with an autistic child where supposedly there is no hope for improvement. So, I hold back my anger, for there is anger. I hold back my tears of frustration for there is frustration. I begin my research. My first inclination was to reach for Merck Manual newest edition-the 17th. By definition, "abnormal social relationships, language disorder, impaired understanding". With each word, words of puke enter my vocal cord, for these are just words, there is no mention of why it started or how in just 60 years it has gone from no one, not one child having autism to today's figures of almost 200,000. I read of the treatment. The most effective treatment as stated in an almost oxymoron tone states, conflicting statements back-to-back, "Systematic application of behavior therapy help manage the child in the home and in the school". This sounds promising until one reads further. "Butyrophenones provide limited benefits". So there I am in total confusion, in total knowing. I have been writing articles for almost 2 years, so it gets easy reading what is said, what is not said. So, we read back when autism usually begins, as quoted, according to the Merck Manual 17th edition, "Autism usually is manifested in the first year of life". One sentence with no further explanation - why! One sentence with a 200 thousand increase in the first year! I am just a simple layman who would question what happens in the first year of a child's life that can create such a life long loss. My friend, it is a loss, not of death but of a full vibrant quest for fulfillment and love. It is a loss for the parents who are faced with the monumental choice on whether they want to raise their own flesh and blood or let their child be institutionalized. According to the inside information, this decision either way causes a 95% divorce rate of parents of an autistic child. So, I use their anger as my blessing to write with unequivocal shame, with acute clarity, with whatever forces it takes, to yell, to scream, that autism never should have to be! The words vibrate, reverberate, seeking an answer. The so-called manifestation of autism so gently passed over by the Merck Manual is brought to clarity of overture. (For lack of better words that could be used). As quoted by Coulture, author of "A Vaccination Social Violence and Criminality", "a large proportion of the millions (not thousands) of U.S. children suffering from autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity and other branches of the hydra-headed entity called developmental disabilities owe their disorder to one or another of the vaccines against childhood diseases". Coulter states, "Autism was first noted in the medical profession in 1943 by Leo Kanner", at that time, world's best-known child psychiatrist.

Are these the answers I give to the parents of an autistic child who work on a relentless basis? There is no rest. They are on an endless vigil, just to keep their sanity day-in day-out. An autistic child, as quoted by Dr. James (no last name) who has two sons, "Darrel age 9 who has autism and Jimmy age 10 that doesn't. An autistic child knows no sense of danger, no fear". They weren't born with these learning capabilities. If a ball rolled into the middle of the street with cars whizzing by, the autistic child would show no fear and run right towards it. No fear, no danger, his life is of no consideration. If trucks replaced cars, the autistic child does not care. So, these are the preambles that the parent is faced with day-in day-out.

What my research does not state is of the causes, whether it be autism or other severe developmental disabilities. It does not mention the vaccine factor, not even as a possibility. "We take a step back, to determine what exactly is a vaccine that can create (in many opinions), such abnormalities amongst millions of children", as quoted by Coulture. We review the typical one-year timetable for a young baby receiving the so-called necessary vaccines in the first year. As written in "Immunization-Theory vs. Reality", case study of Andy, born June 16th 1986, he had his first DPT shot on August 18th. Two months later, which was so necessary as quoted by his doctors, so necessary as quoted by his school's medical authorities, so mandated by the state, by the county health official, yet ever so wrong for Andy. "He started to scream immediately after the vaccine and continued to cry. It was his reaction that something was not right. It was his body's reaction to the poison being injected, as quoted, "he suffered from encephalopathy and convulsion".

But why, and why all these shots in the first year, and why autism? So we look beyond Andy's DPT shot and begin to see that in contains (as quoted by Neil Miller in Immunization) cultured diphtheria, bacterium pertussis organism and tetanus toxin. It also contains sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, aluminum, and thimerosal (a mercury derivative). I wish to God that I was making this up but I'm not. I wish to God that Center for Disease Central are not recommending these toxins to be injected in our children's bodies but they are. The DPT is one of 32 vaccines that are almost mandated by State medical officials that do not include the chicken pox vaccine, which may also become mandated in Pennsylvania. So, I listen to Dr. James. I listen to the social workers that deal with autistic children. I listen to the siblings of those who were raised with them and I say what if it happened to me? I could not do it! Day-in day out, week-in-week out; being the parent of an autistic child consumes your very being. There is no day off; there are not even minutes of rest. It's a war with victories of inconsequence; a being major break through. Every little detail has to be reviewed before leaving one's house, before entering any new situation, any place, anywhere. There is no break because little Daryl or little Audrey or any one of the other 200,000 children has no fear of danger. They have temper tantrums and hearing sensitivity; at any given moment, hearing a loud sound or seeing loud colors, pandemonium can follow. I feel frustration but I really don't know. I watch autism, I watch the social worker, I watch them watching, never at ease, never able to relax while caring for an autistic child. I listen to a young woman's story of growing up with her autistic brother. She shares her feelings of jealously and anger. She talks about her parents, how she was the one they were proud of. She was the one they could share their frustration of raising an autistic child with. I listen to the social worker as he relates his job, his frustration. I feel for those that left their child to be institutionalized; to give away to the states' institutions their own flesh and blood, their own failure of not being able to cope. Their willingness to trust their child with the mandates of the Center for Disease control, to allow as quoted by Neal Miller, "30 blends of rare germs, bacteria and other foul substances" to be injected into their child in the 1st year of life, "the 1st year", as quoted by the Merck Manual, "when autism first appears".

