May 8, 2005    Commitment To Health


When speaking of health without sickness the answer is easy, everything that is supposed to happen happens. Everything that is supposed to be actually is. It is the game of life. To be healthy requires commitment. To be happy and content also requires that commitment to excellence. It was my 47th day or thereabout when I lost my vision in the left eye after a freak accident. I could have chosen a cataract removal, which by all medical standards would have alleviated the situation. What I could have and what I did was based on doing what is best for me. I chose self-healing. I chose going to the utmost extreme of healing myself against all odds. I was paying the ultimate sacrifice. In my particular case, it was worth it. I am now conscious of almost everything I do to create healing, beginning from what I eat in the morning to what time I go to bed. All these little things that at one time were non-entities in a daily ritual now rise to great significance. When we speak of excellence in not only the things we say and do but also the little innuendos that represent our daily being.

The basis of our soul is based on that understanding of doing the right thing. It is on that basis that the health and excellence is based. It is on that basis that we as humans have to be of love, speak of love and give that love not only to others but more important to ourselves. It is on that level of honesty and truth that our body understands not only the mind but also the heart, the ideal of simplicity and keeping it real. It is on that level that the body demands the fruit and veggies given to us by the universe. It is on that level of simplicity that the body responds. It is on that level that what we consume on a daily basis ultimately determines our health and our wealth not only for ourselves but also for all future generations. I gathered this knowledge and became conscious of what I not only put in my body but what I do with it. In other words, another form of self-healing and self-responsibility is exercise, exercise and more exercise. These are some of the steps necessary for a return to health.

So I take this wisdom and sleep on it. The body requires a tremendous amount of sleep. As the sun rises so too does the sun set. Our body functions with that rhythm. I now go bed early and rise early. It is a period of 12 hours daily where food is not eaten. It is a period of time where rest becomes the cornerstone of healing. As my life searches for that excellence in a journey that will see many up's and down's of what works best. It is at that point where emotions of the past come roaring in, words like sabotage and compromise become everyday passwords that create blockages of what is really necessary for total rejuvenation. I write and I live with my daily decisions.