June 11, 2002    Parkinson


The words blared as if tomorrow would never exist.
A squeamish hawk, a humbled dove;
Both dived endlessly into the pit without walls.
The sadness arose, a nightmare without story.
So exists a man without food to eat.

This week's newsletter is based on quiet determination. A topic so dreadfully simple, so dreadfully dark. It's a story of truth and dignity, yet hardly believable. It wreaks havoc in the minds of those who understand. We are talking about Parkinson, a word that brings fright of untold proportion to the bearer, and a sense of hopelessness to those who surround it. It is on this note that we begin our journey; our week of research, our one-week of living the dis-ease.

This week's project is first dedicated to Michael J. Fox, who valiantly fights every day for the cure, for the cause, and for a better tomorrow. If anyone is able to pass this article along to him, please do so. Secondly, this is dedicated to my trusted editor and proofreader, Toby, whose curiosity about this illness partly inspired me to write on the topic.

We begin our quest on a Saturday evening with me being practically floored,(for lack of a better word); by the whys of the illness and how ridiculously out of place everything seemed to be as I read one particular line that seemed to sum up the cause of Parkinson. While turning through the pages of Prescription for Nutritional Healing I came across the statement that read, "Malnutrition is believed to be the major underlining cause". Does this mean that the person who has developed Parkinson has not been eating? Or is it simple a matter of not eating the correct, nourishing, healing foods?

After further study I read in T.C. Fry and David Klien's Your Natural Diet, that, "Substantially all of Americans eat fermented and putrefied substances that they call food". I pause momentarily to think of all of the cheese I consumed growing up as continued reading reveals that it, "represents just about decomposition products in a single package; rancid fats, putrefied, as well as fermented products". These are the foods I grew up on. What is truth? What are lies? It took me more than fifty years to discover that the cheese that was supposed to be good for me, in all actuality, wasn't at all. I take a deep breath and slowly release it into the ether. I think of malnutrition as it exists in society, and I think of Parkinson as it is being treated.

We hold our tongues. We hold our breath. In today's society malnutrition should not exist, especially among the rich and famous. We reread the research and find that drugs are the most common means of treatment, placing the cause of the dis-ease on a chemical imbalance in the brain between dopamine and acetylcholine. In addition to a nutritional deficiency, Cerebral Vascular Disease, (blockage of the blood vessels in the brain), is sited as part of the cause. Could the two be linked?

One in two-hundred suffer from this dis-ease yearly. The symptoms, according to Alternative Medicine, usually begin with slight tremors in the hands, and arm aches that progressively get worse unless treated. With the utilization of multiple healing modalities, the severity of Parkinson can be reduced, but unfortunately, the patient will not be symptom free.

Like a slow death that takes hold and never lets go; as if the life force is being gradually squeezed out. We are fools of cruel jokes and merry men. There is no food that can truly be considered a food unless it possesses a life force within. According to David Jubb, in his book, Colloidal Biology, "a hidden cause of disease has been the consumption of dead, refined, de-natured food".

Let's take our investigation of the American diet beyond the consideration of cheese and look at some of the other staples, particularly breads and pastas. Douglas Graham writes in Nutrition and Athletic Performance, that wheat is similar to opiates in that it sedates and later develops into an addiction. Not exactly the healing properties we are in search of. He later writes on the subject of heated fats. He says that, "in order to make use of them as a fuel, they would have to be reheated within the body until they reach a liquid state, a temperature that could reach 300 degrees farenhight". These two statements, in my mind, qualify as the top ranking reasons for sickness in the world today. Powerful words, but the truth cannot be sugar coated any longer if we are to take this journey of healing seriously. The reality that the dead foods we consume cause dis-ease, as well as the reality that the proper, life-giving foods cannot only heal dis-ease, but prevent it from occurring in the first place cannot be ignored. Douglas Graham's statements, in my opinion, reveal the fact that under improper conditions our cells cannot receive the nutrients needed for a healthy life. This, my friends is Parkinson.

