May 08, 2007    Dr. Judith Long


We walk through the shadows of death. We walk thru the shadows of light. We listen to the Angels of love as they spread their wings and take flight. It is on such a note of hope, darkness and possibilities that I begin this week's newsletter. It is with great honor and with such deep respect that I begin this month's newsletter on Dr Judith Long. She is a woman who understands what darkness pervades in this country as well as the potential for magical light and love transformation.

In 1997 Dr Judith Long diagnosed herself as having breast cancer. She did not need a medical examination to determine whether her tumor was cancerous. She knew that the mass found in her breast area was cancerous, and that she had to make choices on her treatment. She knew with all her heart and with all her soul that any medical examination with emphasis on mammograms would not only not help, but that it would exacerbate her cancerous tumor. Dr Judith Long instinctively knew that placing your breast in front of an x ray machine with its rays year after year can’t be healthy. Dr Judith Long also knew her disease was a mind thing. Her disease was not really a disease, but an opportunity to create a better understanding of who she is, and what the possibilities exist for true love, true, health, true expansion of how one can heal from any disease. Her first action was to overcome the fear of her disease.

When we look at a disease, any disease, in my opinion, it is a lifestyle choice. It is an accumulation of our negative thought processes. Our bodies require positive reinforcement daily, if not at any moment, then at all times. Every thought, every action, every conceivable decision in our actions has to be seen as an act of love. Our body understands English. Our neurological apparatus reacts to our negative thought processes. Dr Judith Long had to take responsibility. She had to put her every thought, her every action into the possibility of healing her body. This, my friends, is the answer to healing any disease. Remove the causes. On a dietary level, this means to stop eating anything that has eyes at once, such as: meat, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs, etc. The next major step would be to eliminate processed foods. These foods have had their life force taken from them. They are essentially dead food which the body has to work hours, if not days to eliminate the negative force that it has created once it enters our system. Dr Judith Long had no choice in the matter but to replace these foods with real live raw fruits and veggies. She had to drink raw fruit and veggie juices. It wasn’t a matter of liking it or not. It was her very survival that was dependant on changing her dietary choices. As she changed her diet, she also had to work on all aspects of her lifestyle. As quoted "Using a combination of healing the body and mind simultaneously along with frequent connections with Spirit through meditation…," she was able to completely heal herself of this threatening dis-ease.”

Upon learning that she had breast cancer, the first thing Dr. Judith Long did was to contact her Naturopathic doctor. Her doctor's response was not what she had expected. The doctor asked that she have no fear. She had to replace her fear with her inner wisdom of making the right choices in order to create a more healing environment. I closed my eyes, and listened to Dr Judith's words. I listened as she spoke of her healing. I closed my eyes as she spoke of her new daily regimen of creating healing within her. I listened to how every minute of her day is devoted for healing. She spoke of how she drinks lemon juice in the morning. She spoke of rebounding to cleanse the lymphatic system. She spoke of going on a mostly raw food diet as the most healing of food choices. She spoke of drinking structured water. I listened to her words of healing, not just on one level, but on every level possible. I hear her words as a meditation. Her words, her actions, and her complete devotion on ridding her body of this life threatening disease.

Dr Judith Long healed her body,and I am frustrated to think of more words to say She healed herself but her story is so much greater than that Dr Judith long for whatever reason has chose herself t o be the guiding light for all woman This is what I honestly believe when I see her as a woman who has been truly blesses with gigantic Angelic proportion. She was chosen to stand tall with her truth of how to heal thyself against all the fallacies, all the myths and all the lies that are pushed upon the American woman She stands tall in her beliefs, in her angelic motion of light and love Dr Judith Long day in day out writes articles on inner child and spiritual transformation, sends out almost daily articles that deal with cancer and healing gives lectures all over the country a bout how she healed her breast cancer.

There is no mountain too high, no river too deep, no storm too thick, and no obstacle too big that will keep her from sharing the truth. She will lo do anything to spread the word that the woman in today's world has to take responsibility for her health. In doing so, most diseases will simply disappear. She understands that every moment is a moment of love. What affects one woman, will affect all women. She honestly believes that we are all connected. She believes that the true spirit within us is based on our universal connection with life. Our universal connections not only encourage us to not only take responsibility for ourselves, but also for one another. Dr Judith Long flies and glides from place to place, from country to country to spread her Angelic being of love and light to all who will listen to her story. I look at her, and I understand the plight of women in this country. I look at her, and I see the possibilities that every moment is a potential for a spiritual experience of light and love. What we put into our bodies has to come from nature. Our bodies do not understand corruption of the life force of food. Once a food is cooked, it is dead—Period! Cancerous tumors are an outgrowth of this corruption. An outgrowth of that disconnect between the body, mind and spirit Dr Judith, through her videos, through her books, through her lectures, and through her every waking minute does whatever she can to spread that message of light and love. It is on this note that I salute Dr Judith Long on her journey of being an Angel of Light and Love in this world.

I thank you for your time, Arnold.