May 29, 2002    AIDS


Death strikes while everyone weeps.
Ships pass while we are blinded by the night.
Happiness arises.
There is no joy in muddville tonight.
Count 1...Count 2... All of our friends die in vain.
What was supposed to be, never occurred.
The secret released,
AIDS becomes a word not spelled HIV.

We climb the walls looking for perfection. It is an obsession; to recreate the truth of what a disease is, what a disease will be. A never-ending quest for truth can lead to many doors. It is on such a premise that this week's topic is chosen. Like tiny bangles that criss-cross the barriers of confusion, and come roaring out as a consensual knowledge that leaves no stone unturned. For what is true holds an ugly thread of disbelief. This is the first sentence that comes from within me.

What I think, what I saw, what I read.... Our local newspaper, the North Penn Reporter, in a small, non-descript article, wrote, "Aids theories are questioned". Yes! Yes, I screamed, for I had heard the same theory over and over again for the past four years. From different books, different speakers, different articles. The North Penn article furthers states, "The ruling African National Congress questions the existence of AIDS and condemns AIDS drugs as poisonous." What the article was stating wasn't news to me, but the fact that such statements made it into a mainstream newspaper was, even if it was only a small article towards the back.

AIDS is of horrible consequences. There are no words to describe the medication of tens of thousands of supposed HIV sufferers. These words immobilize my thought process. There is death, destruction, and mourners, waiting in the wings. AIDS is a disease where no boundaries exist, to the point where its very existence becomes questionable. Peter Mokaba, a member of the African National Congress, declares, "Science says all of those things quoted in there". We sit idly buy while science declares their version of the truth, meanwhile millions of people across the globe are dying under the guise of those four letters and doing so under the influence of lethal medications.

If you won't listen to me, then please hear the words of others. Christine Maggiore, in her book entitled AIDS was Wrong clearly states her point again and again that everything we thought we knew, we didn't, i.e.- AIDS is a new disease. She also explains that the term AIDS was given by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to a collection of twenty-nine illnesses and conditions, including yeast infections, herpes,

diarrhea, some pneumonia, etc. Further, according to T.C. Fry, in his article, "Is AIDS a new disease", AIDS is actually an aggregate of many diseases, about twenty-five in number, that have existed in medical literature for several decades.

What this all means is that the potential acquisition of AIDS exists within anybody and everybody, including those who have protective disease fighting proteins or antibodies associated with HIV.

As the plot thickens the black cat begins to gray while upbeats of sugar blossoms and fresh cherry fruit begin scenting the midnight air. These are your options, stay or go. One step forward leads nowhere and what was learned yesterday no longer applies. The once stable medical community constantly changes their procedures, abandoning the lessons of the past to antiquity at best.

A moments realization while gazing at my awaiting bed reminds me that all one needs is healthy fruits, good exercise, the sun above and to get ample rest to begin the journey of recovery. To live, to share, to rejoice in the splendor that is life, these are, in my opinion, the requirements of healthy living, but most of the information provided by doctors revolves around one pill or another as the cure all for disease.

As we delve deeper into our AIDS research, we reread the first page of AIDS was Wrong and see the ten statements of what we know/ don't know about AIDS.

1. AIDS is a new disease.
2. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.
3. AIDS tests are extremely accurate.
4. The rate of HIV infection in the U.S. increases every year.
5. AIDS is our nations biggest health threat.
6. AIDS is a growing risk for women, heterosexuals, and teenagers.
7. The African continent is being devastated by AIDS.
8. HIV causes AIDS years after infection.
9. New AIDS drugs are responsible for recent declines in AIDS.
10. Without medical intervention, pregnant women, who test positive for HIV, will give AIDS to their children.

