July 27, 2004    2000 Miles for a Banana Whip


As the story unfolds.. If a story can unfold, we at Arnold's Way for whatever reason became intent on writing 100 stories of 100 different customers So I BEGAN THE DAY LIKE NO OTHER day. I chose to go to work not because I had to but I want to. I do this with a knowing and satisfaction that I am doing the right thing. There are no questions as there are no answers. The wind rises as the sun falls. The daffodils leave a yellow haze on each passing car. I have a deep knowing within me that in spite of whatever I do to spread the ideals of why a raw food diet I am not doing enough. There is this intense burning desire in me that I am almost obligated to spend every waking hour on what more can I do to spread the message. This became my basis for writing for staying up late on a Sunday night in looking for that perfect word, that perfect sentence, that perfect harmony of collective thought which will inspire others to do as I so do. This became my sole purpose for working on a Thursday morning. I was excited I was enthralled. I was literally beside myself in catching my perfect story as a surfer trying to catch that big ole wave or an author looking for that special word which would finish the final touches of a great sentence. The essence of my being became fixated on that one story of many. All these thoughts, all these possibilities, all these choice on all those who entered Arnold's Way on that Thursday morning. My goal was to just let loose and allow the words to flow. I sought. I thought. I look intently at each one of my dozen customers who came in on that early Thursday morning.

I thought of Mike as he entered the store. a great guy, a great story, but his story was not quite ready to be shared. His story was just too perfect for his words, his actions, and his intent. It was just to good to be true. It was a little too perfect. Mike first came into our place, give or take 8 months ago; I did not give him one of my fiery spear and brimstone stories. I did not explain the evils of eating meat from an animal. I did not go thru an hour and half elaboration of the virtues of a raw food diet, nor the shamefulness of a cooked food diet. Everything I would have done, I didn't because Mike took responsibility for learning about the raw food lifestyle. He bought the books. He talks to a lot of my customers. Mike took responsibility for his actions. He revised his lifestyle. Things that should have happened by changing his lifestyle did happen, his weight dropped almost 40 pounds, his general appearance became almost ten years younger His driving license of before and after became his most valuable possession. I dare not mention his tiredness vanished like white light into sparkling gray. Mike had accomplished the American dream without a dime spent other than on his food. Mike saw what he saw. He understood what he heard and became a true believer of the raw food lifestyle It was that simple. As Mike made the changes, the weight began dropping. His youthfulness began to reappear. His energy began going up. All these thing that I had to say about what a raw food diet can do really happened.

As I spoke of Mike a flash back of monumental splash came crashing thru my door. It was Michelle, not your normal customer. Not your normal raw foodist who would jump into a car and drive thirty minutes to Arnold's for some delicious snacks. Michelle was a memory from the distant past. Michele was a customer from my old Philly location who would wander into town after a long journey, stop in for a meal, and then leave for quite some time. Not that I blame her, she lives in upstate New York. I'm guessing about three hours away or maybe four. What does it matter. She lives far away. So when she comes, it is always a special treat. She loves our banana whips. So it was as the morn past and each customer had their story that I chose Michelle's story as my special quest. The vivo de supreme. My whip cream with a cherry on top. My perfect story of what it takes to be that special to be featured. Michelle trip today was not your normal three or four hour ride. A big deal yes but in essence. It has been quite normal for many of Arnold's Way customers. Today's distance was ever so much more.

Michelle was quite intelligent and quite easy to remember, even if it was once a year or once every two years that we met. Michelle had her special qualities that would distinguish her oh so distinctly. What I say next is just about her with no comment other than just who she is. Michelle is literally a walking billboard for tattoos incorporated. There are very few open skin spaces. Michelle, besides loving the tattoos, she also likes the rings. They too were everywhere. There was obviously no forgetting of Michelle. It was on that memory in which I received a phone call hence two day before from her mom stating they were driving a long distance to once again partake in Michelle's other passion. Michelle liked or loved vehemently her banana whips She was driving home from Las Vegas with her mom after attending a Mensa Convention in Las Vegas; only those with an IQ of 140 or higher need apply. She too was in search of the perfect meal, the perfect restaurant, and the perfect blend of richness, exquisiteness nutrients that would satisfy her to no end. She wanted to take her mom to the perfect Café, the perfect meal. This was her goal. So it happened. So it came to be. Michelle and her mom drove 300 miles from the borders of Ohio, rather than going straight home, to have a meal at Arnold's Way.

She walked into our place so calm, so peaceful, so knowing. Michelle knew what she wanted to order. She did not drive 300 miles the night before just to eat at any restaurant for nothing. She did not drive 2000 miles thinking of our banana whips just to second-guess at any other option. Michelle wanted the real thing. She ordered her carob, coconut and cashew whip, "Heavens to Betsey" a real meal and a real trip. It was one of those special moments that one could only dream about. There is a certain surrealism of driving for so many miles, so many hours just to taste a beyond imagination scrumptious meal of a banana whip. It was like the heavens coming together for that one special moment to shine on Michelle and everything in her life up to that precious moment to say it is the glory of eating at Arnolds Way.

Michelle and I barely talked. It was not necessary. It was too incidental. The only thing that really mattered was her eating the banana whip. So it was on that Thursday morning I had found my story, I had found the perfect wave. I am a happy man I thank you for your time Arnold

P.S. Dave@livingnutrition.com is still looking for a few sentences or words about Arnolds Way

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