June 27, 2007    Marcia and Lyme Disease


This is one of those newsletters which I have no choice but to write, not only because of the content, but because of the results that occurred. It would have been so easy to write down about one of the most miraculous healing processes that I have ever seen. It would of have been so easy to just write the words. In fact it was so easy, except for one minor detail. My first draft, which took three and a half hours to write, was lost in the computer buga boo, and, in all honesty, I was scared down to my very bones to add another letter, another word, or another anything. It is not because the content is about a miraculous transformation, but because of the technology of the computer. For whatever reason, I am still in the infancy stage of comprehending how to work with a computer. I know how to turn it on, and I know how to turn it off, and that's about all. Yesterday, I spent almost three hours writing this week's newsletter's first draft when like lightning attracted to metal or like earthworms being super magnetized to bugs, my three and a half hours worth of writing was vanquished into white blanks and emptiness. The three and a half hours that I wrote on the miraculous transformation of a young woman who was seriously sidelined by Lyme disease, and by simply changing her lifestyle to a mostly watermelon, cucumber, citrus juice and celery feast for 10 days, and by getting plenty of sleep, her Lyme disease simply disappeared.

It is on this note that I begin. It is on this note, with plenty of trepidation, and with endless fear of the unknown workings of this computer that I begin to tell the story again. It is on this note that I begin once again for better or for worse. I have no choice in the matter but to do everything in my power to share to all those who have been suffering with Lyme disease, Marcia's story. I, Arnold, chose, not only to share my wisdom, my experience, my essence, and my support in order for Marcia to heal, but we also videotaped excerpts of Marcia’s watermelon recovery in ten days. It was the act of the sun, the moon, and the law of nature healing at its best. There were no medications used in Marcia’s recovery; no tests were taken, and no herbal medications were necessary. It was just a simple lifestyle choice to eat simple foods and a strong belief in our healing mechanism that Marcia was able to recover so easily, so quickly, and so purely in a natural way.

Our story of Marcia's remarkable recovery began about three weeks ago when Marcia, a very good friend of mine, first noticed the infamous "bulls eye" on the back of her leg. It was one of those signs that no one wants to see. And I do mean no one ever wants to notice. It was the mark of Lyme disease. This is one of those rare diseases that, according to most of the medical reports, cannot be healed. It is a parasite that just lays dormant in one's body and reappears every 21 days and stays forever and a day. It is one of those intrusions by a parasite that is almost impossible for the body to rid itself of. It is that type of disease that one is forever marked, and will always feel the reverberations of its affect.

Marcia knew she had to work fast to make a choice on her treatment plan. It was one of those types of decisions where life stands on a very single strand, and one has to decide quickly what to do. There is no middle ground. Either it would be the medical route where antibiotics is generally the choice of treatment, or the alternative route which could be an herbal regimen. Marcia did not know of any other treatment. She also knew of me and my philosophy of switching to an all raw lifestyle as a start for treatment of any disease. What she did not realize, is that it is my opinion that parasites cannot not exist in an environment that does not support it. It is ironic, then, that I just happened to call her in the midst of all of her confusion. It is on that note that I had a chance to test out that theory. It is on that note that Marcia, for whatever reason, had to make a clear cut decision on what path to travel to best treat her Lyme disease.

There are no accidents. For whatever reason, Marcia and I are very deeply connected in a spiritual way. About a year ago, we participated in a extended water fast together. I did a 21-day water fast, and Marcia was bound and determined to do a10- day water fast. We each chose each other for this to happen. She wanted to do10 days after suffering for a year because of an overdose of prednisone because of a pharmaceutical error. I wanted to do a 21-day water fast because of a traumatic eye injury which blinded my eye for a year and a half. But like life itself, there is a journey; there is a manifestation of changes in rivers, valley and streams. One has to go through many changes and many transformations in order to be properly prepared for a drastic reawakening that the body will experience. I had experienced several fasts, and I knew from the deepest part of my inner knowing that one has to be properly prepared both mentally, physically and whatever which way one has to be before going on for an extended period of time without eating or drinking anything but water.

