July 4, 2001    Migraines


We close our eyes and the vision become pure
A winding road that cast no shadow astray
A longing for home.  A time for quiet peace for sure
The band plays on and the noise becomes louder than loud
It's an unbelievable truth.  It's a wisdom that can't be denied
The food we eat eventually goes to out head
Migraines or headaches are symptoms of toxic blood that dare not be shed


If you hadn't already guessed this week's newsletter will discuss migraine headaches.  It's one of those topics that we were almost forced to research.  Even though we have a tiny store, even though by most standards we don't have many customers, there are just too many people who suffer from this dreaded disease.  The look on their faces and the stories heard and tucked away need to be heard.  It is a disease that doesn't have to be.

Migraines, which entail long periods of suffering, can be summed up in one word, and that has is NASTY.  Nasty to see, nasty to look at, and nasty just to say.  It's a disease that won't go away.  It supposedly lasts for 30-40 years, almost half a lifetime.  According to T.C. Fry, one of the real champions of the hygienic raw food movement, almost 100 million Americans have suffered through at least one headache.  This was the beginning fact of my research on migraines.  In researching migraines, it was a little more difficult because most books didn't want to differentiate migraine and headache.  They were lumped together as one.  In fact, most of my raw food textbooks made no mention of the word migraine.

My first source of reference was Alternative Medicine, a textbook that prides itself on using 380 physicians as their source of reference.  I use one source of reference - myself.  I work cheap, long hours, but the bright side is I'm mine own boss and choose which long hours I work.  In Alternative Medicine, Dr. Milne states that 15-20% of men and 25-30% of women suffer from migraines.  These are overwhelming numbers that can easily be reversed and obliterated by a simple change in dietary habits.  Unfortunately, the information that could really prevent migraines was not given.  Instead they chose to discuss every other avenue to explain why migraines happen and how they should be treated.  As quoted by Dr. Milne, "The most common cause of headaches is stress resulting from chemical, emotional, or physical factors."  Leon Chartow, N.D., D.O. stated, "The common cause of stress that can lead to headache is eye strain."  According to Dr. James Braly, M.D., "Hormonal imbalance is one possible cause."

In Alternative Medicine there were 10 pages devoted to migraine headaches.  An unbelievable amount of verbose.  Every sentence, every word appeared to be important.  To an inexperienced, novice reader who has little knowledge of what causes disease, this amount of information given, especially by 11 doctors who each had their own expertise could have been impressive.  To add insult to injury or glamour to praise, there were books to be read, clinics to go to, and other alternative options offered.

We at Arnold's Way have stated once and now emphasize even more so:  If your doctor does not recommend a raw food dietary change, please look for another doctor who would, since dietary change should be the crux of one's medical treatment.  Alternative Medicine mentioned food only once as a healing possibility.  For that reason we suggest you use other sources for alternative healing options, e.g., In God's Way, Sunfood Diet Success System, Food for Life.

Does it ever occur to anyone that the body has an infinite wisdom that is beyond all comprehension?  The body in its infinitesimal action of doing does not make any mistakes ever!  Not even one.  Our heart which beats almost 100,000 times and pure blood traveling through 98,000 miles of arteries never ever gets lost.  We are dealing with perfection to the nth degree.  When we sneeze that is not an accident.  When we talk there is no discombobulation of words in backward order of sequential understanding. When migraine sufferers sit in silence with their continuous pain that too is not an accident but a body reaction to an over toxic situation, the body is doing its best to get rid of the toxins in whatever way possible.

Migraines sufferer usually begin their symptoms at puberty that generally last on an on going basis for the next 30-40 years.  There are absolutely no accidents within the body's functional capabilities.  There has to be a reason for this pain to be occurring.

Migraine symptoms as stated by Dr. Herbert S. Shelton are, "excruciating pain, colored flashes of light, partial loss of vision, numbness of the face tongue or hand, fatigue, irritability, and difficulty in concentration."  There is hope, meaning the migraine sufferer literally has 2 distinct choices, and neither one is compatible with the other.

Robert Milne, M.D. recommends Alka Seltzer gold (not silver or blue) in a glass of water as a quick fix.  To those migraine sufferers, how many quick fixes are necessary to realize that by going on a mostly raw diet, those quick fixes can become a thing of the past?

As stated by Dr. Herbert Shelton, "When we tell the migraine sufferer that they can get well in 4-8 weeks we are rarely believed."

Those who wish to take the medical path refer to page 1377 in the Merck Manual 17th edition, the most prestigious medical reference text used by practically every physician as a primary source.  In studying migraines one becomes acutely aware that there are a lot of medications that can be taken for a disease that hosts a lifetime.  A total of 17 drug medications are given and recommended for treatment of migraines.  The amount taken varies with your condition and the amount of side effects one is displaying.  Frequency of use reaches as high as 8 times a day, which is an extraordinary amount of drugs to be putting in one's body.  Some migraine sufferers take as many as 8 dosages per day since a migraine can last as long as 3 hours.

The following are some of the side effects one could get just by being a faithful drug taker.  Nausea and hypertension are side effects of 4 of the medications.  G.I. bleeding is a side effect of only 2 medications (we take a step down).  Five of the drugs have a cautionary statement saying they should be used sparingly.  One of the drugs if at all possible should be completely avoided.

Using this as a basis, knowing the severity of the side effects, the duration of the pain, and the number of years one has to endure such physical abuse, can there really be a magic pill that can relieve one or all these symptoms?

The Merck Manual states, "Migraines last 4 to 72 hours and are throbbing to severe in intensity."

