July 30, 2001    Prostate Cancer


Deepest dark shaft rods of gold
Screams of terror touch inside blade of steel
Soft pillows silk shades
Cry into the night, leap into pain
Saying I have prostate bring out shame
He sits alone with no one to blame

So begins this week's newsletter on prostate cancer, a subject that is barely talked about in the proportion of how many men it effects.  Neal Bernard, MD defines the prostate as, "an organ that sits snuggled up under the bladder."  The words are comforting.  The secretions of the prostate end up in semen, which is definitely worthwhile, to say the least, and life capability to say the most.  According to Neal Bernard, MD, "We still have no idea what it is doing there."

It is one of the subjects men tend to speak of in hush tones and quiet retreats.  It's a subject that strikes steel rods of deft defying acts of terror in a man's groin.  To put it mildly, it is the common knowledge of doom if the doctor ever finds out.  We at Arnold's Way prepare, research, read, and quote the possibilities of avoiding this panic in the first place and take the least invasive medical action if one is to be told that he does have this.

Prostate cancer is a disease that far exceeds all my expectations.  It is a disease that is still considered hush, hush.  It is a disease that is the second most common cancer afflicting men.  On this somber note we begin our research not only to shed light on but also to give hope to the many non-medical, noninvasive, self-empowering options that are available.

In Food for Life by Neal Bernard, MD (a very enlightened man whose quest for finding truth and spreading it knows no boundaries) quote facts on prostate such as, "One in ten men will develop this," and "Cancer cells are found in the prostate of about 30% of men over age 40."  The figures percentages increase as the years pass.  At age 50 it reaches 40%.  I, Arnold, being a man over age 50 should be somewhat worried.  These facts creative negative images of toxicity; however, prostate cancer should be honored rather than feared.  It should be uplifting rather than discouraging.  I would rejoice rather than be saddened by its impact on me.  I rejoice knowing my body makes no mistakes.  All that toxic food, toxic lifestyle, toxic energy is being squeezed, molded, and put in a little place away from my heart (the heart being a placement that would kill me if it came close).  According to Anna Innez (Health Education on Raw Lifestyle), "It's our body's intelligence doing the best it can do."  So to all men I share with you your glory, my glory, to let go of what has to be let go, renew with excellence, and close your eyes for rest, for commitment, for a better you.  I share your anger; I hold your hand.  I am in support of myself; I am in support of you.  Lift your head up high and fly to the moon.

As the research continues despite the answers given in Food for Life, "Ten men die in Western Europe for every one who dies in Asia."  That in itself is not the right answer.  It could be like a signal to eat soy, tofu, miso; heaven for Gilroy, "I meant no such thing."

Dr. Bernard simply states that, "Cancer of the prostate is linked to what men eat, which includes animal products, milk, eggs, cheese, cream, butter, fats, as well as vegetable oil."  This is a statement based on facts, figures, and scientific data, which cannot be misconstrued.  In contrast those who do not eat these products and have a vegetarian diet have the lowest risk of prostate.

But the causes of prostate cancer go so much deeper than words of risks.  It goes to the very essence of a man's diet, to the day-to-day routine of choices.  To eat hot dogs on the run or keep an apple in the car, that is the question.  To treat himself like a king and choose wisely the restaurant that will fill his every cell quest for life or to fill his every cell with death.  He must choose either dead meat, dead chicken, dead fish, deaf seafood, or an enzyme-rich, green, nutrient-rich, delightful-to-eye, and appealing-to-taste salad.  A very clear choice, which the media peer-influenced television has led man down the wrong path.  Simple as that.

"Any diet based on animal products tends to have more testosterone."  But what does that mean and how does it affect the prostate?  According to the book Eat Right, Live Longer, "The more testosterone the higher the rate on prostate cancer."

The function of testosterone in meat according to Eat Right, Live Longer, (which by the way was the only book I found that even addressed prostate cancer on a more that superficial level, whatever that means) states that testosterone builds muscle, stimulates sperm production, and causes hair to grow on the chin and chest.  (Check out Asian men.  Very few have hair on their chest.)  All this sounds good until we realize that too much testosterone caused by eating animal products causes hair loss, enlargement of the prostate, and prostate cancer.  The sexual aspect - another time, another newsletter.  But men, have no fear.

In other words, the prostate represents an essential part of a man's vitality, and this information should be taken seriously.  There are absolutely many reasons to shriek in horror about what prostate cancer can do, so fly to the moon on a cantaloupe of wild cherries smothered with watermelon seeds, and throw that dinner for two at Mr. Steak out the door.

That, my friend, is the crux of the matter.  As in every disease discussed previously as well as every disease discussed in the future.  There is absolutely no change in the cause and absolutely no change in the treatment.

When the average American is eating 40% fat in their daily caloric intake this increases the statistics against them.  It increases it so much in fact that there is almost nil chance of not getting any meat based disease, which includes arthritis, prostate, diabetes, osteoporosis, gout, etc.  To us at Arnold's Way who researched all these so-called dissimilar diseases, the type of disease really doesn't matter since all the treatments are basically the same.  The answers my friend are throwing away the stove and looking in the tree.  Our eyes close for glory, for peace, for finding out truths deep within.

As we research further to discover prostate symptoms, as if that's a possibility since it that is a consideration, then the answers are already also known.  But just to keep this on the up and up... According to Alternative Medicine, by age 50, 30% of all American men will start to experience difficulties with urination along symptoms of frequently having to urinate.  To make matters worse, 2-3% of men will develop urinary incontinence, which may mean back to diapers literally and figuratively.  If this isn't a total incentive for men to change their dietary choices, I don't know what is.

