June 28, 2001    Arthritis


It was the joy of September, the mellowness of July.  It was a day that never ended. There’s a joy in just raising your hand. I am moved. I am in shock. I am in total ecstasy. There was a tremendous joy in my heart that overcame my total existence. Last Saturday, this being 1 week later, I chose to write about arthritis. It is one of those crippling diseases that affects almost 16 million Americans whose only hope is that it won't get worse, the pain will go away for a while, and the medicine cost won't get any higher. But these are thoughts that just don't have to be. 

They are thoughts that become halos of thin air and nightshade vanishing to white clouds. What does all this mean? As quoted by Victoria Bidwell on her visit to the California Health Sanctuary, "A man called Arthur was in a wheel chair, his hands were deformed, frozen into claw like position, and he was in total pain. His medical doctor gave up on him with no cure. 28 days after fasting, Arthur was up and walking and moving his hands pain free." Sounds hard to believe, but the truth is there. There is an answer to the arthritis, a quest for greatness, for freedom of pain that extends beyond the normal standard of treatment. It is a quest for those that suffer needlessly. It is with this understanding that we begin this week's newsletter on arthritis.

So we begin our quest for truth. There are many books on what arthritis is. As can be expected, they all agree on the following: painful and swollen joints. And to complicate matters, the medical establishment begins to differentiate arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, a supposedly more painful and more inflamed disease. "There is also osteoarthritis, which is a gradual loss of cartilage and overgrowth of bones in the joints." This, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal (that is definitely a 25 cent word) and Skin Diseases, reports that about 1/3 of the US population have some form of this disease, and by age 65, 75% of the population have x-ray evidence of it. I hear these astounding figures, and I'm looking at Gypsy Boot's picture at age 90, still rocking and rolling on his raw food crusade. I'm staring at Virginia Vetrano, D.C., age 69 and still roller blading. She still talks the talk about the benefits of raw food and most importantly walks the walk. To make her story more appealing, but exotic, would be a better word, Virginia Vetrano, D.C. could easily pass for 40, can wear a 2-piece bathing suit, and can still get the whistles. I am definitely impressed. I hear these stories about aches and pains of what medications are working and what medications are not. I say eat raw and throw all those medications out - all the calcium, bone support, and anything else that has a catchy name. They all go out the door.

As we begin the research it seems like there is consistent agreement in the raw food version and the alternative treatment. Everybody is quoting somebody who espouses that diet is not part of the answer; it's the ONLY answer. According to Alternative Medicine, "A diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains, is recommended." Dr. Bradley states that fatty meat, eggs, margarine, shortening, and dairy products should be dramatically cut down or eliminated from the diet, as well as the other addicting habits that Americans have incorporated so well into our diets such as caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and sugars. To be perfectly honest, every week I'm just repeating myself but using a different topic. It's like "Duh!" to those that understand what we have to do to spread this gospel of understanding out there. There are not complicated,     mystifying, never heard, far-flung, rare diseases without cures. These are literally no-brainers.

I'm a little apprehensive to open the Merck 17th edition for fear of what it will say. Once again, the Merck Manual 17th edition strongly emphasized drug therapy. "Parenteral antibiotics should be continued until significant clinical improvement occurs, and oral antibiotics should be given at several times the usual dose for 2 to 6 weeks." Treatment for another form of arthritis, osteomyelitis, is almost the same. What does that mean? "Antibiotics should be selected to cover gram positive-gram negative organisms until culture results are available." It goes on and on about other medications - when to take what and for how long. These explanations of medication are the heart and soul of our great country. Everyone repeats his or her results. What was their temperature yesterday? What does their doctor say? I'm about to fall asleep. It's like coming up on 11 o'clock, and my writing becomes sloppy. My brain mushy, and the only thing I can thing of is sleep. But this newsletter is more than that. It's about Arthur being able to walk pain-free after being diagnosed as an incurable sufferer. It is about realizing that the only hope that the medical profession can now offer is antibiotics, and according to the information that I know, that treatment at best can be called doubtful and at worst it does more harm than good.  

We, as people, do not have to become the statistic of 33% of adults having some type of joint pain and close to 75% at age 65 being inflicted with this pain and inflammation. There is only one way to stop this crisis. Educate ourselves.

