July 12, 2001    High Blood Pressure


It was the majesty of yesterday
The forlorn of mid summer passing by
It became a day of high hope and low expectation
The pressure of equality was just too much to bear
Pass the salt.  Hold the cheese
A command from the far-reaching seas
Yelling, screaming.  It doesn't have to be this way


So begins the week's newsletter on high blood pressure (HBP).  Why high blood pressure?  What urgency takes hold in order for me to choose a topic, any topic?  Also keep in mind I'm taking on a typical American thought process by diving and categorizing each disease, which according to a traditional raw food hygienist doesn't really have to exist.  High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, or whatever disease can be mentioned, it's all the same - "toxicities."  They all have the same treatment, which is removing the cause and giving the body a healthy healing condition.  Then the body will heal itself.  The body, and only the body, has the proper tools for healing to take place, even on the most elementary level.  This week it's HBP, and my mind flips (if that's possible) to a video I once saw by Dr. Michael Klapper called Diet for All Seasons.  He said, "High blood pressure can easily be eliminated in 6 weeks time just by going on a vegetarian diet."

These are words that come to me over and over when I'm constantly asking, how would I treat HBP?  Twice this week I was asked specifically that question.  So I am giving an answer on paper, dedicated to Lela, a beautiful woman who did changer her dietary habits to a mostly raw diet, lost 63 lbs, and is telling the whole world and then some to, "Go raw!"  Believe it or not, people are listening, and if she follows her current path, the HBP will go away also.

So it is Saturday, and all the books are lined up in front of me.  There are 10 to be exact plus a few pamphlets.  Hopefully by the end of this
newsletter one should have a good understanding of the causes, the treatments, and the possibilities.  I immediately reach for World Medicine.
Why?  The reasons are two-fold: 1) it is the right book for me; 2) it is easy to read and understand.  Everything that deals with the human body, the organs, and the diseases are written in readable English.  "Blood pressure is caused by the expansion and contraction of the heart."  We continue reading, and it states, "High blood pressure is the most common cardiovascular illness in the US."  In Alternative Medicine they go one step further stating,  "One out of four Americans have high blood pressure. Approximately 60 million Americans, 2/3 or whom are under 65 years of age, suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure."

Having looked at 3 books I now look at Sunfood Diet by David Wolfe.  This book was the most concise 9 lines, most clearly understood, and in my opinion it was 2 or 3 steps away from being complete.  If we take the first part of the paragraphs listing the causes it says, "Elevated blood pressure is caused by obstruction in the blood vessels, (cooked fat, cooked protein, chemicals)."

So we are beginning to see an agreement between the four books.  All say the same thing.  A diet high in fat causes plaque along the wall causing blood to go through a smaller opening in turn causing high blood pressure. In World Medicine they look at 3 possible causes for high blood pressure besides arteriosclerosis, which is a narrowing of the passageways within the arteries.  According to World Medicine, the second factor of high blood pressure is excessive salt intake, which causes edema, which causes increased plasma.  Kidney disease is the third cause of HPB.

Each book has a reason for HBP.  In fact, each book is in agreement, yet it still angers me. There is emphasis on what causes it but something is missing.  60 million Americans, 1 out of 4 Americans have HBP and nothing is being done on even a minor scale to stop it.  Nothing.  What is that all about?

Each book has the same implication, which is that saturated fat from a meat source is the basis for this dreaded disease.  According to Doug Graham, "Heated fats, in order for the body to use them, have to be reheated inside the body until they reason a liquid state.  This usually requires a temperature that exceeds 300 degrees."  That, my friends, is the answer to all disease.  That, my friends, is the cure.  That, my friends, is why 60 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure.  Our body temperature is only 98.6.  What happens to all that saturated fat that can't be used by the body?  It stays in there, simple as that.  And that is when disease starts forming.  According to healing law, if one begins to heal thyself, then there is specific order.

1. "Healing begins deep within and works its way out
2. Healing occurs from the head down.
3. Symptoms occur in the reverse order from the way they developed"

To add further clarification or insult to this healing process, it does not happen in a matter of days or weeks but is a long process.  According to
David Wolfe, "It takes one month on a 100% Sunfood diet to reverse one year on a cooked toxic diet."  I, meaning Arnold, just became 100% raw about 2 months ago.  I am 54 years old, which means that it will take 54 months to totally clear out my toxic build up that I have accumulated over the years.

I, because of my reading, am aware of the dangers, yet 99.9% of all Americans are not aware.  They don't even care to know for they know not
when it begins and when it ends.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of eating at a summer camp.  To say I was horrified by what they were eating would be putting it mildly.  The food being served was eaten by everyone.  All 50 people.  No one questioned, no one argued, no one said anything about the mounds of cheese served with the burritos, the mounds of ground beef, the huge portion of bread, the fried chicken, and the creamy mashed potatoes.