To keep these positive encouragements flowing, Alternative Medicine further states that by the age of 60, 50% of men have enlargement of prostate and by age 70, the figure goes up to 80%.  Alternative Medicine states, "Most physicians consider this to be a normal consequence of aging."

This is the same thought process we at Arnold's Way see over and over again in our daily reading of local newspapers, magazines, and in conversation. "Oh, I am getting old.  The pain is just something I have to live with.  My back is always sore."  To all these we at Arnold's Way can only say one word:  BUNK!  And more BUNK.  And finally, more BUNK!  I, Arnold, who am no spring chicken at the young age of 54, rock and plan on continuing doing just that.  In fact, two short weeks ago I did the most push-ups in my life. 62.  Straight.  They were not the best ones, but nevertheless, I did 62, which is more than twice the amount I could do only about 2 months ago.  I started working out with weights when I rebound (trampoline).

The age to which you live, in our opinion, does not depend on your genetic make-up but on your commitment to excellence.  The very effort of your soul to bring joy into your heart and let go of toxic waste that surrounds one's life from the daily food, job, neighborhood, and rituals, what you put in life, is your return.  You, me, we, are integral players in the determination of our health.  We as a people, as a town, as a country, can completely avoid ever being sick.

In other words, 35,000 deaths in the United States caused by prostate cancer can be completely avoided.  The165,000 men developing the disease in the United States can be completely preventable.  The medication prescribed by Alternative Physicians including herbs, vitamins, flaxseed, are completely unnecessary.  Raw vegetarian dietary changes are an absolute must if one wants to seriously prevent prostate problems.

To add more definitiveness to the consequence of not changing your diet, we need only to refer to the Merck Manual 17th edition, which is described as the premier doctor's manual.  This manual, written by 286 leading physicians, must be snuggled up in some cocoon in order to write the following as the cause; "The etiology is unknown but may involve hormonal changes."  There is absolutely no mention of diet let alone a high fat intake.

It's like there are two sets of diametrically opposed viewpoints in the world of medicine.  The medical group, calling itself, "Physicians for Responsible Medicine," led by Neal Bernard, M.D. clearly states, "Changing your eating habits can help prevent prostate problems."  He further states, "Cutting out meat and dairy products and adding more vegetable to our plate could turn down the hormonal stimulation and prevent prostate problems." This is a finite statement. There is no mention of drug therapy.  This is no mention of unknown causes.  There is no mention of surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.  In fact, vegetables were the only things he mentioned as a primary treatment.

In comparison, the Merck Manual 17th edition states on page 1830, "Bladder outlet obstruction initial therapy should be medical."  Next it says, "Definitive therapy is surgical.  Although sexual potency and continence are usually retained, about 5-10% of patients will experience some post surgical problems."  Not once, not even one time were vegetables or fruit used as a healing possibility.

In Eat Right, Live Longer Neal Barnard states, "Most patients live many years whether they have surgery or not, and some researcher believe that surgery does not always change the long term odds very much.  This is because there are complications that can arise both short term and incontinence on a permanent basis."  As quoted by me, if the message is still not loud and clear, "Oh well.  To every person there is a reason.  Let the season change.  Let the buyer beware.  All that is eaten does not have to be foul."

If you are still wondering, if you either have prostate problems or have a friend who suffers from it, there next few passages are for you.

On Tuesday Jul 22 at 9:40pm I called one of my mentors.  One person to whom I would trust my wife who suffered a mini-stroke, my friend whom had low platelet count, plus anybody, I mean anybody as his or her fist option when choosing a health care provider.  That person is Anna Innez who runs a health education care center focusing on raw food and fasting.  Not to give her a plug, but to give her a plug.  She is the best, without a doubt.

I asked her opinion on the causes of prostate cancer and the possibilities of healing.  As with so many things there are so many variables.  Her first comment was healing and reversing disease depends on age and what condition they are in.  A younger, thin person poses one possibility as compared to one who is overweight and old.  Anna looks at the tongue, the pallor of skin, the age, and the weight.  Her treatment would still be the same.  It is Tuesday night past midnight.  I'm not worried about fallen leaves and
flying objects.  I seek truth.  The very nature of our nature demands
excellence.  According to Anna, cancer cannot grow or thrive in alkaline
environments.  The answer is simple when put to the test.  Anna uses
rebounding (give me a little slack in the next few sentences.  I'm falling a sleep) as a major innovator, which helps to clean the lymphatic system. Anyway, Anna puts her patients on a 5-week transition diet then she puts you on a 5 week all raw diet.  The changes become a fixed pattern.  Better, better, best.

Fred, age 60, lives in Florida.  He not only had prostate cancer but was also blessed with colon cancer.  Anna became his coach, his mentor, and his personal assistant.  She did all this by phone (570-739-2940).  The first 5 weeks Fred went on a transitional diet, weaning off all cooked food.  The next 5 weeks Fred went all raw.  At the end of 10 weeks, according to Anna, Fred had no prostate cancer.

Another man, age 63, heard about Anna and wanted to postpone his immediate surgery.  What are the odds?  What are we playing?  There are no accidents. This man, after 5 weeks of transition diet and 5 weeks of all raw went to the doctor for a check up on his situation.  The prognosis was no cancer cells in the prostate.

What does all this mean?  The choice is a very clear choice.  Education yourself and then go all raw.  Don't educate yourself and go all raw.

Thank you for your time.

Eat Right, Live Longer by Neal Bernard, MD
Food for Life by Neal Bernard, MD
Merck Manual 17th edition
Anna Innez, Health and Education Center
Alternative Medicine by Burton Goldberg

PS:  I'm still looking for a summer or winter intern who would help me
research, write, or whatever it takes to spread the word.  Call the store
and ask for Arnold (215-483-2266)

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