May 29, 2007    The Local Diner


It is a Sunday night, and I am almost transfixed on getting these words down on paper, getting these words out to somebody--anybody on how life is so important, so necessary, and so unbelievably perfect. We, as people, have no choice in the matter but to live as perfectly as possible so that we can experience every single second and every perfect moment. It is on this note that I begin this week's newsletter. It was one of those crazy days when I took a break from working, a break from spending long hours at the store, and with my best effort tried to relax. What a mistake that was. It all began when I took my daughter out for breakfast. It was one of those local diners where anybody who is anybody goes on a quiet Sunday looking for something to eat. I too was no exception. What I didn't realize was what in the world would I eat. I looked at the people. I looked at the children. I looked at the diner. I looked at the Formica tables. I looked at the rugs on the floor. I looked at the dozen waitresses, and I said to myself, what was I thinking? I felt like I was in Middle America eating at a place where everyone, and I do mean everyone, was almost eating the same thing.

I looked at the menu. It was one of those oversized menus which was designed to supposedly make one's mouth savor over all of the choices. All of these loads of choices and loads of possibilities of loads of foods that I could not eat or ever think of eating in my wildest imagination, or even think of eating on my worst days of food binging. I looked at each section carefully. I looked at the pancake section. I looked at the choices. I looked at what was in each one, from the chocolate choices, to blueberries, to just plain ones. I stared at the choices, and I think of a gentleman who I knew of from a distance, but not personally, who would never ever come to my store. He would never ever eat any of the food that we served at my café or come to any of our lectures. This gentleman, at age 60, was dying. He had internal bleeding that would not stop. He had visit after visit to the doctors' office that in return, referred him to more tests, more hospital visits, and more medications. That was this gentleman's life for the past 18 months. He was not only NOT getting any better, he was, in fact, rapidly deteriorating very quickly. He had put his entire trust, his entire well being into the hands of the medical field. He put every ounce of trust thinking that a magic pill would be the cure. He put every ounce of trust into thinking that a quick surgical procedure would be the cure. He put every ounce of trust thinking that all of those tests would be able to find the cause and the cure. He was wrong, and unfortunately, he was paying it with his life. He was going from doctor to doctor, going from hospital emergency room to his home, then back to the doctor again to get more medication, and the results can only be listed as "none" on the mild side and barbarous on the worst side. My friends, my definition of insanity can be explained as doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

I think about the pancake section. I think of how they are made from flour and water. I think that besides pancakes, they can also make glue which literally acts like glue to the human system, gumming up the whole body. It creates glue in the joints which eventually becomes arthritis. It becomes glue on the brain which causes one to make unwise dietary choices. I must also mention that it causes hemorrhoids, tumors and discombobulated globs in every part of the body, including the colon and stomach as well as fat cells. I think of the book, "Become Younger," by Norm Walker on page 24, the first two paragraphs which state that this pancake mixture can also be labeled as C6 H12 O6. This mixture, my friends, is insoluble in water. It cannot be broken down. This mixture, according to "How to Avoid Degenerative Diseases," page 70 by Don Bennet, is another ingredient that is found in all grain products. This chemical compound is opiodes. This ingredient, as quoted, acts like a morphine-like drug that creates a subtle and temporary high. And, according to Bon Bennet, it is one of the most difficult things to eliminate from one's diet.

All of these thoughts are coming into my head. I'm thinking about a man who is dying, and I'm thinking about all of those people waiting in line to eat pancakes which acts like glue on the brain and numbs one's thought processes and limiting one's ability to truly determine what is truth and what is false. This is the same grogginess that keeps that gentleman from ever coming to my place, and keeps that gentleman from ever taking personal responsibility for his health. This same thought process will keep this gentleman who is dying and the thousands and millions and billions like him from ever changing their thought processes. This, my friends, is why disease is rampant in this country. This, my friends, is why once a person passes to the brink of death, and once they pass their 40th birthday, their body begins a downhill slide into aches and pain. This, my friends, is why once they pass their 60th birthday, the chances of obesity are 65.4%, their chances of their getting heart disease is 50%, and their chances of getting any cancer is 99% if the other diseases don't get them first. This, my friends, is why diners are so busy, the supermarkets continue to sell what they sell in fancy boxes and labels, and this is why they will never ever find a cure until the realization that the insanity of life is just that. 

In knowing what I know, I cannot sit in silence.  In knowing what I know, I know deep down  that these words may not even create the  tiniest dent in that cloud of smoke that hangs over most Americans, and more than that, most people in the world. Do I dare to go beyond the pancakes, to the eggs and the bacon which make almost 99.5% of the menu items?  Do I dare say where does an egg come from?  Do I dare say what part of the chicken's body is the egg found and what it represents?  Do I dare say that the egg comes from the chicken's vagina, and it is her unborn child that so many people think is healthy for them? I sit in total astonishment thinking how in the world any mother would feel if somebody reached into them and took their unborn child, and ate it.  Do I dare ask where the justice is?  Do I dare ask where is the same consciousness that would literally go ballistic if that would ever happen to a dog or cat? Where is the same public consciousness that would literally want to throw any offender in jail that would kill a cat or any other household pet? Do I dare say killing an animal, and then eating it in the same breath? Do I dare say how disgusting the thought would be to anybody knowing that this could happen to any household pet?

I scan the menu, and there it is like black and white listed as culinary delight--bacon. Oh my gosh!  Do my eyes deceive me?  I go into a diner filled with people all hungry, all wanting to be entertained with the culinary delights of the restaurant.  All I could do was think that, potentially, that gentleman was dying inside of internal bleeding.  In fact, according to "The China Study," by Colin Campbell, almost 99% will eventually die of cancer because of their ignorance in thinking that eating anything that is dead will do the body no harm.

I sit in quiet silence thinking of that gentleman.  I think of his wife who did everything she could to change her diet to a mostly fruit and vegetable lifestyle. She began drinking green smoothies on a daily basis.  I think of her thoughts as she slowly watches her husband wither away. I think of the gentleman's son's ex girl-friend.  She, too, switched to a mostly raw Vegan diet.  I think of both women knowing what to do, and of they're not being able to change this man's dietary lifestyle. I think of their pain and suffering as well as their children's pain and suffering as they watch their father, husband, and grandfather die.  What the gentleman doesn't realize is that he can no longer think for himself.  He can no longer continue eating processed foods without suffering the consequences. He can no longer continue eating food that has once been free and alive and at one time was a father, brother, sister, brother, a grandparent, son or daughter, and not suffer the consequences of his choices.  He cannot live one single extra minute without realizing the extreme pain and the emotional suffering that he is putting on all of those love ones around him. It is not a pretty picture watching someone die for no reason other than ignorance and insanity. It is not a pretty picture knowing that something can be done.  It is too blatantly obvious to those in the know that the ignorance of doing the same thing over and over again will not have different results.

I stand in quiet salute for the wife as she watches her husband die for no reason at such a young age.  I pray for her to find the words to find the information that will make a difference in her husband in helping him to make a more conscious decision to help himself by taking more responsibility in his dietary choices. It does not have to be that way.

The basis of treatment of any disease begins with one word and only one word.  LOVE! Our body lives on that continual state of love: Homeostasis. Every single minute, every single second, every action, and every reaction our body will use every bit of intelligence, every bit of strength, and every action to either neutralize, kill or store every toxin that enters into our body. One simply has to remove the cause and give the body a healthy condition of life, and the body will do whatever it possibly can to restore one's vital energy. 

I thank you for your time.