August 21, 2003    Writing a Newsletter


It's 6:30 Friday morning. I get up early not to exercise, (which I usually do) not to eat, not to do anything but what I am doing right now. That is to write a newsletter. Complete with love, with passion, with everything that I have inside. A newsletter that deals with a better tomorrow. A newsletter that writes about obesity, about disease, about changing the way it is to what it could be.

I listen, I hear, and I understand the conversations that come into my store. Such as how Morgan lost 65 pounds by changing his dietary choices, how Claudia, after ten years of suffering with M.S. and given no hope other then a cane and eventually a wheelchair, began to make changes. Now she not only walks with hope, but with an attitude to help others as she has been helped.

What words do I have to speak to get this message across? I think of john, who a year a ago was in a wheel chair going blind. Diagnosed with deteriorating M.S. who by the grace of a universal energy met Matt Goodman who had M.S for 8 years then went 100% Raw and got 100% better. Matt shared his story; John listened and now is no longer in a wheel chair.

I think of the conversation I heard at the store. A mother who took her son to the hospital because of a high fever. She stayed all night by his side till the fever went down. I stare in total disbelief as she fed him cereal and milk the next morning. Where are the messengers of thousands that should carry the truth of what milk does to our bodies? I read the word of Dr. Neil Barnard. ("Food to life", pg. 152) I read the book by Robert Cohen. "The ABC of milk". I saw the film by John Robbins, (Diet for a new America). I understood but I kept quiet. I knew better then to say a word.

I walk, I listen, I see a woman eating her yogurt with puffed cheeks as if an overload of medication, I see her blond wig as if she was on chemotherapy and lost all her hair. I look at her degeneration slowly getting to a point of no return. I stand in silence but I want to grab, scream, to do whatever it takes to show her the way of a more natural lifestyle. I see the words of Albert E. Cater in "The Cancer Answer" front page quoted "Cancer is not a disease, it is a naturally occurring condition."

There is hope, yes; there are possibilities, yes. But there has to be an openness for this understanding. There has to be a responsibility not only for ourselves but also for each other. I think of Ken and his struggles with cancer. I think of his decision to refuse chemotherapy. I think of his openness to listen, to buy books, to see films, and to hear stories of those who completely recovered by changing their life styles.

Having excellence in health as well as in love is a journey of minute proportion. There will be advances as well as retreats. There will be days of no hope as well as days of immeasurable joy. There are our gifts of life; there are our daily struggles for searching for our own truths.

I stand in quiet solitude. All 75 trillion cells of mine working feverishly together for my enjoyment. All 100 quadrillion life units that are broken down to approximately 20,000 life units per cell are miraculously working in complete unison so I can sit in that quiet solitude. My heart beating 100,000 times a day, my blood going thru my system of 98,000 times per minute per heart beat. My friend, there are no mistakes in our bodies working. We need no 72 pancreatic pill per day in order for our body to work properly. We need no MRI, no chemotherapy, no test, no drugs, no whatever. So call it "out there". This is my belief, this is my ethic. This is my understanding and this is what works for me.

I thank you for your time.

Local events:

Free breakfast lecture- every Saturday morning 8:15-9:45 am. I will share information on Raw Food and healing. -registration required

Arnold will give easy prep food classes

- last Saturday of the month o how to make soups, sauces, and main dishes. Cost $10.00 pre registration required.

Joe Meszanoes will give dinner/lecture and food prep

- Sunday August 24th 6 PM - 9PM

Beginning first Monday in Sept., Mark Smidt, one of our exquisite Raw food preps will lead a class on the ABC of what it takes to feel comfortable in your kitchen.

Other News:

Our Café is almost completely Raw and completely Organic.

This is the wave of the future. Our prices are reasonable out food is minimally processed for your best nourishment.

Friday and Saturday night

- dinner served till 7 pm. As of today the menu is still the same.

We sell organic produce whole sale and retail. Our prices on organics compare favorably with your local supermarket. Avocados $1.99 each Cherries $3.29 a pound Tomatoes $2.29 a pound Celery $1.65 each etc. etc.

There is more to say there is less to say, Raw food lifestyle is not a fad, a passing memory. Everyday I get requests from all over the country wanting to know what it takes to start a business. It's not only about making the money but also following your passion . Ultimately, we are not only responsible for ourselves, but for each other.


Future events:

Matt Goodman - still walking for M.S. went through Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Walking with a message of what could be.

Arnold's first book is in process. 14 days of Raw food fasting at Tanglewood.

This newsletter is getting to long...

Thank you for your time~