August 14, 2007    Ritalin & AHDH


It is a Tuesday morning with the sun barely out, and the quiet of the mid morning traffic rush is like music to my ears. I am up with a tiger's rush and with a warrior's yell, I am ready to write, ready to share this week's newsletter about Ritalin, about AHDH, about Steve, and about the choices that we make on what is our most basic truth. I write with somewhat of a trepidation, with somewhat of a fear, and with somewhat of a continual determination of doing what I do no matter what. I write with a trepidation and fear, because I already wrote this article about three weeks ago, but due to my computer breaking down, it got lost in the mail. I wrote the rough copy in about two and half hours as I kept looking for the right words, organizing the piece to be in the right sequence of events, to exact just the right heart felt vibration, to describe the proper heart thoughts, to give Steve's story the justice and the respect that he richly deserves for following his truth. I write with that determination week in week out about those who changed their lifestyle, and to describe how whatever they had, their condition(s) simply disappeared from depression to AHDH to whatever. It really doesnít matter. I begin Steve's story once again even though it was lost in the computer jiggermoro the first time I write with that sense of purpose not only to share Stave's story, but also to provide inspiration to thousands of others who, for lack of knowledge and a belief in their innermost wisdom, are duped into taking medication that has serious side effects because of knowledge of a safer and more effective option.

Three weeks later, one computer re-haul, and with all of my notes lost or misplaced, and with my memory somewhat hazy of Steveís facts on how he dealt with Ritalin, I begin once again. Steve ands his girlfriend stopped by my store on one of their monthly sojourns to my store. For them it is not just a quick lunch, eat and run to the next thing. It is an experience that reverberates with excitement, glory and in being free, listening to the choices of countless others who come to my store and who share their story of healing. Steve and Kim stayed at my store for eight hours. This seems unbelievable, but it's true. They wanted to know why they should go "raw." They wanted to experience feeling super good about themselves and to learn how others are feeing doing this raw thing and most of all they wanted to experience being "raw" together. This, my friends, is why "raw" works. It is about love, about feeling good about being together with that joy of living life to the fullest. Steve and Kim were ready for that experience. Everything they read, everything that they saw, and everything in their heart and soul told them that once a food is cooked that all of the life force is gone. How happy is our body to know that it is being given food that has essentially none of the requirements to keep itself alive. How good can we feel knowing all the energy that is required for digestion for ingredients the body can't use? How much love can we have in our heart knowing that if we are meat eaters, there is a representation of death that permeates to our every cell, and that if we eat grain and processed foods, there is a glue that produces an opoids effect (like morphine), and a C6H106 factor that is a waste factor that drain's our life force. These are the facts that Steve and Kim come to read about, came to hear, and came to renew their strength on going more "raw."

Steveís journey to becoming more "raw" began many years ago. Steve's journey began when he was too young to know any better. He didnít know he had to know. At the young age of five years of age, Steve's mother was having a hard time dealing with him. Steve was literally off the wall, running in circles, and acting wild and out of control. His mother loved him so much. She wanted only the best for him. She knew that it wasnít normal for a young boy to be constantly fidgeting, constantly pacing back and forth, constantly being out of focus, and not being able to concentrate. Steve tells his story that at the age of five, his mother, knowing everything she knew, took him to the doctor for a more in depth diagnosis. His mother, with all of her heart and soul, knew it was the right thing to do. The medical doctor, with all of his training, all of his experience, and with all of his schooling did what he thought was best for Steve. He prescribed Ritalin not for one time, not for one week, or for a month but for 12 years. Steve was forced to take this medication. Day in and day out he had to take this medication. He had no choice in the matter. His mother, who believed in the doctor, believed in what the medical system told him to take. After 12 years of Steve taking this dangerous medication (and, my friends, it dangerous), no one ever asked him about his dietary lifestyle! No one ever asked him on what he ate! No one ever asked him for his opinion on the matter!

Steve, at age five, knew it was wrong to take this medication, but he felt he had no choice. Steve, week after week, took his medication. He never questioned his mother's authority, let alone the medical establishment's authority. He sat in my store and read the books, listened to the stories of others, and listened to my talk, and began to realize that for all of those years he was dong harm to his body. He realized that he was wild at the young age of five, not because of who he was, but because of what he was putting into his body. All of those skittles, all of those Lucky charm breakfasts, all of those devil dogs, all of that candy, all of that junk food, all of that sugar, and all of that poison that he consumed was what, in the end, caused him to be labeled "AHDH." My friends, this is why so many kids are labeled as "AHDH." Their diets, for lack of a better word, suck. This, my friends, is what happened after he was on this medication for such a long time. He began developing, in his words, acne, depression, low self esteem, and to feel hopeless, and he felt like he wasn't growing! At the age of 17, Steve went with his own innate intelligence, and started to decrease his dosage of the Ritalin. Believe it or not, everything began clearing up. His depression became less! His acne cleared up, and he had a huge growth spurt. That was the beginning of Steve's transformation into mental clarity, happiness and being a more happy go lucky, loving free spirit feeling good all of the time.

Steve and Kim stayed at my store for eight hours studying, reading, listening, sharing and knowing that going "raw" was the next thing to do on their lifeís journey.

I thank you for your time.