July 23, 2002    Obesity


It began as a whisper - It started to rain.
A fast trip down memory lane, lead to
Idylatic pastures and snowcaps of chocolate fans.
Words blaring - voices screaming non-stop.
Buy our food - taste is simply galore.
The body slithers out of its shell.
We sit and wonder - why is being fat so hard to please?

These are the words that wander aimlessly within my breath. These are the visions of everyday seeing. These are the truth that one has to understand. Being overweight is becoming the norm in our society today. It's a Thursday night, after almost a two week hiatus from writing. I found myself somewhat back in the groove. It's an obsession that bears witness to my soul. There's a truth of being that needs to be repeated not once, not twice, but over and over till I formally stop. There is absolutely no choice in the matter. When we live in a country where sickness is the norm, there is no choice in the matter. When we live in a country where 98.5% of all deaths are caused by heart disease, cancer, or any one of those long spelling medical phenomenon, I am placed in a position where there is no choice. I am called to service by a higher power - for better, for worse, for whatever consequences that may derive from my conscious decision. We live in a country where diabetes is rampant among children. Statiscally speaking, 625,000 new cases yearly. Do I keep quiet or write? We live in a country where 15 million women are worried about getting breast cancer. I am at choice if I know that doesn't have to be. Do I keep quiet and not repeat statically of those countries where fruit, vegetables, and grains are the main dietary choices; cancer does not exist! Do I listen to the rainbow-follow the sun-wipe tears away and play as if there is no tomorrow; and never saying a word of my continual studies? We look at the death rate. We look at the school lunches. We look at the lessons that are being taught. We think of the programs in our schools and taught to each other. Voices of doom shatter the midnight air. These are the thoughts that we need to examine. These are the words that need to be stated on why obesity exists in America today.

So we begin our research; the why, the causes, the statistical whimsical contrarian contradictions on why 61% of all Americans are overweight. Heaven forbid! The words come blaring out of tiny Sweden food scares. "French fries have been linked to cancer." Could pizza be next? What is a country whose dietary choices hover around 40% fatty foods? Can we as a nation ever think of giving up McDonalds' french fries and switch to Anna? A former employee, now living in Sweden, thinks not. This fatty food is our apple pie, our cotton candy, our primary reason for eating out. I hold my tongue, I put a lid on my pen and begin searching for the secrets of why obesity today.

It is that important, the language of reform begins a new outline. It's going political, "The U.S. Senate's only physician Bill Frist Republican from Tennessee, is currently working on a bill that will address obesity." Is there a dark shadow behind the silver bell? Does eloquence demand determination? Is the truth of what we eat the heart and soul of why we die? Statistically speaking, and only statistically speaking, the death rates go 25% downward when the medical profession goes on strike. There are no drugs to be given. There are no side effects from drugs that are not taken. There are no deaths of bodies that are on overload from toxic debris. So we begin looking for our first words. We read Bill Frist's opinions. We see the words epidemic in bold print. We close our eyes wondering what's next. There are choices to be made and consequences that occur. Too many Americans are overweight. Each year since 1950 the numbers get higher. The fat issue is becoming big business. Law suits are starting to pop up, as quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer by Jane Eisner, "Class action lawsuits have been filed in New York and Florida contending that the marketing of processed foods with little nutritional value has misled consumers." These are the facts but as a proponent of a raw food alternative I see reactions. People are scared of change. When we see fatty food, we see fun. We read the advertisements, the billboards, the hype, the glamour. It's beyond comprehension. The fat lifestyle is imbedded in the minds of the American society.

I grieve with that knowledge. I read my grand child's good book; it's like a book out of hell. My favorite foods-ice cream, pizza, burgers, hot dogs; these are the teachings, these are the words of learning. This is the knowledge passed on from generation to generation.

I shudder with fear. I am beyond comprehension. They don't remember ever hearing of Pottinger cats; a study in nutrition, a study on what are the effects on felines being fed food that was nutritionally deficient. Pottinger studied cats, year after year, generation after generation, the facts became the reality, the reality became the obvious. The experiment showed unequivocally that cats that were on a cooked food diet got sick got diseased. Quoted in Pottinger cats, "there are never more than three generations of deficient cats because of the third generation's inability to produce healthy viable offspring. Consequently, there are no third or fourth orders of regenerating cats." These are empty facts to be tossed aside like garbage on the street. These are serious statements with serious repercussions. (don't check my spelling) Dr. George Malkamus in his video, "How to eliminate sickness", repeats the same doomsday scenario. "25% of all men are sterile. If we as a country keep on increasing the rate at which it has been increasing, in 90 years there won't be anyone left." Is fat a factor-you bet your bippy! Can we not forget the words of Douglas N. Graham D.C., "heated fats have several properties that make them a poor choice for athletes? First in order to make use of them for fuel, they would have to be reheated inside the body until they reach the liquid state. This usually requires a temperature that exceeds three hundred degrees fahrenheit, simply not possible for a human to achieve". This is the statement. This is fact. This should be a reminder every time we bite into one of those delicious hamburgers. Every time we place that order for wings to go. We as a country should be concerned about fat, should be required to see the first 7 minutes of "Diet for a New America", where all the fat that is being built up over the years is taken literally out of our arteries. An on-site operation depicts this saturated fat, this yellow greasy gobbish gook in our blood. There are reasons for the obesity epidemic.