In the Merck Manual they list 15 drug options, and ONLY drug options, to the 24 million Americans who suffer from this disease.  The Merck Manual is a medical reference used by every allopathic doctor in this country (I think the side effect being one that sometimes may be more harmful to the individual than the actual migraine).  The cost for treatment of migraines is staggering.  Figure it out yourself.  Start pricing these drugs.  In my store we sell 2 remedies for migraine - Mygrufew and Migraide.  If the customer asked for either one I would tell them how each works and how each is only treating the symptom and not the cause.  If they really want to get rid of the their migraines they have to make severe dietary changes.  I do that because it's my job.  Switching to a fruit, vegetable, nut, and seed diet is the best cure for a migraine in my opinion.  To say otherwise would be irresponsible on my part knowing what I know.  I am just a layman not a medical researcher, not a doctor, who basically has or can get the same information as I can.  Responsibility for truth is a shared endeavor.  To say, write, or do otherwise would be irresponsible.

There are choices.  According to Dr. Max Gerson who developed a raw food diet to eliminate his own migraine over 80 years ago, "A diet very low in fat, protein, and grain products while using large amounts of fresh raw vegetable juices and other raw food" is the migraine cure.  The results using this technique not only eliminate migraines but also have spectacular results with other terminal illnesses.

The funny thing about these choices, which are in direct opposition to each other, is that they have been around a long time.  Dr. Max Gerson not only successfully treated himself of his migraine, but he treated thousands of other patients as well. Dr. Herbert Shelton also treated thousands of patients successfully without the use of medication.

Where are their voices?  Where is the next generation of doctors that follow in their footpaths?  Where are the voices of the American public demanding more responsibility of the medical field before the so readily hand out a pill that has a cure?

Why do so many Americans have to suffer needlessly?  Because the information on an alternative option that does not cost any money is squashed, sealed, and hidden.  So we the John Q. Public readily accept the information given by the medical field as gospel.

As stated by Dr. Herbert Shelton, "The more migraine sufferers are drugged to relieve their headaches the more enervated they become.  The very treatments that are employed help to perpetuate and intensify the suffering."

What is a person to do?  Once again we have a choice, a clear choice.  Either to take drug therapy or not. The drug therapy treatment lasts approximately 30 years and could almost equal a year's salary.  The positive side of all this negativity is that the industry now represents 15% of the GNP, a guess on my part, but it is high.  It employs thousands if not millions of people in research, in technical support, in distribution, in manufacturing, and thousands if not millions in the secondary market.  Whole towns, cities, and communities are being supported by what the drug industries pay in taxes.

It's very scary to ask all those people who suffer migraines to switch their allegiance to the fruit and vegetable industry.  It's really not good for business.  To make matters worse, based on statistical data, the industry is growing at tremendous rates because of its unequivocally high standards and reputation.  The American public does not appear to be ready to go off the SAD - Standard American Diet.

We at Arnold's Way are committed to making this change occur one person at a time, one day at a time, one newsletter at a time.

Each week we'll be writing about a different disease and researching the cause and the treatment possibilities.

For those migraine sufferers who would like to get rid of their drug dependence, they must be willing to give up all stimulating and irritating foods.  On a primary level it means all meat, chicken, fish, dairy products, sugar, and processed food.  As an added bonus, coffee, tea, tobacco, and alcohol must be left behind.  The Raw Life by Paul Nison is a great book to help assist you with this option.  In the meantime, Dr. Herbert Shelton recommends a hot bath and complete rest.  For drink, David Wolfe, author of Sunfood Diet Success System recommends juice: 4 ribs of celery, 4 ounces of fennel, 1 apple, and 1 orange.  In God's Way by George Malkamus, there is testimonial after testimonial by those people who have gone on a mostly raw diet found their headaches disappearing.

We at Arnold's Way have so called raised the bar.  Besides having more books and videos that deal with raw food and healing, besides increasing our raw food menu to include organize cuisine by B.I., we are now having testimonials by people who have made remarkable recoveries by switching their diet.  Our first speaker will be Josh Dwyer who will share his story on how he began to see his brain tumor disappear by changing his lifestyle and diet to raw.

Thank you for your time and please share this newsletter if you know any of the 24 million Americans who suffer from this dreaded disease.


Merck Manual, 17th Edition
Alternative Medicine - Burton Goldberg
Sunfood Diet Success System - David Wolfe
Health Seekers - Dr. Herbert S. Shelton and Victoria Bidwell
Raw Life - Paul Nison
In God's - Dr. George Malkamus

PS:  I'm looking for a summer or winter intern who would help me research, write, or whatever it takes to spread the word.  Call the store and ask for Arnold (215-483-2266).

Upcoming events at Arnold's Way

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Tuesday July 10th - 6:30pm
Josh Dwyer talks about his experience having a brain tumor, brain cysts, heaving medication, and his complete recovery in 4 weeks after going raw.

Tuesday August 14th - 6:30pm
Irene Lewis, long time sufferer of asthma, tells her story about how she overcame it in weeks by simply going all raw.

Tuesday September 11th - 6:30pm
Tim Lewis will talk about his low platelet count of 15,000, which is way below normal, and his symptoms including large black and blue bruises and spontaneous bleeding.  Hear about his complete recovery by going raw.

Tuesday October 9th - 6:30pm
Barbara Cap shares her story about Lyme Disease and how she became symptom free in 4 months after she went on an 80% raw diet.

Tuesday November 13th - 6:30pm
Dan Goodman will talk about his story about MS.  A further description will be included next week.

Planet Zen Vegetarian Cafe in Ocean City, NJ on 9th and Asbury Ave is having a 100% RAW DINNER with guest Chef Georgia Rauhe Sunday July 8th.  First seating is at 5:00pm.  Second seating is at 7:30pm.  $15.95 per person.  Reservations are recommended.  (609) 391-2000

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