August 8, 2001    Ovarian Cancer


It’s the summer of her youth
Cows graze quietly in the fields
A time for fun.  Pass the Frisbee please.
A time for cheese steaks without the fat
It was the best of times
It was a time when death was nary a thought
There was endless balloon.  No end in sight
Why did ovarian cancer take my sister tonight?

So begins the poem.  So begins the story.  So begins this week’s newsletter on ovarian cancer, which according to the American Cancer Society is the fifth leading cause of death among women in the US.  In 1991, 20,500 women were diagnosed with cancer and 12,400 are expected to die.

In the Philadelphia Inquirer on July 22, 2001, an article was written about ovarian cancer describing the fear, the hope, the possibilities, and finally the death of a young woman who contracted this disease at the age of 33.  I read the article in horror, in anger, in disgust, not about the death, not about the 23,000 other women who suffer from this disease, not even about the fact that based on statistics at least 60% of those women who contract this dreaded disease will die.  I was angered, enraged based on my understanding of raw food and healing.  There is absolutely no reason why any of those women should have contracted this dreaded disease in the first place.

Dr. George H. Malkamus in his book God’s Way to Ultimate Health clearly states on page 97, “Increased risk of fatal ovarian cancer for women who consumed animal products compared to vegetarians are three times larger.”  The newspaper article “Battling ovarian cancer,” which was half the page, did not even mention this fact.  This I consider of the utmost importance.  If we as a country want to stop this carnage of so many young women, young meaning 20-90 years old, for we remain young regardless of our age, the facts remain.

Let’s close our eyes and meditate on the subject of the value of eating meat.  When we eat steak, when we eat hamburgers, when we eat hot dogs, do they come prepared in ready to eat format?  Or does the cow, gently have to be prepared for human consumption?  In Raw Life by Paul Nison, he chronicles the innocent cows from grazing to death to meat.  He described in detail the process starting with the trailer ride; live cattle squashed together, no breathing space, no food, no water, no green grass, and no blue sky.  Death awaits them.  For what purpose are we eating those same animals that we see innocently grazing in the field, those same animals that we pet at the zoo, and those same animals that give of their milk so we can feed our children?  What is their reward for unconditional giving?  Is ovarian cancer a symbol of the dietary choices that are being made?  Are these dead animals that we so readily consume without question burying their toxic waste into the jewels of our women’s bodies?  It is the body's many friends for freedom trying to rid these toxic wastes through an outlet without success?

To add more horror to the journey, the trailer ride becomes the best part of the ride for the cows.  When they arrive at the slaughterhouse expert killers zap these defenseless animals with sting rays for one purpose and only one reason: so they can be finely coiffured (you like that word – it’s one of those that sounds good, and I think it belongs here) and delicately packaged for the consumers (meaning you not me) so they supposedly enjoy dead meat.

Neal Bernard, M.D. states, “The beef industry has contributed to more American deaths than all the wars of this country, all natural disasters, and all automobile accidents combined.”

I reread the article that is supposed to be first rate reporting.  I see a picture of the beautiful woman that died being held by her surviving sister.  I see the hope in their eyes.  I feel the anger inside.  I see their hope for conquering this dreaded disease by raising money for research and for education so this disease can be stopped before it takes another life.  I feel badly for they are clueless about the possibilities of never ever having to worry about themselves or anyone else ever contracting ovarian cancer on an all-raw all-alkaline diet.  The information on the possibilities of preventing disease is not being shared with the public.  The experts are just that: experts on disease, facts, and statistics not health, vitality, and empowerment.

The poor cows continue getting their horrendous torture, their genocide, and their death by mere presence.  After being stung and hopefully knocked out, they are then hung by their necks and stabbed in pieces, slicing their midsections in order for all their organs to be taken out.  The blood shoots out; workers must wear big boots for the blood runs everywhere.  This senseless act of violence repeats itself cow after cow after cow.  The blood becomes like the wine of the river.  It’s about death.  It’s about carnage.  It’s about being wrong.  It’s about 21,000 women contracting ovarian cancer, 12,400 dying, and not on word in an article about the dangers of eating meat.