So we sit and ponder, look in our refrigerator, walk the aisles of the supermarket, go to the pub and dine out an average of 8 times a month, added to that the stopover to all those convenience stores. I keep my mouth shut. I am at choice as well as the next person. We have to be responsible; sounds easy in theory. We refer to Douglas N. Graham D.C.'s book, "Nutrition & Athletic Performance" (I have that book) page 55, "The narcotic opium is known for it's addictive and sedating qualities. Chemists have discovered fifteen separate opoids (molecular structures similar enough to opium to cause opium like response by the body) in wheat". You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if we put Douglas N. Graham D.C.'s two statements together, we have a good explanation why most Americans are overweight and why they don't care.

What do we eat for breakfast, the cereal, the bagels, the pancakes, and the toast, foods which are mostly made from wheat, and mostly enriched? We re-read Joel Fuhrman M.D., "Health Equation - bread, cakes, pasta made with refined grain is not a health food, it is a hurt food." These are the facts; they are not made up assumptions without any statistical evidence. We open our eyes and see the damage being done to ourselves to our children and to all the unborn children. Joel Fuhrman M.D. further states, "Eating foods that have had their most important nutrients removed significantly increases your cancer risk". If we want lean, we have to think-eat-lean and mean. There are no special pills needed, no special diet required. In reviewing a summary of extensive worldwide research during the last three decades, 90% of a typical American diet is high in calories, low in nutrients. We as a people cannot eat a diet consisting of eggs, fish, meat, dairy products, fruit juice, refined grains, sugar honey, candy, chocolate, soda, cake, oil, butter, lard. Take these products away from the average American cupboard and refrigerator and it will be empty. Yeah!!!!!

It's that simple, that easy. Victoria Boutenko, author of "Raw Family and 12 Steps to Raw Food" did precisely that. When her son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, when every medical practitioner repeated the same words, "your son must get on insulin or he will die". There were no options. Diabetes is also an epidemic. We look at the figures, we look at the diet, we read the book that deals with raw food and overcoming disease and we begin to develop a picture of what Victoria had to do--with no exception. She had to empty her cupboard. She had to empty her refrigerator, her freezer, and literally throw everything out that wasn't raw. These are the choices, these are the options; a change in lifestyle with no looking back. Victoria studied the medical reports; she studied the outcome of what happens to your body when you transition to a raw diet. She made her decision for her husband who suffered from heart murmurs, for her young daughter who suffered from asthma, for her son with juvenile diabetes, as well as for herself who weighed 260 lbs. and her long list of illnesses. What happened shortly after she switched to an all raw diet? The health benefit to all members of her family could only be called miraculous. Her son, within 3 1/2 weeks became free and clear. He no longer had to take insulin for the rest of his life. Victoria's daughter Valya became free and clear and no longer had to worry about asthma, her husbands' condition immensely improved and Victoria lost 130 lbs. in 6 months. Seeing is believing, check out her books, check out their website at www.rawfamily.com.

I review the headlines which gave me the impetus to write this week's newsletter. "Frist working on bill to fight obesity". Does there have to be government intervention, when the real culprit is society's cultural ties to fast, easy and processed food? It is the enemy from within. The U.S. Senate's only physician would have a daunting, (I think it is a word) monumental task. Who does he fight? He can't fight the fast food industry, the dairy, the meat, and the commercial products, most of what we eat. There are no options, just baby tasks in accomplishing what doesn't have to be. To create change we have to be of change, to be open to the possibilities that a natural lifestyle means just that. Is it natural to kill an animal and then eat it? Is it natural to pump up an animal with antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones and then eat it? Is our body wisdom just a shot in the dark when it wasn't given the proper enzymes to assimilate and digest the killings of dead animals? Is our stomach ready to be a cemetery for all this incoming dead flesh? The scientific evidence is there as stated by Joel Fuhrman M.D., "animal protein raises cholesterol, cancer promotes, promoting bone loss, promoting kidney disease, accelerating aging". To add sweet gravy to this list of diabolical delight, animal protein is packaged with, (according to Joel Fuhrman M.D.) saturated fat, cholesterol, and arachodonic acid, all pleasantries of known destructiveness to our internal organs.

