August 15, 2001    Cystic Fibrosis


It was the evening of no return
The pages turn quietly without retreat
Brown liver spots, deep purple gazes
A cry for freedom, a cough without stop
So ends, so begins theories of doom
Stories of hope.  Who shall we believe?

So beings this week's newsletter on cystic fibrosis, one of those rare diseases that we hear about yet barely know.  This was my assignment for this week given to me by Toby, my trusted assistant who winked, smiled, and said, "What about looking up cystic fibrosis this week?"  My immediate reaction was, "Yikes!  This is a tough assignment."  Three days later I can see why I felt reluctant about writing about this disease.  In my resources, which consists of about 100 books dealing with raw food and disease, the word that most describes the information out there on cystic fibrosis is NADA - NOTHING!  I was a little taken a back, but not without hope.  I checked the internet; more words, more opinions.  Based on my quick review there were words and that's about it.  What's a fella to do?

"X-rays show that the scar tissue on his lung is completely gone."

So beings the journey into the possibilities.  The path can lead down many roads.  There are choices between what's right and what's wrong.  Dealing with the most bizarre genome project at the National Institutes of Health, "A team discovered specific gene mutation closely associated with cystic fibrosis."

We can see the fear rising for the fact that determining what cystic fibrosis is can lead to an all out war of the human anatomy in the name of helping mankind survive this genetic mutation.

So, I quest forward in my research.  Alternative Medicine - Nada.  Food for Life - Nada.  Merck Manual 17th edition page 2366 - facts and figures.  "Cystic fibrosis, the most common life shortening genetic disease in the white population occurs in the USA 1 in 3,300 white births, 1 in 15,3000 black births, and 1 in 32,000 Asian American births."  This is where the differences come into play.  Why do white babies die 10 times more often than Asian babies?  Johns Hopkins called the disease life-ending, as we look deeper into what is said and what is not said.  The words continue, our research continues.  Decisions strike raw.  First fight between right between wrong.  As we read in the Merck Manual, cystic fibrosis is, "An inherited disease that affects the G-I and respiratory system and is characterized by exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and abnormally high sweat electrolytes."

But what does that mean?  Is it a sign of health or a sign of death?  We refer to a testimonial from Halleluiah Acres on cystic fibrosis.  There in black and white is success.  No gene mutation, no educational expertise.
Just facts, just truth, just success.  Just cystic fibrosis gone completely.

According to Merck Manual, there are pages devoted to explaining this disease, the symptoms usually starting at birth.  The major symptom of wheezing and coughing affects 50% of patients.  Other symptoms include
gagging, vomiting, and disrupted sleep.

What the Merck Manual states in no uncertain terms is that these symptoms will eventually lead to death.  "Deterioration is inevitable leading to debilitation and eventful death."  It further states, "Median survival is to
age 31."

So we as raw foodists allow nature to take its course.  Sit, ponder, and read the intensified and the stuffy.  Look for answers, contemplate what death is and what life is.  We think about mucus in lungs as being a primary factor in cystic fibrosis.  We search.  We intensify ourselves for the possibilities are always endless.

We turn to page 485 of the Sunfood Diet by David Wolfe, who clearly states the benefits of mucus.  "Mucus acts to both protect the system by acting as a buffer for the sensitive internal organs, and it acts to transport toxins out of the body, typically through the lungs, mouth, and sinuses.

We research further the, and there is its.  First line, first sentence under cystic fibrosis.  "X-ray show that scar tissue in his lungs is completely gone."

And we continue reading the Merck Manual under treatment.  It sates, "Include sufficient calories and protein to promote normal growth.  30-50% more than the usually recommended dietary allowance."

We continue searching for what's true and what's not.  According to Douglass Graham, D.C., "An over sufficient supply of protein has been linked to a great number of mankind's health concerns."  Am I seeing a contradiction?

