May 9, 2001    M.S.


Strike up the brass band.  Beat those Indian drums.  Walk down the path of the magical mystery tour.  There are marches to be in.  There's a lot of dancin' goin' on.  The wheelchairs of steel have no moving legs for that 1-step to solace retreat.

We hear the anger of the multitudes not being able to do the thing.  We as a people cry for peace and weep for joy.  We as a people know no cure for those who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS).  We race the streets for  hope. We feel pity towards those that sit without rising to share.  We watch with sadness and see the debilitation of a crippling disease.  We see wheelchairs multiply.  The numbers rise exponentially with no end in sight.

This newsletter is dedicated to all those who have this dreaded disease as well as those who have anger for all those who ignore and write in total obliviousness about the sanctity in medical treatment without sharing the answers of dietary changes that are proven beyond doubt.  This week our focus is on MS, a disease that strikes over 350,00 Americans with devastating results.  There are no words to describe the anger that I feel after doing my almost minimal research and realizing that the statistics out there do no reflect the possibilities of healing that are within reach to most of those affected just by simple changes in their daily lifestyle.

There are no words to describe my anger in watching a young woman riding in a specially designed walker with her two children gingerly walking along beside her.  I want to scream, yell, do whatever it takes to stop her from this madness of her medical treatment.  This is a crippling disease, and this methodology of treatment is not the way.  I stare in silence, for I have no degree.  I'm not a doctor.  I know not what it is to understand.

There are no words to describe as I watched two young men, both in their mid-forties, ever so slowly deteriorating over the years handling this dreaded disease the best way the could, for they too did not know.

MS is a disease with no known cause and no known treatment or cure. 

In Arnold's Way research we found almost just the opposite for what were considered the standard answers to what could be the possibilities.  We read, we heard, and we saw walking testimonies by those who had this disease and by a simple change in their dietary habits became symptom free in a relatively short time (500 cases of less than 4 months).

"Health and disease don't just happen to us.  They are active processes issuing from inner harmony or disharmony profoundly affected by our state of consciousness, our ability or inability to flow with experience." (Marilyn Fergueson)

I chose this statement as a depiction of our collective clogginess to truth. We are a people inundated with statistical bombardment that dares exposure. We as a people are victimized by media control, emotional torches of fire, that demand justice, money, and tear sweats.  For naught.

If one could take the simplest approach for research, just ask those who rid themselves of this dreaded disease.  Just ask those countries where this dreaded disease doesn't exist.  Just ask those who are suffering.  What about their daily dietary habits would we uncover?  We then would know there is no need for financial efforts to raise money for the cure.  The cure comes in choice.  A collective decision that demands truth of who we are to what we eat to what is best for the harmony of our inner peace.

So we at Arnold's Way explore the possibilities of MS.  The cause, the treatment, the possibilities of being pain free, symptom free in as little as 4 months.

The time is 11pm Saturday June 2.  I have 5 manuals or texts that deal with their version of what MS is and its causes.  The most up to date, most expensive, and best wrapped.  What does that mean?  I recently received the Merck Manual 1999 17th edition.  The book itself is almost 3000 pages.  It came wrapped with a smaller edition of the first 1899 manual, which was 192 pages.  To give more of a first impression, the manual came with its own highly official black box that proudly notes, "The world's most widely used medical reference," further stating it was written by more than 300 medical experts in all fields of medicine worldwide.

So I look up MS seeing what the most advanced book most widely used book by the medical profession would say.  What I am going to write next is mind blowing.  If this disease didn't affect 350,000 Americans one could almost laugh.  If it didn't affect so many Americans for so many years we could almost push this whole episode under the rug.  If we didn't have these other well documented books for comparison we would be in utter disbelief that such a book can be written in fine print, fine presentation, and fine absence of a truth that shall not be heard.  Under cause, the books pretty much agree with each other.  Neal Barnard MD makes the simplest statement, "MS is a disease of the nervous system in which episodes of weakness or sensory symptoms come and go.  Early symptoms include fatigue difficulty sleeping nervousness."  Those symptoms can describe almost every American. It is the belief of Arnold's Way that if our diet doesn't change soon MS may soon reach epidemic proportion.  But that is another newsletter.

All the texts are almost pretty much in agreement when the disease is diagnosed.  According to Alternative Medicine, the Bible of alternative medicine, "Usually in a person's 20s or 30s the disease is well  established."

Once we start delving into the cause, once again the Merck Manual stands out as the verbose, least responsive, most dilated, least understood of all the texts.  The following description was provided regarding MS: "Central demyelination is the predominant finding in the primary demyelinating diseases whose etiology is unknown."

In the 3 pages, the Merck Manual made absolutely no mention of diet as the cause and no mention of diet used in conjunction with any type of treatment.

According to Alternative Medicine, "People with MS typically have nutritional deficiencies."  Their research also shows that essential fatty acids, the building block of the brain and nervous system, are lacking in many MS patients.  It also states that those countries that consume large amounts of meats, dairy productions, processed food (which has the least amount of essential fatty acid), have the highest MS rate. Those countries eating high quality food high in essential fatty acid have the lowest MS rate.

Four of the texts mention Roy Swank, MD who completed a comprehensive 40 plus year study that showed that a low fat, low cholesterol diet could be an effective treatment of MS.  Dr. Swank did this treatment on over 2,000 patients with great success.  Not one word was mentioned in the Merck Manual as even a possibility.

In God's Way by Dr. George H. Malkmus, Professor Roger MacDougal is quoted as recommending, "avoiding saturated fats, meats, dairy, refined sugar plus, for some people, wheat products."  This method of treatment has shown to be successful for thousands of people in 37 countries.  For treating MS he states, "Only your own body can regenerate itself."

Once again this information is being squashed by the medical community, since no words are mentioned of his success with dietary changes in the Merck Manual.

The Merck Manual states, "Spontaneous remission and fluctuating symptoms make treatment difficult to evaluate."  Treatment of choice is corticosteroids (oral prednisone) or methyl prednisone, but there are side
effects if used to long, which are worse than the symptoms.  "Long term coricosteroid treatment is rarely justified and can cause numerous medical complications including osteoporosis, ulcers, and diabetes."  This is the standard treatment given today to MS sufferers.

In God's Way, a story features, "Pastor Bob East who had a steady decline in health due to MS until he turned to juice therapy," from which point he began his recovery.  "Within days he began feeling relief from his stomach ulcers and shortly after other problems began to vanish - constipation, insomnia, headache, fatigue - plus, he gained more energy."

What does all this mean?  Is there some type of conspiracy happening that doesn't allow for those who suffer so greatly any type of possible hope other than drug therapy?

Do we need to really race for the cure when the only healers are raw fruits and raw vegetables?

To achieve success one must be success.  To achieve love one must be in love.  We are creatures of choice that become followers of mass critique.

Break the rules, follow the sun, tear down the walls of life dissatisfaction, and follow the dreams to an idyllic path.

We at Arnold's Way challenge you, for success, for love, for a greater sense of self.  One minute, one hour, one day at a time with the right choice for your body's undiminished quest for truth and happiness.

We firmly believe all this is possible with a minimum of 80% raw diet.

Thank you for your time.


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