Is there a soliloquy of justice to this defined madness? "In countries such as Mozambique, Fiji Islands and Guatemala, where refined foods are eaten and animal products account for less than 5% of the calories consumed, the population are virtually free from heart disease, cancer, and being overweight.

If we as a country want to be responsible, let's learn from the obvious. If we as a country want to win the war against cancer, let's spend the zillions of dollars on what works rather than what doesn't. If Senator Bill Frist, Republican from Tennessee, is serious, then lets be serious. If government intervention is serious lets tax those products that are most harmful to our well being. If we are to learn anything on the government success rate in winning the war against the tobacco companies, let's apply the same principals. Is cigarette smoking more dangerous than eating a hamburger? Is cigarette smoke that much more dangerous than eating an egg? Can drinking milk be less challenging for our bodies as a drag on a cigarette? In my opinion, and it is only my opinion. If the scientific community would act responsibly and challenge these statements, then it too shall come to pass; that the age requirement to inbibe (my make-up word) on milk would require an age restriction of 18 years. To enter a fast food establishment and order fries, shake, big burger to go, would require an age of 18 to do so. I kid you not, in my opinion, this information lies dormant in old throw rugs and dried marmalade. There are no challenges of those immense resources to speak the words of bitter truth.

Neal Barnard M.D., author, speaker, researcher, in clinical investigation at the Preventative Medicine Research Institute and President of Physicians for Responsible Medicine is in the process of suing the dairy industry. For all intense purposes, this would make war against the tobacco industry look like tidily winks as to the damage that the dairy products do to our body compared to what cigarette smoke does.

I hold my breath in silent salute. I remember fact after fact given by Roe Gallo, "Perfect Body-two hundred eighty thousand deaths a year, increase risk of THE BIG FOUR: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer". This is not idle chit-chat, these are realities of life on a tread mill without a heavy duty workout. The toxic overload is too much for us to bear. Day after day, in dollars and cents, obesity costs the United States over 11 billion dollars. Roe Gallo states emphatically "you can lose fat by eating much less than you need, allowing your body to break down the stored fat and use it for energy. Eat raw, high water content, plant food. Drink more pure water". These are the words of someone who knows how to have the "perfect body".

So I think of customers from Arnold's Way, those who follow the program, and those who did just what is stated in the "Perfect Body". Brad lost 25lbs. in 2 months! No effort, no work, just a change in lifestyle. We think of Alice who lost 53 lbs. and is still going strong. Alice listened, educated herself and began her journey towards the "perfect body". Alice will be sharing her story in October. We think of Joe, who went from a chunky 210 lb. to 150lbs.-with an ok body to a slim and trim body. There's Eric who lost close to 30lbs. Eric from just a guy in the crowd to a stop and get a good look. He literally became a young John Travolta. There is the other Eric from 210 to 170. Eric's flabbiness became muscle. Story after story, these are my stories. There are more people who lost their victim mentality and took control.

In "God's Way to Ultimate Health" by George H. Malkamus, the words become realities of life. The argument of what diet works and what diet doesn't becomes lost in a sea of personal testimonies. I began to read the stories, Mary Payne lost 112 lbs. in 16 months on the "Hallelujah Diet" (mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, barley greens, and carrot juice). Patsy Stokton, as stated, "reduces insulin, relieves pain, gains energy and loses 48 lbs. on the "Hallelujah Diet". We turn the pages, we see the weight loss. We talk to those who changed their lifestyle and those that didn't. There are no accidents of life. Everything for a reason, everything that happens within is made with a highly complex thought process, which every moment is for a reason for our highest good.

It's Friday, I end, I begin, I close my eyes, I close my ears. I live in a world which I created, there is no hate, no love, no sense of being-just a pure everyday sense of being alive.

It is these words that carry the message for total body redemption. Remove the cause, give the body a healthy healing condition and the body will lost the weight.

So, I end as I begin, thinking of what should I research, what new and important facts that can be uncovered? All lead to the causes of illness, the same cause of restoring one's health-Lifestyle-Lifestyle-Lifestyle.

I thank you for your time,




God's Way to Ultimate Health by Dr. George H. Malkamus w/Michael Dye

Perfect Body by Roe Gallo

Health Equation for Optimum Health by Joel Fuhrman M.D.

Nurtrition & Athletic Performance by Douglas N. Graham D.C.

Article - Philadelphia Inquirer on Obesity by Jane Eisner

Pottinger Cats - A Study in Nutrition by Pottinger

12 Steps to Raw Foods by Victoria Boutenko

Raw Family by Victoria Boutenko

Proposal by Senator Bill Frist on Obesity

Food for Life by Neal Barnard M.D.



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