June 19, 2001    Brain Tumors


This week's newsletter will focus on two separate thought processes which could be one and the same: Flagrant Disregard and Brain Tumors. Do they evolve from the same mindset, or is it a mistake to even categorize them together as a start of this week's newsletter.

"The brilliance of the red sky crashes through
Yellowish bricks line the southern dew
Warriors that gather force from the unknown
A pleasantness of raw food evolves
From the circles of stares
A body of peace finds solace in the Midnight air"


We at Arnold's Way were literally bombarded by an illness that rarely gets any attention. A disease that is so feared by all because it attacks the very cortex of our souls. We become the hopeless child of God, that can only pray as our major defense. We are driven to frantic desperation when told that the disease becomes part of our natural being. In the past two weeks at Arnold's Way eleven (11) cases of brain tumors were either reported directly or indirectly to our attention. This was our incentive as innocent laymen to seek truth, justice and hope to begin our typical path researching the medical textbooks for input and answers on the causes of brain tumors. Do we seek alternative path for more reasonable answers if such a possibility does exist, or do we jump through the hoop and use the latest weapon in instant research: the Internet! The other option is to create quiet within ourselves and sit down for our favorite breakfast.

Flagrant Disregard or Brain Tumor. As we begin our research I'm struck by a memory: a tiny little spark of a conversation that was barely grasped. It was about a young man, who not only fought against the odds, but also beat them. A young man whom after a six-hour operation, was given up for death. A story about a young man and his father who fought with the only tools they knew back then: prayers. A young man, whom up until a few months ago could barely function. A young man who was diagnosed with brain tumor, brain cyst, brain overload.

My writing starts around 11 p.m. I'm tired, I'm sleepy, and I want to relax. But the desire is o strong to get this information out. It's getting late, almost 12 o'clock. I'm barely able to keep my eyes open. I want to call Josh tonight to further elaborate his story but my eyes are closing and tomorrow is another day.

As the day breaks another opportunity arises to continue writing about brain tumors. A disease that affects so many. A disease whose only hope for survival according to the standard of medical practice today is to literally get your head sawed, pried open, and the tumor removed. How medieval. How barbaric. How unbelievably stupid that the medical experts recommend cutting open ones head when looking for tumors.

My wife's first cousin, Betty died after one such operation. She was on the operating table for almost 9 hours. When she died the official medical statement was so-called complications. My personal opinion is Flagrant Disregard and Brain Tumor can be mentioned in the same breath as the real cause.

If we return to the Merck Manual 17th edition, page 981, a tumor is defined as "A tumor associated antigen is an antigen that is relatively restricted to tumor cell." That's pure English in its most backward, verbose, high fidelity, and liquefied form. The very next words are "Tumor specific antigens are antigens unique to tumor cells." If that didn't explain tumors/antigens then I don't know what would. The Merck manual further explains tumors in this quasi-confabulation of legalese that I personally did not understand.

As I research further I delve deeper into the truth. I seek the answer of what is a brain, as paraphrased by F. Scott Fitzgerald: "The brain is not like other organs. It's beyond biology, beyond science. A place where visible and invisible meets, a place where flesh and blood mingle with thoughts and emotions, instincts and spirit."

What I'm trying to say is that the brain is the soul of our fire, the holder of tremendous talent and wisdom. In order for a tumor to form, Flagrant Disregard must have been present on a continual basis.

I remember a recent wait in a supermarket. The many aisles of pretty boxed food, so evenly lined on the shelves, so many colors, so many thoughts arrived as the midnight air rises and southern dew slowly lowered its head. I think of the ingredients in the collectively charmed, child-enhanced, magically touched, or torched, cereal. Whatever cereal it is, it doesn't really matter, they are all made by the same process: milled corn, or wheat, or oats, which sound fine until you research the way cereal is made. According to Paul Stitt who wrote "Beating the Food Giants", cereal is made under extremely toxic manufacturing conditions, which "are incapable of sustaining life." He further exploits, "The machine used for making shaped cereal is called an extruder, having a huge pump with a die at one end". So begins the nicest part of the process needed to make cereal. His explanation continues with words like, slurry, high temperature, high pressure, destroys, and coating of sugar. There can be more, but the point is well taken.

Flagrant Disregard or Brain Tumor. I continue reading the cereal list: milled corn (meaning no nutrients), sugar, malt flavoring, high fructose corn syrup, salt...these are the ingredients of most cereals, most cakes, most processed food. Does anybody care? It is no wonder that 90% of today' s children cannot pass the minimum "President's Fitness Test". The average child in the United States is not as healthy as a beggar child in India, and the number one killer of children today is cancer. As we sit down for breakfast I can hear "pass the bagels and cream cheese please". We make believe that "Fats That Heal and Fats That Kill" was never written.

The word "refined" becomes part of our everyday entree. Our daily foods are lavished with white flour, our taste buds are so distorted from true taste that we only realize essentially two distinct flavors: salt and sugar, while our body's ability to assimilate saturated fat only occurs at 300 degrees; otherwise it could become part of the fat of which our brain is composed.

Do we sit and wonder why Flagrant Disregard and Brain Tumors are one and the same? Words of wisdom come bristling forth from Udo Erasmus who states that "saturated fatty acids decrease oxygen supply to our tissue." He further explains that sugar inhibits the function of our immune system, which leads to colds, flu, sinus problems, allergies, etc. If these can be eliminated from our diet, to whisk away our emotional ties to poor dietary choices then transformational possibilities can exist. And a brain can become free of choking scum caused by dietary waste products.

Our brain is the master programmer that has to defend itself at all cost from the up flow of the heat-generated cereal, from the opiod-rich (same qualities as opium found in wheat products) enzyme-deficient bread and the saturated fat, cholesterol-rich, growth hormone-enriched meat and dairy products. All that was in a typical breakfast.