We continue reading the testimony of a little boy Thomas Paul Parson, Jr. born on February 3, 1997.  He developed the symptoms of CF after 4 months of age.  One symptom he experienced was rapid weight loss, which brought him down to 7lbs.  It was a time of not knowing what is truth, what is a lie.

We stop and acknowledge that CF can kill.  The mucus is so thick it cannot drain.  Thomas Paul, at Johns Hopkins was being treated for this.  Nine medications at 5 months, and we wish they would hear the words of David Wolfe.  We wish they heard the words and voice of Cynthia Foster, M.D. in her book Stop the Medicine.  No one thought about the possibility that medication was not the answer.  So Thomas Paul Parsons was being treated the only way that anybody ever knew.  Extra protein (I'm guessing because that is the standard treatment) and extra calories (God only knows the sources of dead food it came from).  Thereby knowing the evils of the medications, the food, extra calories, and the extra protein we then begin to see the reason
for the excess mucus.  The body is on overload.  We begin to see the reason for the cough.  The body is trying to rid itself of toxins through excessive sweating, which is the body's defense mechanism.  It gets rid of the excess poisons through the skin rather than internalizing it.  The fever is the body's intelligence according to World Medicine, which states, "Fever may actually be an important first step in the body's effort to destroy an enemy invader.  Perhaps raising the body's temperature will make the inner environment hostile to the invading organism."  So all these symptoms that by Merck Manual's standard is debilitating and leads to death may in reality be acts of love leading to health.  According to Lewis Mehl, "We should love our disease because it is keeping us healthy.  Without the disease we might have a worse illness.  Disease is always a creative attempt to solve a problem."  Our body's intelligence is all encompassing, all knowing.  There is a genetic code of understanding that strives for excellence by its very existence.  We as a people and as a country have to respect, honor, and most of all leave our symptoms alone for they are our salvation not our downfall.  They are the genetic code of correction for universal peace within our
harmony of life.

Thomas Paul Parson was bombarded with medical know-how for 17 months with no hope for survival let alone improvement.  He had a constant bout of pneumonia.  He was constantly being fed intravenously so much so that his small veins would collapse.  His treatment at 19 months was advanced to a surgically placed feeding tube in his stomach.  This is the standard CF treatment, and we being to wonder what is truth, what is a lie?  His parents were going though 17 months of pure hell for those who knew, knew not.  The third leading cause of death in this country is called iatrogenis.  Doctors prescribe medication, wrongful overdoses, leading to 100,000 deaths yearly caused by the 700,000 physicians.  The gun toters in this country number 1.8
million, and there are 1,500 deaths.  The stink about accidental gun death is minor compared to accidental medicated drug death.  Where is the justice?  Where are the voices for concern for the needless deaths of over 100,000 lives?

Thomas Paul Parson at age 22 months began his recovery when his parents switched from medication to fruits and vegetables.  His transformation occurred when he started eating live foods.  As stated, "This food feeds our cells causing the new cells to become healthy, and they strengthen our DNA."  So what became of a sure death sentence was transformed to love of life.  Once the diet was changed all symptoms disappeared - no pneumonia, no cold, no shortness of breath, no cough, and no thick secretions. The x-ray shows one thing and only on thing.  His CF is completely gone.  Hallelujah!  Thomas is now a healthy 3.5 year old drinking his vegetables juices and eating big salads.  What is true?  What is a lie?

Next we turn to page 2370 of the Merck Manual.  We study the medication little Thomas might have received as indicated for CF.  "Oral expectorants are widely used but few data support their efficacy.  Cough suppressants should be discouraged.  Next come long-term daily aerosol administration of dormase alfa.  Then comes pneumothoras, which can be treated by closed chest tub thoracascopy drainage."  Keep in mind all these medications are in a very young baby infant barely 5 months old.  The list goes on and on, drug
after drug.  Words like "closely monitored, taking all these drugs, individualized program, and pharmaceutical studies have shown" are no longer needed or wanted to be heard by Thomas' parents for they reached the
understanding on the effectiveness of drugs and the effectiveness of surgery and more medication.  Stop the madness.  I scream, slowly close my eyes, and wish a star were here.

