June 7, 2001    Constipation


It was the sunset of our dreams. It became the magnet that allows the stars  to rise and the moon to fall. It became the envy of every girl. It was the  first wish of every boy. It was a hush hush secret - not to be shared by anyone. For the truth, if it was spoken would shed a different light about a  naughty word that's never meant to be spoken. So we begin this week newsletter on constipation. To those that I promised, to those whom I just heard of their tales, to those who would never dream of sharing, to those, here it goes.

It's a bright sunny afternoon in May and I just finished reading "The Hygiene Care of Constipation" for the third time. There were some definitely brow-raising statements which put a new slant to the word constipation and how it is perceived and how it is treated. By those who know, by those who think they know to those who don't know. Also to those who don't know, nor think. Judging from what I read, if it can be taken as a truth. The colon's main function is acting as a reservoir until such time the body decides to expel the contents. Digestion takes place in the mouth and small intestine. The body in, its infinite wisdom, uses the nutrition it derives from the food and passes the rest along through a peristaltic or wave-like movement, until it reaches the first yard of the large intestine. Just as the beat of the heart or blink of the eye, our body will continue moving what it doesn't need along until it is expelled.

The colon is not packed with debris- that requires  irrigation-enemas to remove it. In fact, according to Dr. Shelton, who ran a Health School and clinic for over forty years states those "people who have taken enemas and colonic irrigation over a long period of time are in worse condition than any other class of colons I have see." If we take a step back and examine the colon- not like Shelton- but like a layman who researches information on his own, like me, we'd discover that the large intestine is 6ft long and 2 inches wide, shaped like an inverted horseshoe. Its primary function is to absorb water, from  the small intestine then expel the remainder from the body. 

Where does constipation come in to play? In the small intestine which is approximately twenty -two feet long and 1.5 inches wide. A grand total of 28ft of intestinal track believe it or not contains trillions of bacteria. According to World Medicine including " E Coli, candida albicans or yeast and lacto bacteria." To add more human bewilderment to this already complex system, every two to four days the entire lining of the mucus membrane are replaced by a new set of cells. Where do they go and where do they come from? Is constipation really a threat or a cure?

According to Dr. Walker he refers to constipation as "the number one affliction underlying nearly every ailment." Dr. Walker, who wrote "Colon Health ;the Key to Vibrant Life", espouses the same words as Dr. Shelton. They both agree that " Mucus is created to encapsulate the waste of certain foods such as meat, dairy, white flour and other processed foods." He further explains that this process of constipation is a defense mechanism so that the waste material which is toxic does not flow into the blood stream. Thank your body when this occurs. The short term effect of this toxic waste getting into the blood stream include pimples, sore throats, colds, hay fevers, sinus, eye and ear problems. Long term effects according to Dr. Walker are degeneration or cancer in vital organs.

What are the options? What are the cures? Who do we listen to? As the sun rises so as it sets. As a baby is born so will that baby die. In life as in death there is a rhythm of wisdom that stands still for no one. An answer of time and element that brings joy to breath and relief of just letting go. At this moment I refuse to refer to the Merck Manual for answers. They have a language that speaks of drugs, greed and diplomas in learning to repeat the answers that are given. I refused to research other medical options for the answers are the same cause they evolve from the same thought process. That is our body intellect composed of trillions of cells, having zillions of functions and operating under the power of a supreme energy does not know from what it does to what it is to do. That  the medical profession hidden by the years of school, books and degrees can only solve the health of our soul. That can only happen by a pill of synthetic origin or a shot of more disputable origin for these were the only answers given to them in their 8-10 years of Drug education. So these thought processes are banished from this. On that note we continue reciting more raw food options and possibilities: 

According to Dr. Shelton "Constipation is a symptom of the patient's overall toxemia. The only remedy suggested by him is to remove the cause. (Refer back to Dr. Walker's statements and replace it with the 10 Energy Enhancers)

  1. Pure air- fresh country air from 20 minutes to one hour per day
  2. Pure water- distilled is best but filter will do
  3. Adequate rest and sleep
      If you are tired, take it as a gift to rest more
  4. Ideal Diet- a mostly fruit and vegetable, nut and seed diet
  5. Right Temperature
  6. Natural Sunlight
  7. Regular Exercise- 20 minutes to 45 min. daily, 3-5 times a week
  8. Emotional Balance
  9. Nurturing Relationship
 10. For the constipation suffering- emphasis on fasting

Dr. Walker recommends regular use of colonic irrigation, a statement that was vigorously opposed by Dr. Shelton. "In God's Way" by Dr. George H. Malkamus a vegetarian diet of at least 75 to 85 percent raw fruit and vegetable is strongly recommended before using any Herbal concoctions. We at Arnold's Way take the same position unless absolutely necessary you feel a strong  desire to take an enema-irrigation herbal concoction.

According to Kate Hauck a Certified Classical Homeopath, constipated people are different from one another. And whether a person is over-controlled, over-anxious, too diligent at everything, chronically frightened, chronically unsure, ashamed, embarrassed, disgusted, or intolerant of strange bathrooms, I will base my homeopathic prescription  on the bodymind whole. Then, between eating better and taking the right homeopathic remedy for them, their bowels go from disease to ease. The whole person does, too.

In self testing your colon  according to Teresa and Toni Schumacherlund who wrote "Cleansing the Body and Colon for a Happier and Healthier You" states "once we have eaten a meal we should be able to eliminate the waste from that food within 16-24 hours. She notes ," the average elimination time in America is 96 hours." To test your transit time eat some beets or drink fresh beet juice and then wait. We at Arnold's Way as always agree with Dr. Shelton's Hygiene View of eating. "Remove the cause and the body will heal itself."

Thank you for you time.



         - "God's Way to Ultimate Health"
                       by Dr. George Malkmus
         - "The Life Food Recipe Book"
                 by Annie Jubb and David Jubb PH.D
         -"Common Health Sense"
                 by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton and edited by Victoria Bidwell
         -"World Medicine"
                 by Tom Monte and Editors of East West Natural Health

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