Our bodies in their infinite wisdom upon eating this carnage whether from a fast food joint or a high-class restaurant where dead meat can be prepared more amiably and costs can run as high as $60-$100 per plate.  Unbelievable.  I’m always totally aghast at not only the inequities of life dietary choices but in the commonality in which it occurs.  Ovarian cancer is not a death sentence.  It’s the body being overwhelmed with waste of carnage, that is unsuccessful in removing it from the normal channels causing back up, causing reverse waste, causing death.  As with every death, there is hope.

I read the story of Dianne McKee, age 46, whose story appears in “God’s Way to Ultimate Health.”  She suffered for 5 years.  Dianne was treated by 20 doctors with absolutely no success whatsoever.  Dianne had a total of 4 surgeries to help relieve her continual abdominal pain.  In her first surgery, the medical doctors removed her uterus.  This brought about no relief.  Her doctors then decided a second surgery was necessary in which they removed one of her ovaries.  Still no relief.

In the third surgery they removed her other ovary.  Ladies take note.  This is not a freak accident.  This is an everyday occurrence.  The so-called medical experts do these operations over and over and over.  There is not one word said against these barbaric operations.  It’s standard procedure.  Women, wake up and smell the roses.  This same thought process that says it’s OK to cut out a woman’s reproductive organs in the name of health is the same thought process that says it’s OK to eat dead meat for protein, which is also dead.  There is an overriding stigma that controls the depth of our souls that we become barnacles of tenuous puppetry that dare not speak.  We as a people, we as a town, we as a country, are the guinea pigs of paper rule.  It’s not so much the faults of the medical field, the insurance companies, the hospitals, the drug companies, for they are victims of the quest for success at whatever cost, at whatever life.  For what is the final cost: women, cows, death, life? It’s one big ride, and no one knows who’s leading.

As the women get their uterus cut out because it’s still socially acceptable, this same thought process has not crossed over to the man’s side.  Men hold your breath.  Penises being cut off in the name of treatment are still considered a no-no.  Not enough women doctors.  Ovarian cancer becomes the outgrowth of this continual lie based on financial reasons as the answer.  We are a nation of consumers, and the diseases that are occurring are an outcome of the 21st century.

We at Arnold’s Way as in the past will research a different disease each week.  For us it really doesn’t matter, for technically all diseases can be labeled as toxicosis.  Whether it’s in the heart, the brain, or the prostate, the treatment, the cause, and the subject are all the same.

Dianne McKee had one more operation.  Pain persisted until she drastically changed her diet, meaning no meat, no white flour, no sugar, and no dairy.  In 5 days she made a complete recovery.  What did she eat?  Her diet became mostly raw food.  She ate fresh fruits and vegetables and took (and still takes) barely green everyday.

As we research further, the information on the whys and hows of ovarian cancer are at best blurry.  Alternative Medicine, one of those big, giant texts devotes 2 paragraphs.  23,000 women die a year, and there is no information.  Causes include asbestos, number of children a woman had, obesity, age (over 45), and family history.  There is absolutely no mention of diet.  No mention of the negative impact that meat may have on your system. I find that to be very strange.  I am almost afraid to refer to the Merck Manual 17th edition.  Surprise, surprise.  The text clearly states, “Incidence is higher in industrialized countries in which dietary fat intake is high.”

There is a shade of mock victory for vegetarians.  Let’s hear it for Doug Graham, D.C., whose book Nutrition and Athletic Performance clearly describes why fats are so bad and how it can cause ovarian cancer.  On page 50 he clearly states, “Heated fats, in order to make use of them for fuel, would have to be reheated inside the body until they reach the liquid stated.  This usually requires a temperature that exceeds 300 degrees.”

To the woman who wrote the article on ovarian cancer, please, please, add more research to your paper.  All 23,000 cases can be avoided by this simple fact.  Meat is 34% fat, chicken is 29% fat, and dressings are 60% fat.  Everything out there is saturated fat.  The average American diet has between 35-40% fat.  Our body is creating these tumors for out benefit.  Dr. Herbert Shelton defines tumor by duration.  “It is a process of encapsulation that engulfs the toxic material in a gelatinous hardened fibrous sac in order to isolate them from the rest of the body.  This is the last intelligent thing the body will do before the last and final stage of disease.”