Neil Miller quotes, "The United States has one of the worst infant mortality rates among developed countries". Hello......... what does it take to get to the truth? In the Vaccine Guide by Randall Neustaedter OMD he states, "the fostering of the chicken pox vaccine on the American public qualifies as one of the great marketing scams of the century". As a novice medical researcher who has seen a 200 thousand percent increase in autism since the development of vaccines, that statement could go a lot deeper and a lot farther on the Medical Communities questions and at the very least why.

In Immunization, also by Neil Miller, he not only discusses what vaccines are made of, (the term word), these injections in our children are concoctions which as quoted, "disgusting witches brew is what is injected into the child".

TO ALL PARENTS, please read these statements over and over and share these statements with other parents. There are no second chances. We are playing Russian roulette with our children's lives! As I continue reading each line becomes more and more unbelievable. As quoted by Miller, what the vaccination is actually made of, "this concoction needs to be incubated in live tissue. Scientist's generally use animal organs; the polo vaccine is incubated in a monkey's kidney-should I go on-should I quote more? This matter, once it's injected into little Andy's one year old body, or little one year old Darrel's body causes a reaction by the body's defense mechanism so it does not destroy the child's brain, hence brain inflammation. Dr. Herbert Shelton quotes, "inflammation, a local response to toxemia and injury on a cellular level characterized by capillary dilation and leukocyte infiltration". The child's brain is trying to desperately defend itself from this so-called "witches brew". Coulter further states, "it has been known in the medical profession for decades (not months, not years, but decades) that encephalitis, especially from vaccinations can give rise to an allergic state; this allergic state predisposes to the development of encephalitis after vaccination". In other words, inflammation happens over and over and over. Where is the justice? If only our children's body were allowed to talk; if only their screams after being injected could describe the horror caused by the vaccination.

Autopsies revealed after post vaccination encephalitis, cited by Coulter, he uses more words, he states more studies, and more reasons why autism started, how it effects and how it destroys. I too become caught up in the anger, feelings and frustration knowing that all these vaccination with all these toxic materials are being injected in our children. All my emotions would have been just that, a feeling of hopelessness, a feeling of frustration, and a feeling of not being able to communicate because the language of healing from within does not exist in American medical culture. The language of dependency sits on us as an egg in H2O. It floats, it's there and it disappears, there is no trace. We as a people are totally dependent on the pills of healing, the madness of diagnosis and the testing for those results.

I lean back in my chair and try to reverse the anger, my feelings of frustration were lifted not by one word, not by one person, but by 65 different circumstances all happening within two days of almost completing this article.

As we hear about the autistic child, their rage, their uncontrollable anger, the simple words of T.C. Fry may just put a different light on autism Not the negative aspects, not the fear of raising a child, not the outrage of everyone that deals directly or indirectly with autism, but the beauty of seeing autism in a different light, the beauty of language, the beauty of communication, the beauty of sharing this information. As quoted, "when you start doing what you should have been doing from the beginning you become who you ought to have been from the start".

So we understand that autism may be blamed in part or in whole to the mercury that was in the vaccination. We also begin to understand regardless, we are dealing with a human being who cannot express himself. We also begin to see that the language that becomes the bonding factor for the human species is not there. The mother cannot share her love, there is no understanding aside from the mother's outrage, her frustration, her very soul-flesh and blood, may have to be institutionalized. There is no bonding as she sees it and as the autistic child sees it, in a world based on words, the only form of communication. That my friend is the stumbling block for an autistic child's "communication". From what I've heard, from what I've seen, all is not what it appears to be.