For what we see, research, and hear, CF cannot only be reversed but one can be symptom-free forever.  The words reverberate clearly and echo throughout my body because I know about the possibilities.  It is 12 o'clock Thursday night, past midnight, but time doesn't matter.  I have seen the truth.  I have heard the truth.  Cystic Fibrosis, according to the statistics is, "The most common life shortening genetic disease in the white population," and it can be treated successfully without medication.  This is for Toby, my trusted partner in crime, who without her devilish little push into researching this disease, I would surely be in bed instead of frantically writing another one of these newsletters about recovery through change in diet.   Here is another "I can't believe the recovery from CF" stories of treatment and recovery that happened almost 24 years ago by changing the diet.  To those doctors who hold steadfast in drug therapy, wake-up!  There are other paths.  Denley Fowlke, who currently runs a Neuro-Linguistic Programming program and health food store specializing in raw and vegetarian food was faced with such a dilemma 24 years ago when both of his daughters were diagnosed with CF.  He and his wife had twin daughters, who by the age of 1 were constantly getting sick - mucus, pneumonia, coughing, diarrhea.  At that time they were on a standard American diet (SAD) and going to the doctor constantly.  The treatment then as is now was antibiotics.  They got better; they got worse.  Time after time the medication was not working.  They were going to the doctor more frequently.  After a year the twin daughters only weighed about 12lbs each.  They were taken to a specialist and after extensive testing were diagnosed with CF.  They were given more drug therapy with the same success - NONE!  Is there a pattern forming here?  Does anybody get it or has there been no research on treating CF with a food
alternative only?  Can I be the only one that questions that drug therapy may not be the only answer?  Would anybody listen?  Denley Fowlke was given that decision.  The doctors and specialists were using the only resource they thought possible, which was drug therapy, and it was not working.  They, the experts, then decided it may be best to send his daughters to the University of Utah for further drug therapy.  Denley, knowing what he knew from some of his friends and their results decided against it and chose the
option he knew.  He prayed for help.  Finally, a friend told him about a lady who might be able to help.  Denley, his wife, and their 2 sickly daughters went to his lady.  Her word of what to do echoes against the walls, against the room.  Its echo can never be forgotten with a life devote d to the legacy of life.  What could be without looking back.  A quest for truth.  She said ever so clearly, "You do what I say, and you will never have these babies back in the hospital."

So Denley followed the woman's advice, went home, cleared the cupboard, went to the grocery store, and bought vegetables, more vegetables, and a single jar of pickles.  So began the healing of his daughters.  They took two mineral baths daily for two hours each.  They were desperate, their daughters were sick with CF, and the only thing the medical field could suggest was more drug therapy.  So week after week, mineral bath after
mineral bath, the healing began.  The ups and downs of healing were a slow but sure detoxification.  When a crisis appeared such as pneumonia cough they used red potato juice rather than antibiotics.  A call for excellence.  The symptoms were the hope rather than the enemy.  At one point the girls started breaking out in rashes all over their heads.  Denley and his wife were scared out of their minds.  When they asked the woman about this she told them that this meant that the toxins are finally leaving their bodies.  Again, the symptoms were the hope rather than the enemy.  The itching, the bronchitis, the vomiting, and the diarrhea all got better, and the Fowlke family never went back to the doctor.  That was 24 years before anybody knew anything of raw food and healing, for so much has happened in the advancement for treating.  It's almost 1am.  I just fell asleep while writing.

I end with hope, with possibilities, that what we say for one disease applies to all diseases.  That the very essence of our soul demands excellence in out daily dietary choices, which in our opinion means fruits,
vegetables, raw food.

To all, I thank you for your time.


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