July 22, 2001    M.A.D.D.


We think about truth
We think about lies
We think about what's real, what's not
A barrage of facts comes wailing through the front door
A mother prays for hope
She spread her wings so her children can follow
Choosing to dive peacefully sometimes may mean
Following the straight and narrow

So begins this newsletter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.).  This is an organization of exceptional worthiness that has committed their energies to trying to cut down the deaths of over 2,000 young lives killed each year in auto accidents.  This paper is dedicated to their energies - in expanding the possibilities.  Two thousand deaths in a year is a lot but minor to 500,000 lost at birth and not including the millions of children that are born with childhood disease that will be their burden to share forever.  I am not so much against M.A.D.D., but there is a whole world that awaits them.  Our future leaders are literally being destroyed in a web of deception - poor choices, media hullabaloo, and wrong perception.  Drunk driving is an absolutely horrid nightmare, a parents' worst nightmare.  I have four children.  To say that their daily driving is not a constant worry on my mind would be telling a big lie.  I know in my heart that I did everything to make them responsible drivers.  So in spite of them being experienced drivers and knowing the neighborhoods, the every day threat remains.  I close my eyes and think positive thoughts.

M.A.D.D. is an organization of mothers that are doing the job, doing whatever it takes to prevent drunk driving and enlighten the virtues of not
driving while drunk.  The actions taken include the pictures of death scenes that won't go away, smashed cars implanted in front of schools as a reminder of what bad decisions can lead to, and the stories of young people who were killed in their prime.  M.A.D.D. is an organization that is forced by circumstances to continue at all costs to spread the word against drunk driving.

We at Arnold's Way present the challenge to them to raise the bar, to start the battle now, not when it is too late in their teens, but at a much
younger age, and then younger than that.  For you are the mothers, the Earth of our souls, the bearers of life, and a continual force striving for
perfection, peace, and happiness.  Without mothers, the world ceases.  My job as well as your job is to guarantee the safe passage of our children from birth to youth.

It's a sunny day for me.  On this quiet Sunday afternoon I sit in a park surrounded by all types of activities that can only be found in a park.
Mothers resting on the warm wooden benches, children running as if there were no end, and dads laughing at their young ones at play.  It was a quiet day.  If anyone would ever know, if anyone would even have a tinge of suspect about what is real and what is not, it may never be the same.

It's the battle of wars, the battle of wits.  It's a signal to start to begin the doubt that being part of M.A.D.D. has to begin with a start.  To
bring peace, one has to be in peace.  To bring harmony, one has to have harmony inside.  Perfection is a birthright that begins at birth and stays with us.  Our bodies speak of their excellence and demand it continually.  We are in ignorant of war fought on ideals, philosophies, and facts, which are hidden from the public eye.  That can't even be conscious thought, for
the truths are hidden behind the golden floss of summer days, warm nights, and a continuous flow of breaking news that is so narrowly defined that the barriers of truth would shatter the golden silence.

So we sit ominously and watch more closely.  A local snack bar is handing out goodies, and people are lined up in quiet obedience, not in defiance but in compliance.  A child is eating ice cream.  It's a typical day, a typical thing.  A mother buys one then another.  I close my eyes in horror.  Dr. Neil Bernard, author of the book Food for Life, devotes 3 pages to why you should not eat any dairy products.  I only study facts and nutrition, listen to videotapes, which borders on obsessive, and I clearly urge M.A.D.D. to raise the bar, raise the consciousness, to include daily dietary choices.

A simple act of eating an ice cream is a threat on a child's vulnerable immune system.  As quote from Food for Life, "Insulin dependent diabetes is linked to dairy., Dairy products contribute to cholesterol and fat., Ovarian cancer is linked to dairy consumption., Cataracts are also linked to dairy products."  Mothers read and unite to make an informed choice before purchasing, before eating.  So I sit in the park refusing to say anything for what if they knew?  There needs to be an army of mothers who can understand that saving 2,000 lives is a worthy cause but saving 98.5% of Americans to be free of disease is more worthy.

We begin our journey that M.A.D.D. has to begin to start the road of what's a worthier cause.  Dr. George Malkamus in his video, "How to Eliminate Sickness," bellows in an astonishing testimonial that 30% of all American couples are sterile.  Is there even acknowledgement?  The green park and the tall trees just stand in ignorance not knowing, not caring, for they are Mother Earth, and giving is their final and only reward.  We scan the scene.  The mom handed out little while flour, enzyme-dead, saturated-rich, salt-engulfed pretzels.  (I quietly yell, scream, "Heavens to Betsy!  What in tar nation are you giving your child?" to her young son.)