The key to a successful transition from a standard diet to a water fast diet is slow, but I chose myself to be Marcia's mentor both before the fast as well as after the fast. For better or worse, Marcia adhered to my every word, to my every advice, to my every suggestion. I adamantly told Marcia that she had to be at least 90% to 95 % raw before the fast began. She had to rid her body of the cooked food addiction she had. She had to stop using all cosmetics, and to stop taking all supplements. Believe it or not, Marcia listened to every word I said, not because I said so, but because she did her own research. She listened to her body’s wisdom on what is her best path for total purification and total healing of her body. As she did what I stated, I, too, listened to my own advice, and followed the same path as her. We properly prepared for three months prior to our water fast together. Needless to say, the fast went pretty smooth with no major difficulties, no major detoxification surprises other than one little thing which changed the whole complexion on Marcia's completing her 10-day water fast. ON the eighth day, her tongue turned green. It freaked me out. I had never seen a green tongue before. My first reaction was of fear and of surprise, and I didn't know, and yet I did know that Marcia's fast had to stop immediately. She begged for one more day, and I granted her that day only under the condition that if the detoxification were to expand, she would have to stop immediately, and begin to eat some high water content fruit which is the easiest way to ease off of a water fast. So it passed, and so it was that we spent almost two weeks together experiencing the truth of each other in experiencing healing, cleansing and what is the best path for our bodies to heal.

On June 10, 2007 almost a year later, when by chance or by design, I just happened to call Marcia to check in, to say hello, and to just see how she was doing. What I didn't expect to hear was about her tiredness. What I didn’t expect to hear was about her pain, her aches, and to hear that her total being was hit by a giant tornado, and would not let her go. Marcia was hurting. She was given the medical diagnosis of Lyme disease, and was experiencing aches, pain, fever, and general nausea. Marcia was very sick, and seeking a viable form of healing other than the ones that were being offered to her. On this particular day, I listened to her story. I heard her symptoms. I, for no reason other than being part braggadocio, part super fearless, and part feeling like ---what in the world am I doing saying such a stupid thing with no net to fall on, stated to Marcia rather emphatically, rather knowingly, rather whole heartily convincible that everything that I was saying was the gospel truth. I said to her: “Give me 10 days, and your Lyme disease will go away. It was that simple, that pure and that easy. The funny thing is that both Marcia and I somewhat believed that in 10 days the Lyme disease would simply disappear.

My advice to her was not by chance, not by some geeky nerd who wears his pants too high (which I do), not by one who carries pens in his pocket (which I do), but by a well versed experienced young man (not old—this depends upon who is seeing me at the time) who has found the fountain of youth growing in his backyard. What I said to Marcia was based on my 15 years of experience in the natural health field, and 8 years of being on a mostly raw vegan diet. I spoke to her of unconditional love for our bodies, and I told her that each moment is a life of purity and excellence. Every thing that we say and that we do is based on the excellence of life, peace and harmony. I stand beneath the wind. I breathe in harmony of existence. I listen to the commitment to my 75 trillion cells in having them work together to be in peace and harmony with one another in order to create that excellence and to create that highest form of healing, It is this understanding of the seven essentials of life that are the only prerequisites to achieving higher health and regeneration of our health.: clean air, sunshine, sleep, good water, exercise and eating a mostly raw vegan diet (which consists, in my opinion, mostly fruit such as tomatoes, avocado, red peppers, and zucchini. They are all fruit, all healthy, and all that are necessary for a healthy diet. The most important thing beyond all else is the act of love for ourselves. Every moment is a moment of love and glory. These are the thoughts that Marcia took. These are the paths that Marcia chose. These are the truths that Marcia did for 10 days to bring her health to the highest level of health. She stuck to the melon family, including cucumbers and celery and that’s it. We filmed her. We watched her progress and we watched the final days as most of her Lyme disease symptoms simply disappeared. Stay tuned on www.youtube.com /arnoldsway to follow up on Marcia's progress.

I thank you for your time.