According to Christine Maggiore, all of these statements are false. She states that, "HIV and AIDS are actually based on popular ideas that have little or no basis in scientific fact". A similar statement was made by Peter H. Duesberg in his 1996 book, Inventing the AIDS Virus. Without any great surprise to us, the media rarely gives any coverage to findings such as those of T.C. Fry who, in his book entitled The Great AIDS

Hoax, stated that "after eleven years of studying and discussion, I can assert without any doubt whatsoever, that most cases of so called AIDS are caused by drugs".

These words reverberate through the midnight air. It blasted, it screamed, it commanded to be heard by all who would listen and take charge of their own destiny. Magic Johnson, the famed basketball star, refused the drugs, refused the treatments, and lived. Unfortunately, the same approach isn't accepted by all, such as tennis star Author Ashe. He not only took the AIDS drug AZT, but also went through the chemotherapy only to die in the process.

Some simple facts:
Pneumonia + Positive HIV test = AIDS
Pneumonia + Negative HIV test = Pneumonia
Tuberculosis + Positive HIV test = AIDS
Tuberculosis + Negative Aids test = Tuberculosis

These are all interesting, but not interesting enough to care, to jump, to pull your hair, and shout I CARE! in researching HIV. The words are clearly written in AIDS was Wrong why HIV cannot cause AIDS. Further, in Rogers Recovery from Aids, it is stated that HIV is "a harmless little hitch hiker along for the ride". This bad boy of life and bureaucratic awakening becomes another dust in the wind. HIV is a retrovirus they don't kill cells. This is the major point. If not HIV, then what?

Again we quote T.C. Fry, "AIDS is a complex involving insufficient white blood cells, more specifically, Lymphocyte". The Cancer Answer describes Lymphocyte as a "highly specialized cell who earned its coveted letter "T" by being a terminator cell who's job is to lead search and destroy missions throughout the body, looking to eliminate the renegade cells that would otherwise cause illness or disease". I think, I quake, who are these traitors who would do us harm? T.C. Fry brings to our attention that the average American indulges in many poisons on a daily basis, including caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, aerial pollutants, etc. The list is endless. The truth of the matter is that it isn't HIV that causes AIDS, but our dietary choices. Again quoting T.C. Fry, "when bone marrow and lymphoid tissue and our organs are continuously assaulted by toxic substances, they loose their ability to create some leukocytes are those created are of poorer quality or defective. When white blood cells are destroyed in large quantities by poisons, the result is numerous types of immune deficiency diseases, now called AIDS".

Is there a bell in the house? Are we walking the plank to total beurocratic ineptness? Words are not pretty, but the fight against AIDS is geared towards the wrong opponent. The treatment of 125,000 people with AZT, the current drug used to battle the disease, has proven to kill off a third of those who have used it. All these facts and authorities and popular beliefs have sent my head into a spin. What will it take to end the senseless drugging of our young, our old, and our nations across the globe?

Again we turn to the Ruling African National Congress's belief that the existence of AIDS is questionable and that the AIDS drugs are poisonous and should be condemned. They also feel that the western attitude towards the pandemic is blatant racism. On that note, we will go one step deeper.

According to the most recent World Heath Organization (WHO) report, the total number of actual diagnosed AIDS cases on the African continent is about equal to the total for AIDS in America even though the population of Africa is much greater than America's. What is even more strange, according to Maggiore's book, AIDS is declared in Africa if the patient has diarrhea, a persistent cough, fever, and weight loss of more than 10% over two months. This is hardly a HIV test.

What does all of this mean to the average American? Nothing. There is no public outcry because there is no information provided as to the realities of why the only solution they are given is in the form of a drug that is dispensed like white wine to black sheep, or why their researchers don't research true methods of healing, advertisers close their ears, their eyes, and create realities that the almighty dollar knows best. We close our eyes and think.

We go forward in our thinking of what AIDS is, and we retrace our steps. We talked about HIV. We defined a virus as quoted by T.C. Fry, "so called viruses do not eat or drink, have no metabolism with witch to change anything or generate energy, no secretion, no defecation, no activities, no nerves, sensors or nerve energy, no reproductive facilities, nor any qualities of life what so ever". If this can be called truth, then, "the only victims of viruses are humans who have been conned into believing such preposterous nonsense". Theses are heavy-duty statements that are in contradiction to our whole medical system. What do we believe? The AIDS hoax? The virus hoax? Where does this lead? Are we as a nation ready to explore the possibility that the only medical treatment needed is education?