We take a deep breath.  We read up for guidance.  We reach up for special words.  Our eyes go blank.  I lean a little closer on the bench recalling David Wolfe and Stephen Arlin authors of Nature's First Law that describe the so-called Pottinger report.  It's a detailed study on cats that were studied for 9 generations.  One group was fed a typical American diet while the second group was given raw food.  Is there an answer for truth?  Is there an answer for lies?  The truth, if it be told, if it be learned, if it be honored, would be a cornerstone for the war of wars.  The cats that ate the cooked food never made it.  They died.  The got weaker.  They got all the famous diseases.  The group of cats who ate raw, not a few, not almost all, but 100% never developed any disease.  So we begin, we request, we educate to the possibilities of a world without disease.

The shadow of darkness begins to cast its light on the children at play.  We sit, we notice not one child but every child, not one mother, but every
mother eating and sharing snacks for hunger, not knowing for disease.  We read the labels.  Words like sodium phosphate, yellow 6, and monocalcium phosphate appear on the shiny cellophane wrappers with brightly colored designs.  Mothers are in obvious oblivion, not knowing I'm doing a quiet burn on their every action.  Am I being too surreal to make any type of impact on a world based on chemicalization of our every thought?  The world turns and mothers encourage their children to eat these glorified chemicals not knowing what has been understood for years about those Pottinger cats.

To those M.A.D.D. we at Arnold's Way say, "Raise the bar."  Those teenage years, the booze, the tears, the fears, are tiny steps that can be stopped by simply changing the reality of the truest true.  A stomach pure with real food delight cannot tolerate alcohol in its grasp.

We are worried, we are sad.  Hot dogs are bought and cereal and milk are given.  If they only had a twinkling of knowledge about what they are
eating.  We will not talk of antibiotics, steroids, and growth hormones in human treatment nor the saturated fat and nitrates for that's another story, another page.  We will simply talk about food combination, which occurs the moment you eat a starch and protein together.  To put it mildly, it creates havoc in your system.  It is a combination so deadly that it may take days to simply dissolve.  At its best the result may be heartburn, gas belching, bloating, and/or alcohol.  Is there a dirty word said here?  M.A.D.D. begin to see there now exists a reason to start at the core.  Why is alcohol so rampant in this country?  It's not because people love to drink.  They haveno choice.  The cereal and milk in the morning causes alcohol.  The soda and pretzel snack causes alcohol.  The ice cream sandwich causes alcohol.  Our stomachs, our blood stream, and our brain are loaded with it.  We are inebriated by the very choice of what we eat, which brings more light to the
group of cats that ate cooked food.  By the fourth generation they no longer existed.  M.A.D.D. unite in spirit.  Let my voice be shared by thousands of others about what harm we bring to our young as an ice cream cone is eaten, as a tuna fish sandwich is passed.  Let's bring forth that alcohol is created by this poor food combination.  We change our food combining technique, and we as a country are rid of alcoholism forever.  We as a nation will not have to bury over 2,000 lives yearly.  M.A.D.D. may never have to be.  Alcohol becomes part of our everyday makeup.  We stop.  We think.  What is truth?  What are lies?  A body free of protein and starch, free of bad food combination, does not have alcohol in its system.  Zero. Nada.  Empty.  What words are necessary for one to get this fact?  Do the right food combining.  Do an all raw diet.  It is impossible to drink.  Our body will violently reject it.  End of story.

And we sit silently in breezy contentment to speak of mothers, to speak of children, to speak of hope, to speak of love.  For the words should not stop.  They should be of hope, of bright stars and shiny light, of a future that reeks of possibilities.  On this note we are driven to explore
vaccinations.  This is a dogma that stands on the verge of sanctification and defiance but on who tips speak of untold horror.  So once again we urge education, we urge opening up to the possibilities.  Neil Miller says in his book, Immunization, "In Japan, once they raised the age of vaccines from 2 months to 2 years, the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) virtually disappeared."  The band played on, soda was passed, and pretzels were eaten.  We as a nation become totally blinded by Japan's success to rid their country of SIDS.  Instead we live with that ignorance and proudly announce another vaccination.  A total of 22 vaccinations are given to an average child before the age of 2.  The American medical professional and the pharmaceutical companies are actively pushing these vaccines, not only on the young but also on the old.  The other groups of medical professions, the chiropractors, homeopathic doctors if not in outright defiance, will as a majority rule against it.  Which group has more clout?

Can we as fathers, can we as mothers, once given the wisdom, the knowledge of knowing what toxic materials are being put in our children quietly agree?  M.A.D.D., begin the education process now before it's too late.  There are poisons of years past that are looked upon as normal today including formaldehyde, a major component in embalming fluid and listed as an ingredient of vaccines.  I am totally aghast.  Where are the mothers for intervention to stop this outrageous poisoning of today's children?  Neil Miller speaks further about how mercury is also added to the ingredients in a vaccination.  When talking about vaccines he says, "Like right out of a witches brew."  Where is the media report?  Where is the TV breaking news story?  Why are newspapers silent?  The fact continues to spill out like spoiled milk that rots the tile floors.  As quoted from the Centers for Disease Control, "Vaccinated people are 14 times more likely to contract measles than people who are not vaccinated."  We can add more poisons that in the name of vaccine become sanctified.