Stan Glaser, an organic farmer and one of the top raw food producers in the nation, believes that the body must have a symbiotic relationship with all things. For those who suffer from Parkinson, even though they may possess the desire for this relationship and the passion and the will towards excellence, their body has another agenda in mind. They slowly deteriorate via the stiffness, the shaking, and the loss of vital energy that comes with the dis-ease.

There is hope, but it does not come in the form of a pill. Levodopa, a drug used in the treatment of Parkinson, is, according to the 12th edition of the Merch Manual, the metabolic precursor to dopamine. It crosses the blood brain barrier into the basal ganglia where it is decarboxylated to form dopamine. I pause to considered these statements and think that at least there can be medicine used in the treatment of a major disease. So says the medical books and the journals. It is like a tiny spring that spreads seeds across the land, which is supposed to bring joy and well-being. There is only one problem. The water has been contaminated.

Two recent clinical tests found no evidence that modified release Levodopa reduced complications or improved disease control at five years verses immediate release Levodopa in people with early Parkinson. What does all of this mean? I write. I listen. I read. The research is out there but unfortunately, the answers are not. No conclusive evidence has been found that any drug delays the progression of Parkinson. We take this

information and toss it into the air. Let it ascend into common knowledge. Let it ride for hope, for a better tomorrow. Then let it descend into knowing that taking a pill may not be the best thing. There are choices. There are other options.

In his book, God's Way to Ultimate Health, Dr. George H. Malkmus focuses on 'eliminating sickness through nutrition'. Page after page he provides the countless success stories of those who have made the commitment for self-empowerment. He recaptures the testimony of Mary June Parks, whose husband not only had Parkinson, but colon cancer as well. Instead of opting for the traditional medical treatment, they chose the Hallelujah diet, consuming 80% raw foods and barley greens. The amazing results speak for themselves. Not only has her husband recovered from the colon cancer, but is also walking again, an ability the Parkinson had taken from him.

Although the success stories bring a sense of hope, I am still afraid. The answers are out there, yet the all too simple solution to this problem has been overlooked for too long. People are still given a pill to aid in their recovery even though the evidence suggests that is does nothing to cure the dis-ease. I am merely an amateur researcher, and with little effort was able to discover the fallacies in their reasoning. We hold these statements in quiet desperation.

My thoughts go back to Michael and his continual struggle for purity of mind and body and his friend who also came upon similar circumstances. Is there a connection beyond the food possibility? We speak to David Jubb PhD., author of Colloidal Biology. Within a brief interview, he was able to speak volumes on Parkinson and its cause. He said that, "eating starch, especially in the form of wheat gluten, causes a loss of B-5, which leads to a microbial inhibition in the digestive system. This results in the decline of our bodies ability to produce dopamine". According to Nutritional Healing, "when the brain is not able to produce dopamine, Parkinson is the result."

Is life that simple? Can everything that happens to us be based on dietary choice? According to Dr. David Jubb, there are various levels of Parkinson. To gain life on the outside, we must first begin to cleanse the inside. If we discontinue the use of dead foods, which is essentially all cooked food since it is void of all of the naturally occurring enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants, and replace them with live foods, along with a supervised gall bladder flush and internal cleanse, it is possible to stop the progression of Parkinson.

I hear these words. I understand the medical field. I think to myself, "what does this all change"? Does anything change? Or are our minds so imbued with clatter that if anything is said about dietary and lifestyle changes a wall will instantly go up? We are a nation that looses over two million people each year to dis-ease, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc., etc. We are a country whose inhabitants, according to Dr. Joel Furman, have a diet that 94% of which is high in calories and low in nutrients.

