June 27, 2003    Customers


It is the 27th of June, 2003, 10:15pm, the hour of going to bed. It is the moments when all thoughts of healing, of war, of being still, should be kept to a tiny thought of what to do tomorrow morn.  The midnight darkness, the quiet still, the loneliness of being alone, all come crashing forward like tiny dragons that need no repeating.

            It is on these thoughts that I write this weeks newsletter.  I write for no other reason than to be infused with the golden light, that words have to be spoken and thoughts have to be shared.

            I write of my store, I write of my customers. I write of the day-to-day challenges that we as a people face on a minute to minute basis.  It is within these timeframes that we as a people, as a nation, as a single individual decide what to do, what to eat.

            So I close my eyes and test my memory of the many customers that come walking through my door.  Each day, each face, each millisecond is a revelation of what truth is and what truth could be.  I think of Monday, it was a typical day, not worthy of mention, but worthy of a word to be printed. I sit in silence desperately trying to remember the conversation of a couple from Florida.  Nothing really unusual other than the fact that they were visiting, checking out Lansdale, checking out Arnold's Way, the only place in all of Pennsylvania in which they could feel comfortable eating in their diet of choice, raw.  What is the meaning behind the meaning?  A middle age couple, nothing unordinary, until they began to speak, their words, their hope, their actions, to carry peace in their heart and love in their deeds.  I heard of their volunteer work by dressing as clowns just to hear children laugh.

            I could go on and on but I close my eyes and imagine that for no other reason they go an hour out of their way just to eat a simple healthful meal, they volunteer their services to be clowns only to see kids laugh.

            Do I stop there?  It is Tuesday and I knew we were having a special guest to our cafe.  A visitor from San Francisco. A visitor named Sky, a week in advance stating that she was coming.  A visitor who has been eating all raw against all odds and wanted to experience eating in an all raw cafe.  We are one of only about 10-15 in all of the country. Tuesday was her choice of coming and she only had a short time. There was no other day, no other hour.  I too waited, for Sky was special, she was committed on a minute to minute basis. For no other reason, than to make a statement in life of whom she is and what she is about.

            Sky and I never met.  She waited for her perfect time to arrive and because of circumstances I could not wait. 

            That in itself is just the beginning, I think of Monday, I think of her child, Leah.  I think of her struggles, I think of what she understands as to be her truth.  To think of her want to start a raw food support group.  Against all odds, for no other reason other than no other reason.  I think of Wednesday.  Each day, each customer.  Each bring a special way, their way of being.  Wednesday was Ginger, who traveled from Los Vegas to see her family in Philly.  Ginger knows, Ginger understands.  Ginger was one of my customers from Manayank.  Ginger dealt with disease, dealt with truth, dealt with commitment of doing whatever it took.  When in Philly, there was no choice but to come to the only raw cafe in Pennsylvania, located in downtown Lansdale.


            There are stories and there are stories, each of us has a path.




We now will stay open for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights till 9pm., though the kitchen closes as 8pm.


Our Friday evening special is our famous banana whip sale, buy one, get the second at half price, from 6-8 pm. Homemade pizza $9.95.


Saturday evenings from 5:30 -7pm. We will feature a movie showing various speakers telling of raw food information.


Nikki, who was hired only a couple of weeks ago, knowing nothing of raw food, eating a standard American diet, soft spoken and shy with a voice that is barely audible, has become empowered by the very thought of what a change in our lifestyle can effect not only our lives but that of our children.  She is on fire, knowing that if changes don't come, not only will diabetes continue to rise at astronomical rates, but also cancer, leukemia and other so called incurable diseases.

            In August Nikki will be giving 4 classes for children and one for women who will see through this young girls eyes why it is so essential to start to change not only your lifestyle but that of your family also.  Stay tuned for dates and times.


Beginning is August, every Saturday, 10:30-noon, a children's food prep class will be given.  It should be fun.  Hands on, with take home recipes and tastes.  Cost  $50 per family for 4 weeks.  Or $15 per class.  Pre-registration required.


Sunday, August 31, 6 - 8 pm.  Nikki will give a raw food demo on the secrets of why it is so important to listen to our innate wisdom of what is our truth.   Yummy samples included cost $12 and pre-registration required, class size is limited.


Also in August, "Eating for Beauty" is a Ladies Special.  I cannot overemphasize the importance of attending.  We are living in a world where women are the guinea pigs for extraneous medication and surgery.  Take action and learn the options for a better way.  Give us a call, 215-361-0116


Support group every Sunday from 1:30 to 3pm, check it out, a nice bunch of people.


Last Saturday of every month, I give an easy food prep class for beginners, learn how to make easy recipes, 5 minutes or less, such as soups, salads, spaghetti, cheese, bread etc.  $10 per class, and pre-registration required.


Every Monday, Jason Mattson teaches an extensive food prep class.  A new class starts the first Monday in July and lasts for four weeks. Cost $100. 6 - 8:30 pm. Class size is limited and pre-registration is a must as this popular class always fills up.


Michelle Lawrence has joined our staff showing the fundamentals of Yamana Body Rolling. It is Health Fitness & Massage all rolled into one, an innovative approach using balls designed exclusively for this work.  Cost is $28.  TBA


July 6, Joe Meszaros, Mr. New Age Man, innovator and motivational speaker, creator of the Raw Element, which in my opinion is the best raw nutritional bar on the market today.  Also inventor of our new raw pizza crust.  He is an ex-body builder, well versed in the martial arts and Chi Kung.   He will give a food demo and dinner for $20.  Pre-registration a must.


July 19, 10:30 - noon, Rebecca Debus will give an Introduction to Life Healing Workshop featuring the importance of emotional healing and meditation.  Cost is $15, pre-register by calling 610-666-0411


REMEMBER we have great organic produce at almost wholesale prices:


ginger  1 pound $5.

gala apples  3 pounds $4.50

grapefruit  .99 each

pears  1 pound 1.19

avocado 1.75 each

fuju apples 3 pounds 3.75

bananas .69 a pound

beets 1.49 pound

carrots 5 pounds 3.65

celery 1.85 each

cucumbers 2.35 pound

eggplants 1.65 pound

broccoli 2.29 bunch

cabbage .69 pound

lemons .45 each

mushrooms 1.99 pkg

Medjool dates 5.49 a pound

oranges 4 pounds 3.45

red peppers 5.50 pound

tomatoes 2.39 pound

spinach 2.95 for 6 oz

onions 1.29 pound

zucchini 1.75 pound

garlic 2.35 pound

sugar babies 4.99 each