The textbooks that pertain to natural healing are stating it loud and clear. Remove the cause, and give your body the proper nutrients. According to Dr. Herbert Helton, arthritics do not handle sugar and starches due to metabolic impairment. Arthritis and any other disease that has been labeled are all part of the same family, which is inflammation. These diseases are all the same condition: inflammation, which according to Dr. Tilden is "a local response to toxemia and injury on a cellular level characterized by capillary dilation and leukocytic infiltration." To add a different perspective and yet a more intriguing viewpoint, Dr. Batmanghelidj, who wrote "Your Body's Many Cries for Water", treated his patients that suffer from this continual pain with water not medication. "Chronic pains of the body are often indicators of chronic dehydration." Dr. Batmanghelidj (don't you love that name? Yes, I'm being treated by Batman!) explains that if water intake is consciously and regularly adjusted to the needs of that particular body, in most cases these pains will gradually disappear. World Medicine further emphasizes the effects of dietary choices by stating: "Traditional people in the world who live on diets low in fat and protein show few signs of any type of arthritis. Conversely, arthritis is an epidemic among people living in affluent industrialized countries living on high protein, high fat diets." In Sunfood Diet we see the same exact idea regarding what causes arthritis. "Arthritis is the result of a meat-based diet. Meat, raw or cooked, is extremely acidic, and meat lowers the blood's energy causing improper mineral precipitation." Whatever that means. In God's Way, once again they blatantly correlate meat protein to arthritic conditions. "It's caused by excess protein and fat intake in the diet, which produce uric acid crystals in the joints." In the Merck Manual, acute infectious arthritis "is caused by bacteria or viruses."

So, we as a people have a choice, a very clear choice. If we want to be part of the 75% of the people who suffer from arthritis, we should continue our dietary habits, which basically include a meat process food type diet leading us to take whatever the doctor orders. I'm sure that's too blunt of a statement. But, if we want things to change, we have to change. It is not good enough to say I understand the causes of all these diseases, but I am just one person. To those I say the "power of one." When they are empower themselves, they become very powerful.

We at Arnold's Way have been raising the bar. We are the only raw food café in PA, NJ, MD, DE, and there are only a handful throughout the rest of the country. Besides producing our raw fruit bar, which is the only one in the country, besides giving free lectures every week, besides writing a free newsletter every week, we are raising the bar to what can become the possibilities when the possibilities can be understood. We have now introduced a raw organic cuisine take-out section prepared by BI. The letters could mean anything. To mean they mean beyond imagination, which doesn't even come remotely close to describing the delicacy or eloquence of his food preparation. We have been sold out every day since we started carrying his food 2 weeks ago. We are also starting a monthly lecture series on people who have had serious debilitating diseases, and once they transitioned to a mostly raw diet they technically became symptom free. They did this without the use of any drug therapy; in fact the drug therapy suppressed their healing ability.

What we at Arnold's Way are trying to say is that the power of one starts with self. It's a conscious decision to improve the very nature of who you are on a daily basis. The quality of food that feeds this essence becomes an important factor in whether we could have the tools necessary to become all that we want to be. There is no reason that as we get older, that arthritic pain has to play any type of role in how we feel. I, meaning Arnold, just had my 54th birthday, no gray hair, almost no fat, plus a high zest for life that can almost be called deliriously refreshing.

So I end this newsletter with a plea. Take this newfound information and use it to learn about yourself through these dietary changes and experience the joys of living. Thank you for your time. 

Arnold --------------------------------------------------------------

Upcoming events at Arnold's Way

Arnold's Way presents: 2nd Tuesday Raw Lecture Series Tuesday July 10th - 6:30pm Josh Dwyer talks about his experience having a brain tumor, brain cysts, heaving medication, and his complete recovery in 4 weeks after going raw.

Tuesday, August 14th - 6:30pm, Irene Lewis, long time sufferer of asthma, tells her story about how she overcame it in weeks by simply going all raw.

Tuesday September 11th - 6:30pm Tim Lewis will talk about his low platelet count of 15,000, which is way below normal, and his symptoms including large black and blue bruises and spontaneous bleeding. Hear about his complete recovery by going raw.

Tuesday October 9th - 6:30pm, Barbara Cap shares her story about Lyme Disease and how she became symptom free in 4 months after she went on an 80% raw diet.

Tuesday November 13th - 6:30pm Dan Goodman will talk about his story about MS. A further description will be included next week.

Planet Zen Vegetarian Cafe in Ocean City, NJ on 9th and Asbury Ave is having a 100% RAW DINNER with guest Chef Georgia Rauhe Sunday July 8th. First seating is at 5:00pm. Second seating is at 7:30pm. $15.95 per person. Reservations are recommended. (609) 391-2000 

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The Certified Classical Homeopath/Homeopathic Master Clinician will now be giving free lectures once a month at Arnold's Way.

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Thursday June 21st, 6:30-8:30. Katherine Hauk, CCH, HMC B.I. will be the Raw Food Chef in residence at Arnold's Way and will feature a variety of take-out raw food cuisine. As an added note, B.I.'s food is AMAZING - beyond all technical words for praise. He will take the word "awesome" to a new level.