When we, meaning raw foodists, refer to meat, it is based on Genesis 1:29, “And God said, behold, I have given you every herd bearing seed, which is given upon the face of all the earth and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for meat.”

There are no clearer words spoken.  Ovarian cancer is a disease of our choices in dietary intake.  Harvard researchers found, “Diet of women with ovarian cancer when examined tends to be higher in diary products.”  The reason?  “Lactose sugar in milk breaks down in the body to another sugar called galactose, which is believed to be able to damage a woman’s ovaries reducing fertility and increasing cancer risk.

Researchers at Yale University state, “Two small vegetable servings per day can lower risk by 20%, and every 10 grams of saturated fat in the daily diet increases a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer by 20%.”

We now know the sickness, but what of the recovery?  What are the possibilities?  Make no mistake.  There are choices.  Many options.  Medically there are only 2 options.  According to Merck Manual, “A benign adnexal mass may be managed by cystectomy, ooophorectomy (meaning oops – joke not funny but maybe it is), or hysterectomy.”  That's the word that gets the blood boiling.  And I’m not even a woman.  According to Neja Burton, D.O., D.C. 60% of all women over age 55 get a hysterectomy, and she’s fighting mad.  Knowing what she knows, there is no reason for a hysterectomy.  She runs a fasting center in Australia, and she has reversed many a tumor just by changing people’s diets.  According to Susan Lark, M.D. 650, 000 women lose their uterus every year.  All this over 2 lousy ounces of cheddar cheese, 4 ounces of pot roast, or 2 glasses of whole milk.  What’s it worth?  What does it take to get it?  There is almost no saturated fat in a vegetarian diet.  Researching the answers further, the Merck Manual continues in the same thought process.  Once the ovaries or uterus is removed next comes chemotherapy, which could go for 2 years.  Josh Dwyer talked so eloquently about his experiences with chemotherapy.  Please share more, more, and more about these barbaric treatments for women for the sake of wellness in our society.  Cut, burn, and poison are the primary treatments in today’s medical field. 

But that was then and this is now.  The next few paragraphs were meant to be joyous and happy about the possibilities that changing one’s diet can bring, which is dramatic healing to even ovarian cancer.

Anna Innez runs a health education center in upstate PA that I consider one of the finest healing places to go in the country.  When asked, she gave not only further insight but also a number of testimonials of women who chose the raw food life science method over surgery.  Unfortunately, most women opt for removal of ovaries rather than change to all raw.

I was a little saddened by this fact thinking that because of Dr. Susan Lark’s statement and because of Neja Burton’s statement there would at least be some enlightenment out there.  Such was not the case.  Anna Innez said, “The excessive growth hormone found in meat increases estrogen levels which in turn increases ovarian cancer risk.”

What does all this mean?  Dietary habits are breaking down our women’s immune systems.  Women who had their ovaries and uterus removed in the early nineties between the ages of 40-50 are now being faced with the decision in the early 20s and 30s.  Cancer grows in a toxic environment.   The cows, which were removed from the green fields and transported to violence bloodshed killed by sting guns just go we could eat them, are coming back to haunt us.  Their toxic waste is being placed like bomb fragments in far away outlets that are being carried by today’s women for safe keeping.  This is the beginning stage of tumors.  Cancerous cells that are on the warpath looking for new cells to conquer.

As stated by Arnold, “Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment.”

As stated by Anna Innez, “Any woman who practices Life science (eating a raw fruit and vegetable diet) usually don’ts get ovarian cancer.”  Women die from lifestyle.

So it ends, as it begins, on a cloudy note, on a sunny note.  The victors of wars are the hero’s of today.  We as a nation have to understand truth has no barriers.  We cannot continue losing women under the guise of saturated fat and growth hormones saying it’s OK to eat meat.  Where is the justice that creates harmony in our bodies?  I cry for hunger.  I quest for truth.  I dare not keep silent.  Ovarian cancer will be a disease of the past when our dietary changes to the fruits of the tree.

I dedicate this letter to beauty, to life, to running in the sun, to Sandy Rollman who died at the age of 33 due to ovarian cancer.

Thank you for your time.




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