I think of two recent incidents, both conversations on autism, both people referred me to the same book, both talked of glory and possibility not of frustration and despair. The book "Child of Eternity" written by an autistic child with her mother's help, as told to me that the daughter Adrianna was born with autism. She was born with a gift of communication just not with her voice. She was born of great intelligence, it was just that it couldn't be seen right away. She was born with the great ability to share and to teach, it just had to be learned in a different way. It was a message of love. The book as explained to me takes us into this incredible journey; an exploration to the deepest soul of our existence that is shared by a mother and her daughter. When the breakthrough did occur, it was written one letter at a time, one word at a time, one book at a time. Adrianna did not have words, did not have hand coordination but she had intelligence and she had her mother's love. Adrianna typed the book with her mother holding her hand on each letter. The letters became words and the words became a book. The book becomes a message of love-of sharing-of exploring the possibilities of true communication.

We call upon Anna Innez the second day, and once more the story gets repeated just in a different way. She experienced working with three different autistic children. Anna Innez is owner and director of a Health and Education center in Pines Grove, Pennsylvania. Anna repeats the causes as quoted, "Primary vaccination is the cause of autism because of the heavy mercury toxicity". These are not made up ingredients; these are real causes for real people. Anna begins her explanation saying vaccinations at an early age cause brain damages, which prevent normal development in speech. The brain is on overload by the influx of all the extraneous material. This causes the inflammation as a defense mechanism, which in turn damages the myelin sheath, which in turn disrupts the development of the brain. As quoted by Michael Dye in Vaccination Deception and Tragedy, "since the cerebral hemisphere and the cerebral cortex are the phylogenetically (a really big word) newest parts, they are the last to be completely myelinated". Coulture, author of "Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality" further states, "anything that interferes with myelination hinders the child's neurological development and maturation". It is the stoppage of brain development that prevents normal development in speech but it does not stop development of intelligence. From what I read, from what I hear, as quoted by Anna Innez, "those who have autism are geniuses". The whole secret is finding the right key. So, I listen to Anna's words very carefully. I am in total ecstasy as she relates three individual cases of autism, which once their diet was changed they began making great strides. Once they incorporated an exercise program they made great strides. Once they discovered their creative force for communication they made great strides.

So, the journey begins. Anna recommends an 85% raw food diet. This will give the brain better nutrients, which in turn will help reduce the inflammation. Along with the raw diet, Anna recommends an autistic child or anyone else who may have heavy metal beating within their breasts, eat cilantro twice a day. In the afternoon with a salad and at night with fresh squeezed vegetable juice, preferably tomato. The reason, as quoted, "cilantro chelates heavy metal by breaking it down so it can easily be eliminated. Along with eating a mostly raw diet, she recommends rebounding (a mini-trampoline) for a minimum of 5 minutes per day. This is a well-known exercise apparatus that helps remove excess waste through the lymphatic system. She has used this system successfully three times in the first case, which began almost 10 years ago. His name was Roy, he had the typical symptoms; no speech, no communication, no response to affection, no sense of danger, and exhibited temper tantrums. So as it was, so it became. The program began day-by-day, week-by-week with results, small results, but nevertheless results. Hypothetically we will call the child Roy but it could be anyone for the possibilities are there. Once the brain became less clogged, once the mercury began chelating, once the lymphatic system began clicking more clean, Roy became more apt in finding the key to his expressive talent. He was no longer locked in a prison of a wordless society. For Roy it was initially a guitar. There was some interest but not the expressive genius that hid behind the stone walls of silence. Roy learned his language through the piano. Once he was able to communicate his aggression his anger subsided. Once his artistic endeavors became his speech, there was no stopping him. An angel took flight hidden aggression became clear voice. A mother's fear became her special pride. Disconnection became connection. Roy, who at 7 was firmly entrenched in small victories of day-to-day survival, completed an opera at age 17!

Anna begins her 2nd and 3rd cases, each one in the early stage of transition, each one having the same characteristics, each one beginning the transformation.

So we end not as we began, we end with possibilities of endless proportion. We end with no outrage, no frustration, no pity, and no tears. We end by repeating the words of T.C. Fry, one of the founders of Life Science Health System, "When you start doing what you should have been doing from the beginning, you become who you ought to have been from the start".

I thank you for your time,



Vaccination Deception and Tragedy - Michael Dye
Immunization - The People Speak - Neil L. Miller
Immunization Theory vs. Reality - Neil L. Miller
Merck Manual 17th Edition
Prescription for Nutritional Healing - James F. Balch M.D., Phyllis A. Balch
Life Science Health System - T.C. Fry/Dr. Shelton
Child of Eternity - Adrianna
Vaccine Guide - Randall Neustaedter O.M.D.
Personal Interviews - (I interviewed at least 4 people who I do not wish to reveal their full names)

Dr. James - Father
Wendy - Sister
John - Social Worker
Anna Innez - Director of Health and Education Center in PA. (570) 739-2940

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