My mind races forward for the mission of spreading the raw food concepts and lifestyles become the priority. I envision my stopover at the supermarket where all they sell is processed food; people casually walking with their shopping carts filled with soda, milk, cereal, donuts, bread, juice, meat, chicken, lunchmeats. The words keep popping up: Flagrant Disregard or Brain Tumor. Is there a connection? We zoom back to "World Medicine" that states "the cause of stroke lies in the cardiovascular system and the development of arteriosclerosis in which cholesterol plaque builds within the arteries and eventually cuts off blood and oxygen to the brain which causes a stroke by killing part of the brain.

What do I do with this information? Would those shoppers at the supermarket even remotely pay attention, let alone give up all their heavenly food possessions? Do I start an informational sharing to all those McDonald's patrons? Do I do the zigzag through some of Philly's finest eateries and explain the virtues of an all vegetarian, all raw cuisine? Would they (the general public) even listen or just ignore my magnanimous desperation of sharing the truth, or am I just wasting my time? Does this become Flagrant Disregard or Brain Tumor?

IN the words of Dr. Christine Northrup, "Our bodies are not made up of organ systems presided over by an authoritarian brain that is separate from our hearts, emotions and spirits. We are instead a complex physical manifestation of our thoughts, dietary choices, relationships, parents, communities, hopes and dreams. Our brain is a phenomenal composite of the universal wisdom that has brought forth life through our very existence. It is our hope of today and the reality of life's miracles. There is no manmade force of intelligence now, in the pat or ever, that could even remotely come close to the intelligence held in just one of man's cells." And man has 75 trillion cells working together all the time, all for the benefit of ourselves, for ourselves, without hesitation or doubt.

Using this as a basis, we examine a tumor as paraphrased by Dr. Herbert Shelton: hardening and filling in of empty space, it's an increase in fibrous elements known as scarring and encapsulation. This process engulfs the toxic material in a gelatinous, hardened, fibrous sac in order to isolate them from the rest of the body, which is referred to as tumor formation. This is the last intelligent thing the body will do before the last and final stage of disease: cancer.

In the midst of all this dealing with the brain's perfection, our daily dietary choices: the bagel with its white flour, the cereal with its milled corn, sugar, fructose and syrup; the meat with its chemical infusion, not counting the uric acid, arochodonnic acid, as well as all those processed "foods" containing empty calories and all those other dead food items containing no life force. Does Flagrant Disregard become a standard choice label for the American general public as their dietary choice?

Do we now see that the brain's only defense against this Flagrant Disregard is the formation of a tumor? There are just too many waste products that the body absorbs and has to deal with. The brain has absolutely no choice if the toxic material cannot be removed through the regular elimination channel. Then the only option is storage, in a fibrous sac, so it won't affect the rest of the body.

As I finish this past sentence, Josh Dwyer, who has been fighting Flagrant Disregard and Brain Tumors for the past 11 years, calls me. He begins his story, a story during which I had to use every ounce of strength to keep from breaking down. I was so touched by his strength, as a soldier of the field, his humbleness, and his joy for me writing about him. Josh was first diagnosed with a tumor at the tender age of 17 after a routine eye exam. The specialist noted a blur behind his eye and was requested to return the next day to further evaluate the exact cause of the blur. Within hours after he was tested it was diagnosed as a brain tumor. According to the many specialists, removal of the tumor was absolutely necessary or he would die. That simply stated without even a choice. So Josh went on the operating table for six grueling hours in which the specialist had to pry open his head to remove the tumor. The operation was considered a success since he didn't die, but almost did, which is another story, but not considered successful because they couldn't remove the tumor. The next recommended treatment was chemotherapy and radiation. Which Josh had for two years. At this point the tumor stayed in remission for the next 8 years. As far as I could gather, he led a pretty normal life, going to college and working with his father. In May 2000, Josh began developing a cyst next to the tumor, which affected the left side of his body adversely. This time surgery was out of the question because the cyst was so close to his tumor. The only medical option was drug therapy. Josh was given 5 different medications, with no mention of diet. Then or ever was his dietary choice considered responsible for the formulation of the tumor, for the formulation of the cyst. For whatever reason, diet was never mentioned. Instead he was given a stronger dose of Xantex, Ritalin, Neuronatin, plus 2 other drugs for killing pain and reducing the size of the cyst. Josh became almost bedridden. He couldn't work, had constant pain, memory loss, and general lethargy. His brother watched him deteriorate and decided he would devote his life to alternative medicine in the hopes of finding a cure for his brother, Josh. In Feb. 2001, Josh's brother came across Hallelujah Acres, which emphasizes raw foods as the only source for medicine. Josh went to Hallelujah's website, ordered a video featuring Dr. George H. Malkimus (we show the video at the store upon request), and after viewing the film, Josh states that it changed his life forever. He stopped taking his medications, began juicing and began a 100% raw food diet. Josh said he noticed changes immediately. All his pain went away within a month. His left side got better. He was able to get out of bed and find a job. He became such an inspiration that his best friend since elementary school, Dan, after watching Josh's transformation, also began an all raw diet.

To Josh, his dad, and his brother, Dan: We at Arnold's Way can't say enough to salute you and the human spirit and its capability to survive even the toughest of challenges and become a winner!

Hip Hip Hooray!!! For Josh, his family and his friends. -Arnold.


Merck Manual, 17th Ed. World Medicine by Tom Minte
East West Natural Health Food For Life by Neal Bernard, M.D.
Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill by Udo Erasmus
Beating The Food Giants by Paul Stitts
Alternative Medicine presented by Burton Goldburg
Common Health Sense by Dr. V.V. Vetrano, Victoria Bidwell &Dr. H.M. Shelton
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