We as a country cannot consume the eggs, fish, meat, dairy products, pasteurized fruit juices, refined grains, and not to mention the sugar-laden candy and soda, alcohol, and cigarettes and expect to be well. These foods are the reason why we get sick. What would be the result if a nation were to have a diet that was ideal? Well, in Mozambique, where they eat mostly raw foods, a mere one to two percent dies from heart disease or cancer.

We hear these words. We think of Parkinson disease. We think of other healing possibilities. We listen to the words of Anna Innez, who ran a healing and wellness center in Rivesville, Pa. We hold our heads down in quiet desperation. According to Anna Innez, Parkinson is toxicity of the brain stem, which surrounds the brain. Do we need to say more? It's all the same dis-ease, they just have different names. The toxins from the foods we eat and the air we breath leads to one form of illness or another, as in the Parkinson that affected Michael J. Fox, as well as three of his co-workers.

When the brain cells become overloaded with toxins, it affects the nervous system, and consequently the nerve cells cannot send the correct signals to the muscles. In his book, Nutrition and Athletic Performance, Dr. Douglas Graham writes what I feel is the very essence of why disease, why Parkinson, and why ineffective communication between the cells in our bodies exist. "Heated fats have to be reheated within the body

until they reach the liquid state. This usually requires a temperature that exceeds three-hundred degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that is simply not possible for our bodies to achieve." What does this mean to us? It means that every time we eat an animal protein, like beef, fish, or poultry, our bodies do not possess the digestive power to break down this gunk; hence, it does not serve us well.

As if the dark sky becomes midnight air and dawn never arrives. There lies a scattering of hope. Our body, in all of its glory, will rise to the occasion. Anna Innez relays the story of Beth, age 42, who began developing the symptoms of Parkinson, the tremors in her hands, muscular stiffness, drooling, and a tendency to get tired more. She suffered for ten years, always doing what supposedly was the right thing. She took her medication, ate the foods she thought were right, everything that she was told was right, there was just one problem, it wasn't working. Anna met Beth at age 52. She changed her diet and lifestyle to a more natural hygiene approach, a diet that consists of about 70% fruits, 20-30% vegetables, and 5% nuts and seeds. She introduced her to rebounding, a mini trampoline that works to help increase the natural healing properties of our immune system (for more on rebounding see our article on heart disease). Anna also strongly recommended that Beth get a Fromer massage and go to a Network chiropractor. In addition to that, Anna saw Beth every two weeks and gave her specific exercises to do. What did all of this mean to Beth? What does all of this mean to Parkinson? Although Beth's Parkinson did not get better, it did stop in its progression. She was not adding any toxins to her body. She was exercising. Beth spent three months under the supervision of Anna Innez learning immune building practices.

What do I say? Should I speak up, or should I remain silent? Do we as a nation have to be on the fringe of myriad combustulated breakup. Life is supposed to be lived for the moment, in eternal happiness. A cellular rejuvenation, constantly reinventing itself. Beth, after long hibernation, got her balance back. She began walking and the tremors were not as frequent. In other words, she got her life back.

Before ending, for the end is, in reality, another beginning, I would like to discuss chemical sensitivity as it relates to Parkinson. The use of pesticides, in particular, organo phosphate, a spray used in gyms, restaurants, as well as for insect control as mandated by city and state laws. What is not understood is that the same spray that disarms the nervous system of the insects, also affects humans. There are no differences in the consequences. The same pesticide that kills the insects will eventually harm humans as well. If not now, then later. Anna Innez feels that the increased usage of organo phosphate spray has also seen an increase in Parkinson. There are no secrets as to what has to be done. No secrets as to who has to influence whom. Just a need for the truth to be understood. That which hurts and disables one life, will also affect another.

Peace be with us.

I thank you for your time.


Nutrition and Athletic Performance - Douglas N. Graham
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Stan Glaser of Glaser Farms, Manufactor and Distributor of Raw Foods
Anna Innez - Director of a wellness center
David Jubb PhD. - Director of Jubbs Longevity Health Center



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