Myth or fact: does a knowing become a not knowing by not knowing?  Do we become a nation that beginning with the birth of our young become stupefied by the oblivious glamorization of product distribution of glorified chemicals that are really not meant to be eaten but eaten anyway?

It is a quiet day in the park.  We sit in desperation of truths being unfolded in outright lies.  A mother tosses her pretzel away.  A snack stand
switches to banana whips.  Can this really be a dream or a happening?

 And the mothers of the Earth take action.

- Debra was diagnosed with fibroid tumors.  She changed her diet to a mostly raw diet, and within 3 weeks her tumors disappeared.  Her doctors are amazed.  Debra is now training more than 25 women on her lifestyle change.
- Freddy and Nina are starting to break tradition by switching to an all raw dinner at family gatherings.
- Georgia declared herself a raw chef and served an eloquent, delicious, 5-star meal at a local restaurant just 2 months after changing her diet.
- Irene Lewis suffered from asthma for 15 years, changed her diet, and rid herself of asthma just 3 weeks later.  She will be speaking at Arnold's Way.
- Michelle refused her husband's demand to feed their child cooked food and went a separate path.

To all those mothers, and the many more mothers to be, please read Raw Family.  It's a story about an immigrant woman, Virginia, who became entrenched in the good life here in the US.  Each passing day and each passing year, her family frequented the fine restaurants, the fast food restaurants, and the snack bars.  She reached almost 280 pounds.  But the story is not about her.  It's about her son, Sergei, who was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.  According to the medical profession, Sergei's only hope for survival was insulin since, according to them, there is no known cure for his dreaded disease.  He had to be on insulin for the rest of his life.

As a mother, as a woman, as a person of action, she literally took to the streets to find someone, anyone who could help her son in his fight against juvenile diabetes.  Victoria walked the streets looking for anyone who looked healthy, and then she asked them if they could help her son.  Finally one woman said yes.  After a long talk and a little research, Victoria was ready for the big change, and they became a raw family.  Victoria took it upon herself to succeed where the doctors gave her no hope.  She decided to trust her son's health to the ultimate power.  By giving one the optimum healing condition (raw food, sun, and exercise) and removing the cause (all cooked food) the body will do whatever possible to heal itself.  Victoria created the perfect house.  With a big black trash bag (maybe 2 or 3) she began throwing out every food item that wasn't raw.

Victoria's house became her castle, her domain, her final stance to create peace and harmony within her son's body.  If her family did not want to eat raw they simply did not eat.

So begins the journey.  So begins the recovery.  So began the rejuvenation of Victoria's family, one by one.  There was a complete turn around for Sergei.  Within 3 weeks his juvenile diabetes, which the medical profession said there is no hope or cure for, disappeared completely.  Victoria's daughter, who adamantly refused initially to eat raw food changed her ways, changed her lifestyle and went from a D student to an A student.   Victoria's husband had a whole slew of medical problems and watched them disappear.  Using this story as a basis we as a people, we as a town, we as a country stand ready for change.

M.A.D.D. should not stop at drunk driving.  There are more serious issues out there that affect our very souls, our very strength, and our very
population continuance.  Do we as a people have to constantly abide by statistics that are considered almost inconsequential in the universal
energy?  Are those harmless viruses and bacteria that have no intelligence to even communicate with each other constantly taking the blame for all our ills?  Does anything or everything that we hold sacred become a pick of the draw - either truth or lies?

We at Arnold's Way beseech M.A.D.D. with words of encouragement, with virtues of virtuosity, with love, and with heart that a world awaits you.
Take action.

Disease can be conquered with no dollar spent.  Happiness can be achieved with no pill taken.  Unity can be fulfilled and a body no surrendering to society greed of synthetic chemical wrapped in pretty paper.

Thank you for your time.


PS:  I'm still looking for a summer or winter intern who would help me research, write, or whatever it takes to spread the word.  Call the store
and ask for Arnold (215-483-2266)

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Tuesday August 14th - 6:30pm
Irene Lewis, long time sufferer of asthma, tells her story about how she overcame it in weeks by simply going all raw.

Tuesday September 11th - 6:30pm
Tim Lewis will talk about his low platelet count of 15,000, which is way below normal, and his symptoms including large black and blue bruises and spontaneous bleeding.  Hear about his complete recovery by going raw.

Tueday October 9th - 6:30pm
Barbara Cap shares her story about Lyme Disease and how she became symptom-free in 4 months after she went on an 80% raw diet.

Tuesday November 13th - 6:30pm
Dan Goodman will talk about his story about MS.

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