June 12, 2007    Overcoming The Myth Of Aging


This is one of those articles that deal with the truth that is so blatantly obvious, that no questions are needed on how to stay young forever more. This article is about an amazing woman who after 32 years of being on a mostly fruit lifestyle can easily enter an itsy bitsy bikini contest and give the young hotsie totsie girls a run for their money. It deals with her words of truth and inspiration on how she strives to become younger and younger as time passes by with each circle of the earth passing the sun. This newsletter deals with the very essence of her soul, and to share her energetic movement for the transformation of being young. She not only maintains her youth but to exuberate it.

This newsletter is dedicated to the essence of her being. What she learned is based on the simple truth of life. As quoted, "Gather the information, believe it, and then do it." It all sounds so simple and so easy, but it is so very hard to do for the average American. She, being Roe Gallo with a PhD, listened to her innermost thoughts, and did just that. Her words became her action in realizing that each time we make a choice and every time we put something in our mouth, it directly affects our well being. The amount of energy that is necessary to fully digest any food can either enhance our well being or compromise it.

Roe Gallo, PhD formed her dietary lifestyle at a very young age. She had no choice in the matter, because as a young woman she was sickly to the point of being very close to death. Roe, at the tender age, took full responsibility of her health. Her asthma had literally gotten out of control. Her asthma had put her into a wheel chair. With each passing day, the sun ebbed and the darkness of life became greater and greater. Roe wanted sunshine. She wanted fun in the sun. She wanted white sandy beaches. She wanted to run with one of those tight fitting bikinis on her, and run with her hair flying, legs springing like there is no tomorrow. Roe wanted her youth. Roe knew that for whatever reason her medication was not working. She knew that she had to do something drastic or there wouldn't be a next day. These were her words as she spoke. As I listened, I saw her vision almost 32 years later as she kept that promise of fun, love and being young forever more.

It was such a memory of years gone by that grabs my soul and forces me to think of every conceivable picture of youth and vitality as I felt as though I was watching a 25-year old woman speak of eating a mostly fruit and leafy green diet. I looked at her face, watched her actions for three and half solid hours. She did not miss a beat. She did not show any tiredness in the three hours that she was speaking. She literally became stronger in stating her beliefs and in her actions to adamantly state that she made the right choices at a very young age. Roe, a woman of 57 years, was not only not bashful about sharing how old she was, she was literally boisterous in letting everyone know she was that old, or in her case that young. To say she was beautiful, gorgeous, and having a body that any Hollywood starlet will envy would have been an understatement. Every inch of her body exuded a joyous harmony that life only gets better and better as time marches onward. Every word that was spoken dealt about glorious rejuvenation. Every breath gave hope to those in attendance that aging is not a given, but a choice. It is a choice that we as a people choose every day as to what we put in our mouth, what words we say, and what thoughts we think. I, Arnold, for over three hours, was memorized by this woman, not only because of how beautiful she is, but because, more importantly, by what she represented.

On Saturday, June 9th, I had the privilege of attending a lecture on "Overcoming the Myth of Aging," by Roe Gallo, PhD. In fact, there were about 40 other people in attendance. No one really knew of her other than the book she wrote, and she was charging $25 dollars to listen to her speak for two hours. I read one of Roe's other books called: "Perfect Body" almost 10 years ago. It was one of those kinds of books that I read over and over. I read it in bits and pieces, and in dribbles and drabs. In knowing the spirit of the book, I highly recommend reading this book. It is on that note that when I heard that she was speaking in the area, I hired another worker to take my place so I could leave earlier. It is on that note that I left work earlier. To the average person, doing that was really no big deal. But to me, it was, since I rarely take off on Saturday, let alone leave early. My friends, Roe Gallo is my Kurt Cobain, Brittany Spears, Sheryl Crow all rolled into one raw food rock star guru who not only knows what it takes to have the "Perfect Body" at 26, 46 and even 57 years of age, but who also knows how to "Overcome the Myth of Aging." I absolutely had to be there to hang onto her every word, her every action, and her every thought on how to be forever young.

I sat in a memorized and transfixed state of being listening to her every word and every action. I, who eats mostly fruit, knew the ins and outs of why it is so important that once we as a country and as a people fully understand the importance of living this lifestyle as the very fabric of our existence, that making these changes will dramatically change us to a more peaceful loving society. Roe spoke hour after hour on this very notion. To the best of her knowledge and to the best of my knowledge, most diseases, most anger, and most depression will simply disappear once one switches to a mostly fruit lifestyle. I was so overwhelmed by her stories, by her enthusiasm, her joyful honesty, and of her capacity to just be thankful for her every moment of existence. Roe spoke on that level of truth. She spoke on how when she was 25 years old after years of suffering with asthma through no fault of her own, she came to a clear choice that if she continued following the medical path, she would no longer be alive. Roe changed to a raw food lifestyle, and her asthma disappeared. She chose to go on a 14-day water fast with no guidance as her introduction to raw food. Roe placed the healing of her body into her own hands, her own determination, and her own spirit of doing whatever it takes to heal. Miracle upon miracle occurred, and within days, her asthma of 25 years simple disappeared. This was Roe's beginning into the raw food lifestyle.

The audience which was mostly women listened to her words, looked at her body and watched the vitality of her being literally radiate with each passing minute. Roe was not selling anything. She did not push vitamins. She did not push any appliances. She did not push any retreats. She just pushed that fruit and leafy greens is the ultimate key for health, for beauty, and for overcoming the myth of aging. She divided food into two categories. Either the food we eat is going to be enhancing, (meaning that the food will add to your health and well being) or that, conversely, food we eat is going to compromise our health and well being. If the food has been cooked, it loses all of the nutrients making it toxic. If one is going to eat food that is toxic, then our health is compromised, and then the toxicity should be neutralized by eating enhancing food in much greater quantity. By eating more compromising food, the aging process accelerates. If one eats more enhancing foods, the aging process slows down if not reverses. Roe knew these secrets of never ever worrying about growing old by heart and everyone in the audience knew that she knew.

What was supposed to be a two-hour lecture became a three and half-hour lecture. What was originally considered an expensive lecture became very cheap for all of the heart and soul she put into her every word and every action. What started as a lecturer and an audience relating as strangers, became a very close family affair. Every single person in the audience was so mesmerized by this amazing woman that they had no choice but to hug Roe in the end. Every single person in the audience wanted to be touched by a woman who was so much in love with life and more importantly with herself. Every single person in the audience just stood around and hung onto her every word. Every single member in the audience watched as she took off her black jacket and looked at her ripped, chiseled body. Every single member in the audience could not believe as she did some simple exercises to work the abs. Her abs were like that of rocks. I mean like rocks. She was built solid with not one single ounce of flab, and not one single ounce of extra fat, and not one inch of love handles.

It was at such a lecture that I saw my raw food guru rock star. I, Arnold, was a witness to my Kurt Cobain, Sheryl Crow, Brittany Spears, and whoever famous starlet that is out there. I met mine, and I had my three hours of being in the sun, and revisiting the past and the future days of what it takes to be young in the sun. I was a happy camper and gave thanks to Roe Gallo, PhD for allowing me to write her story.

I thank you for your time.