I cry for the city streets. I laugh at the crowds. I feel sorry for the average Joe who begs and pleads for more medical assistance. Lower drug prices, more government involvement. What I do, week in, week out, is to show the whimsical folly of such hope. The words of T.C. Fry, and the lessons of Hippacrates almost forgotten. Our chosen path is the miracle of healing, with every breath, every step.

This was the basis for Rogers Recovery from AIDS, to tread the water of ill repute. Purge us of impurities, the drugs, alcohol, heroin, legal prescriptions, sugar-oriented foods, and give our bodies a chance to restore itself. When this is allowed, that is the compete reversal of an abusive lifestyle, most adults will experience complete recovery. This fact has been demonstrated thousands of times in the past few years.

The journey of Roger is one worth learning from. As a doctor, he watched his health go from top notch, hindered only by occasional sickness, to witnessing his weight drop drastically. His once athletic build had disappeared so quickly that it was if he aged forty years in only a year's time. What was happening was the onset of AIDS. The weight loss was followed by red blotches on his skin, the onset of Karposis saracoma, one of the rare exotic diseases that is heard of but not seen by most. Roger was basically handed a death sentence. What he didn't realize was that at the time of his diagnosis, there was no reliable diagnosis for AIDS, and that the diagnosis of AIDS by any physician would of necessity have to be largely subjective.

What we are seeing with AIDS, what we are seeing with other diseases like cancer, asthma, daily sickness, etc., is that what appears to be fact, may not actually be so.

Dr Mendelsohn, chairman of medical licensing committee for the state of Illinois, states in his book, "Caution, Medicine as Practiced in America Today may be Hazardous to your Health", that annual physical examinations are a health risk. Hospitals are dangerous places for the sick. Most operations do little good, and some do harm. Medical testing laboratories are scandalously inaccurate. Many drugs cause more problems than the cure. The x-ray machine is the most pervasive and most dangerous tool in the doctor's office.

Roger, and his doctor, took these words to heart and began studying what AIDS really is. What qualifies as diagnosis? What are the medications for this dangerous affliction? What was the abusive lifestyle that caused the body to become overwrought, and eventually expel the toxic overload? So begins the onset of AIDS, and when the abusive lifestyle is put to rest, so ends the disease.

I open my eye to watch the glorification of another disease, and to end its reign of terror. Roger completely recovered. He stopped drinking coffee, stopped taking the medication, ended his alcohol consumption, and stopped poisoning his body all together. He removed the cause of the disease and provided his body with the optimal healing conditions.

So the journey began, with each story moving closer to learning the truth. The truth that AIDS is caused by an abusive lifestyle. Coming to this conclusion led to the next logical step, to start a purer diet of fruits and vegetables. After this step was complete, Roger spent some time fasting, (see article on fasting for explanation).

We talked about what AIDS is, as well as what AIDS is not. We talked about Africa, and we talked about Roger. What is truth? What is false? We hold the delicate rose to our nose and hanker for more. Roger now lives without fear. The choice is yours. I thank you for your time.



P.S. I ended this newsletter abruptly. Out of anger. Out of disillusionment. Out of a haunted tale that looms over millions of people. A truth, which remains hidden in dark closets and back rooms....that everything we thought we knew, we didn't.

Thanks for listening.


Inventing the AIDS virus........Peter Duesberg
Rogers Recovery from AIDS....Bob Owen
The Great AIDS Hoax............T.C. Fry
Is AIDS a New Disease...........T.C. Fry
What if Everything you Thought you Knew About AIDS was Wrong............Christine Maggoire
Vaccinations; Deception, Tragedy....Michael Dye


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