Comments about the food to me bordered on insane (e.g., I love this food!).  To the children, parents were pleading for the kids to eat more and finish everything.  The medical professionals of the camp were in the same oblivious zone sitting in the so-called privileged section.  You might think they would know.  The wisdom in the standard medical practice is based on the pharmaceutical industry.  According to the Merck Manual, nearly 50 million Americans suffer from hypertension.  Some where along the line we lost 10 million people.  The next thing we notice is the cause factor stating why so many people have HBP.  Keep in mind that of the 10 books I have in front of me, only 1 is recognized officially by the American Medical Association.  Of the 10 books I have in front of me, only one has the theory that saturated fat is not the main cause of HBP.  As quoted in the Merck Manual, "Primary (essential) hypertension is of unknown etiology.  Its diverse hemodynamics and pathophysiologic derangement are unlikely to result from a single cause."  I guess the 50-60 million Americans who go to their doctor must get that answer.  But there is a theory on why people do have to be on medication for sometime.  As quoted, "The mosaic theory states that multiple factors sustain elevated blood pressure even though an aberration of only one was initially responsible."

I can't believe that the 60 million American people, about 1/3 of all adults, feel comfortable with that answer.  Page 1635 in the Merck Manual
deals with so called initial therapy, which is even more mind blowing, especially because if we do a fast review of testimonials of people who just changed their diet to raw food, many found that their blood pressure dropped dramatically.  In God's Way, page 192, John Stockton's blood pressure dropped from 120/95 to 105/62 in 4 months, and he lost 40 pounds.  In another testimonial, page 201, Dick Cover lost 38 pounds, and his high cholesterol and HBP went down to normal.

In the Merck Manual 17th edition, there is not one mention of diet as a possibility in healing and no mention of meat as the causative factor in 19 pages.  What is that about?  I find it extremely hard to believe that with all the research out there all the fact figure on a scientific quest could
not find even one correlation.  To make this information seem more discombobulated to a trained raw foodist, they divide the medication
according to race and age.  Some examples include, "Diuretic: Characteristic indications old age, black race, obesity; B-blockers: youth, white race; Long acting Ca-blockers: old age, black race; ACE inhibitors: youth, white race."  What did all that mean?  If you're half black, half white, and just turned twenty, does that mean that you're a candidate for all medication?

Can the medical establishment truly believe that what they learned for so many years is the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  Can the medical profession truly believe that 50-60 million Americans suffer from this dreaded disease with no known cause?  Can the medical establishment not read any other books that relate to health issues and healing through dietary habits that blatantly states without a question of doubt that meat is the primary cause for all the health problems?

Please, someone out there tell me this is not true!  Otherwise we as individuals, we as families, we as towns would be up in arms against the
very establishment that we honor as sacred.  Schools feed our children milk and dairy products as a morning snack.  If someone never heard of the book "Raw Family" please buy them this book and start handing them out to everyone else you know who has children.  What causes diabetes?  What causes HBP?  What causes a generation of Americans to be rapidly dying of degenerative disease by the time they get to 65?  As we so often repeat ourselves, the same answers come up, the same solutions come up, the same treatments come up.  At what point in our lifestyle do we need to make the radical changes that are so necessary if we are the have purity in our heart?

Food for Life states that blood pressure is measured by 2 numbers. "Systolic is the surge of pressure during each heart beat and diastolic is the pressure in the arteries between beats."  World Medicine states, "The heart beats between 60 and 80 times per minute, 100,000 times a day, 2.5 billion times during the course of your life, 12 pints of blood per minute, exercising 200 beats per minutes.  Your entire blood supply passes through your heart every 60 seconds.  During the average day each side of the heart pumps approximately 2000 gallons a day or 50 million gallons in a lifetime."

So, if we use this as a basis there are absolutely no mistakes.  The medicine in its wisdom whatever your race, whatever your age cannot be
categorically devised and designed to maintain a disease that should not exist in the first place.  To emphatically stated there is no know causes when no know treatment other than identifying your gender and race to give a better treatment will be an insult to our intelligence.

Unfortunately, in today's society, that is what it is.  We are marked by blind obedience to an established order that dictates our every whim from
what we eat in the morning, what clothes we wear, and what clothes we don't wear.  We are blindly following the expected road that has been set forth to us in golden scribes of green and gold.  We become the followers of a path that leads to harm's way.  If we take a peek and just a peek at the Pottinger study on cats who were given the standard American diet and the results of it, there would be an indication of truth of what happens.  If we would talk to the zookeeper about what would happen if they cooked the meat before they gave it to the animals, and if we talked about what would happen if we read the 9 books other than the Merck Manual 17th edition, then we would understand what causes HBP.

But that would be asking a lot.  To finish reading this newsletter and saying that's nice and just leaving it there would be one step better but
not quite where it should be.  It would be better to share the information with someone you know that has HBP.  It would be better to take a book on raw food healing and leave it at the local school.  It would be better to start having raw food dinners at your home and sharing information.  It
would be better to write to your local newspaper in response to one of those incurable diseases of unknown cause and begin explaining based on your research.

We are Arnold's Way continue on our on-word motion of raising the bar.  We will not have any vitamin that is not of whole food.  50% off every soap, shampoo, conditioner, snack, etc.  In 3-weeks it will all be gone.  So, if you are still into buying vitamins or herbs, we at Arnold's Way no longer feel comfortable selling them.

On that note, we say to all - Thank you for your time.



World Medicine
God's Way to Ultimate Health
Nutrition and Athletic Performance
Food for Life
Alternative Medicine - Definitive Guide
Sunfood Diet Success System
Raw Family

PS:  I'm looking for a summer or winter intern who would help me research, write, or whatever it takes to spread the word.  Call the store and ask for Arnold (215-483-2266).

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