July 10, 2007    Epstein-bar and Candida


It is a Tuesday morning, and as always, I am ecstatic being alive, being free, being blessed, and being able to share information on one of the greatest discoveries of mankind since the invention of the light bulb. It's true. It is absolutely true in my opinion that there is nothing, and I do mean nothing that can compare to knowing the secrets of how to live a fabulous lifestyle without fear of getting sick. I, Arnold, have not only experienced for myself, but I have seen the same occurrence in countless of others. My friends, there is a secret so pure, so easy and so simple to do for people who are sick with symptoms of degenerative diseases. Just by changing what one puts in one's mouth, a person's symptoms, for the most part, can simply disappear. It is on that note that I begin this week's newsletter. It is on that note after typing for almost seven hours and realizing that all that I typed disappeared. It is on that note that after three different attempts to write this, and after three unsuccessful failures due to a computer wipeout of my words, due to a computer wipeout of my thoughts, I, Arnold, with more insight on how to prevent this email loss from happening again, I am joyously excited about beginning this week's newsletter on Candida and on what it takes for the symptoms to disappear.

I speak of not only knowing, I speak of seeing, I speak of possibilities, I speak of a dynamic healing process which is simple, inexpensive and totally doable. I speak of Shikaya who I have recently met who has had symptoms of Epstein–bar / Candida for almost 10 years. She was at a point of doing almost anything to get rid of the symptoms. It is at this point in her life that I met her. She went from a standard American diet to a Vegan diet, and saw a lot of her symptoms disappear. Shikaya was not quite 30 years of age. She knew that life had to be more than just feeling 'okay'. She knew that life had to be more than taking naps just to catch up on her rest. She wanted to experience being young and vivacious. She wanted to run in the sun, and grab the vim and vigor of what life is supposed to be. In other words, she was ready for the next step in her journey.

It is on this note that I somewhat go backwards in my thought process and somewhat go forward in my thought process. Everyone has a theory about what constitutes exquisite health. I can only speak of what works for me. At age 60, I have barely aged in the past 15 years since I began my journey. I still have the same waistline as when I did when I was an 18-year old whipper snapper. I can still run in the sun, and feel the vitality of youth, not for moments, but for every single moment of my life. I am in a continual state of bliss. So when I spoke to Shikaya, I spoke with that understanding of what works for me, and to everyone else who simply changed their lifestyle and, whatever symptoms they were having, simply disappeared. I spoke to her about what to eat for breakfast. I spoke to her of getting up in the morning and starting the day with lemon juice and water. I spoke to her that the symptoms of Candida and the symptoms of Epstein bar is the body's attempt to deal with the toxicity of the food that she was putting into her mouth. I spoke about the idea that when a food is cooked above 105 degrees, the life force of the food is destroyed. This essentially means that the food is carcinogenic. Oh my gosh—golly! Is there something wrong with this statement? Could this mean that that nearly everyone in America is eating in such a way as to cause disease to occur? Duhhhhh! Yes! I knew that Shikaya was already aware that what she had been putting into her body were causing the symptoms.

Shikaya began incorporating more raw foods into her diet, but she needed more direction. Shikaya, through her own innate wisdom of what is good and what is bad for her, began to eat more raw food. The next few lines are for those who are mostly raw, who are seeing results, but who want to accelerate the healing process. I want to share the secret of why I am so ecstatic and why I am so excited to write about it now. This is the reason why I am so deliriously youthful and why I know from my experience what works for me and for all those who have tried it. I recommended to Shikaya to go on a high blended-fruit diet and to drink juices with high water content. I told her to avoid all fat, including nuts and avocado, for 10 days. (I gave the same recommendation to Marcia a week ago when she came down with Lyme disease. I gave the same recommendation of food choices which included as much rest and sleep as possible while incorporating rebounding exercises, a little sunshine, clean water with lemon juice, and as much as possible, being in the most restful state she can muster. This my friends, in my opinion, are the secrets and the only secrets for accelerating the healing and detoxification process and for reversing the aging process and for being young forever more.

We filmed Marcia's successful attempt on ridding her body of the Lyme symptoms as well as filming Shikama's 10-day experience. What worked for Marcia worked for Shikaya. Both women were mostly raw before they started. This, my friends, has to be a given. Otherwise, the detoxification process can be too harsh. I recommend that one be mostly raw for at least 3 to 6 months before embarking on this juice feast. Keep in mind, also, that once the ten days are finished, that one cannot go back to the standard American diet. It is a lifetime decision. It is a day in day out process, and not something you try for one month or for 3 months, but forever more. To me that is the secret is to make this a life style habit that is lived day in and day out. We are all on some kind of a journey. There will be ups and downs, hardships and sadness, triumphs and losses, as well as love won and love lost. In the end we have to love, cherish and be kind to ourselves unconditionally.

We filmed Marcia's story for those who want to see and experience Marcia's journey, go to: youtube.com/arnoldsway. We also filmed Shikaya's story as she went on the mellow yellow 10-day high watermelon, high fruit juice/ high water fruit lifestyle. We filmed the tiredness one experiences from Candida which affects almost 80% of all people. I empathized with her pain, and I understood why she was willing to do almost anything to get rid of her symptoms. According to Professor Rosiland Graham in "A Candid Look at Candida," she describes it as (quoted), "an over-production of yeast whether it is local or enters the blood stream. And as quoted again: the following conditions: “resulting in lethargy, joint pain, loss of libido, headaches, poor concentration, and impaired vision. She further states as quoted: ”where the reproductive organs are involved, this usually appears in woman as a thick vaginal discharge (with cottage cheese consistency) accompanied by severe itching, and there are other symptoms that are rarely discussed and not even in the most hushed tones, not even in the most secret of places. This is the reason that Shikaya wanted to change her lifestyle, and she was willing to go on this drastic lifestyle approach. She was eager and willing.

She ate watermelon after watermelon. She ate almost 10 pounds a day. She had nothing to lose and everything to gain. By the fifth day she was still not getting any results. I was somewhat surprised, especially when we were filming her progress. She wanted so badly for it to work. I wanted so badly for it to work. The world was awaiting her results. Day 6 passes as well as day 7, 8, and then 9. On the 10th day Shikaya called me to tell me: “It worked! The Candida is over. Shikaya was free. I had my film, and I was going to share her story on how she healed on a mostly watermelon, cucumber, celery juicing blended/ high water fruit with no fat approach. Stay tuned to: youtube.com/arnoldsway.

Arnold's Way is not going to stop on just two success stories. We have other excerpts on more healing success stories, including breast cancer and high blood pressure healing stories. We also challenged Michael Moore's new movie "Sicko" that there are inexpensive solutions to the health crises that greatly affects this country.

I thank you for your time.