June 2, 2005    If it makes sense...


It is the first of June and the crisis of what's out there becomes the crisis of within. As an owner of a raw food café /health center, I am constantly being bombarded (for lack of a better word) from those who are affected by disease, by sickness and by a reality that the proposed medical advancements are not working. What I mean is that disease is on the rampage and we as a country are feeling the results. The chance of getting a disease on an American diet (S.A.D.) is almost 99 percent. I sit quietly listening to the stories, not of success in treating the disease, but of horror miscalculations and mistakes, which occur in the treatment. I am angered. I am ashamed and deep down I know there is nothing that I can do. I who have written almost 100 articles on how most diseases will simply disappear just by changing one's diet. I who week after week give free breakfast lectures that detail, in no uncertain terms, that this country does not have a cancer epidemic but a cancer diet epidemic. That our country, which has an almost 60 percent obesity problem, can be solved so easily just by switching what they put in their mouth. If food is cooked then it is essentially robbed of its vitality and nutrients. What am I saying? I don't know.

When I get calls from all over the country, when I get emails from all over the country, from all those seeking the answers of health of recovery of seeking a better way, there isn't any thing that I know that everyone else doesn't know. If it makes sense, to eat an animal that is dead, then eat it. If it makes sense to eat something from a chickens butt then eat it. If it makes sense to eat something that is heavily processed, cooked, fried and boiled; that is so far removed from it's original source, than eat it The body doesn't make mistakes, ever. Our bodies cry for that freedom of peace and love in the purity of food that we partake. Giving our bodies poison puts it in a defensive measure. This is disease. This is cancer. This is our nation's ill that gallantly calls for research to cure this disease. It will never happen until each of us takes total responsibility for our well-being.