July 22, 2003    Some Thoughts


It's Tuesday night. It's late. It's dark. It's a time when one should think of resting rather than writing. We as a people are in the throes of delusional contentment. What is really relaxing and what is really being content? 

I think of my website. I think of two women who wrote to me stating their lives have been turned upside down. Both have cancer, both were given no hope, and both wrote to me. Although, they write from far away our hearts are close. The sickness one suffers; we all suffer. Can one be treated with success? Everyone can be treated with success.

I wrote back not in sympathy, but in hope. I wrote back not about them, but about me. Words are very difficult; how can I be sure I'm saying the right thing. It is on this note that I begin this week's newsletter.

I speak from the heart not from of what I know. To receive the word cancer in our lives is like a death sentence, of black light and blue lagoons with no hope inside. To learn to become a survivor is without a reward for a better tomorrow. I can only think of shame.

Shame on the medical field for frightening the very depths of those that receive the message of cancer. Our body understands English, all 75 trillion cells. When they give up hope: we give up hope.

Our reward for being is our existence in excellence. I heard the women's story not in my head, not in my notebook, not in test, and especially not in my pocket. Cancer is a big business. Their business's salary depends on people getting sick and dying. It is with hope I write to share the message that there is a better way. I can only speak. What will I do? What can I share with my wife, my daughters, my son, and all those willing to take full responsibility on a day-to-day basis for their well-being?

Cancer cannot exist in a strong immune system. I sit quietly in awe as I remember the 5 healing techniques for exquisite health, as quoted by Joe Meszanos who spoke at our store. I remember the words of Matt Goodman www.rawpower.info, who walks with passion and determination 2000 miles on the Appalachian Trail.

Joe was a weight lifter and saw the results of taking too much protein. He saw his fellow body builders wilt away with each intake of protein. So, he espouses breathing, water, fasting, 100% raw food, and exercise. These were the same words of Matt, who on his website states clearly that M.S. is the best thing that ever happened to him.

So he is walking for M.S. with no advertisement and no non-profit group sponsoring him. Since he found the cure without money, without research, and without anyone else, but his own drive for a cure. It is Joe's & Matt's hopeful story that I shared with the two women who were not given any hope.

I thank you for your time, Arnold.

Up coming Events:

-Every Saturday morning, I have a free breakfast lecture. Whatever it takes to share information about self-responsibility on a day-to-day basis.

-Every Sunday a raw food support group meets at our store from, 1:30pm - 3:30pm come listen & come share. Come hear what is true, what is a lie, and what is hope.

-Last Saturday of every month Arnold, gives an easy can't make a mistake Food prep class. 8:15am - 9:45am

-July 31st Thursday
Yamuna Body Rolling 6-8 pm 3-4 people minimum & 9 people maximum. Cost $25

-August 9th Saturday
Christopher Franklin – Personal Metaphor Journeys experience the power of learning how to access your own personal myth & legend. Christopher will invite your metaphoric reality to be revealed, by gentle questioning your visible body cues and verbal language associated with them. Cost Free.

-August 15th Friday, 6:30pm
The infamous Debra Gill creator of the exquisites for the like of Cameron Diaz and other top models, author, a woman of 44 who will give Demi Moore a run for her money , will be sharing her secrets-her talents on gem stone healing. Cost is $11.

-Sunday, August 24, 6pm - 9pm
Joe Meszarus, Mr. New Age Man, innovator motivational speaker, creator of the raw element (a nutritional bar), as well as inventor of our new pizza crust, is returning. He is an ex-body builder and is well versed in martial arts & Chi Kung. It will be a lecture, food demo, and dinner, for $20. Pre registration is a must.

-August 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th
Mark one of our culinary food prep experts will be given a be given a raw food easy meal, easy dessert, easy soup, and anything else that is easy. All on how to get started in your transition to raw food life style, every Monday from 6-7:30pm, cost $65. Pre registration required. Class size is limited please sign up early.

Other events:

-We are trying to boost our Friday and Saturday business. Unfortunately, it is on a week-to-week basis; please call in advance. Right now, we are still closing earlier at, 7pm rather than 9pm. We do not have reliable staff at the moment to close that late

- Organic Produce  We keep our prices real low. So low, in fact it is cheaper than conventional produce sold in super markets. Please support our idealism.

- Our café is almost all organic the food is great, simple, easy to digest, and we are just waiting for you.

- Special guests Lee from Manayaunk drove 1 hour, Mark & family drove 3 hours, Sandy & husband drove 2 ˝ hours, and Neil drives 1 hour from Wilmington almost weekly. The list goes on and on of people who do whatever it takes to take care of their health on a day-to-day basis.

There is more, there is less, there is never ending.

Special note: our organic produce direct from Lancaster is only charged 15% above the cost we are initially charged. Every Friday, a new stock comes in and sometimes a stock on Tuesday.

I could say more but I won't. We each have our own path. Enjoy the ride.

Every minute is a precisions gift, which no one should take away.