May 2, 2001    Hepatitis


The sun rises. The night falls. A shooting star flashes by. We sit in our chair and wonder what it is all about. We drive through the city streets passing the golden arches in neon and the donuts in chocolate glaze that becomes all the rage. Are there serious answers for questions that we do not know? Hepatitis is this week's subject. Why? Simply because I had an argument with a medical doctor. Not really, but it could have been that everything I have read, heard, seen, and listened to states that hepatitis can be easily treated by removal of the causes. Everything the doctor reads states that it is caused by viruses A, B, nonA, nonB; treatment is questionable, ranging from no treatment to drug therapy, which is also questionable. This information is given in the doctor's medical bible, The Merck Manual, which reminds me of a quote:

"Half of what we have taught you is wrong. Unfortunately we do not know which half." (Dean Barwell)

The disease becomes illusory. Is there a definite answer for causes, for treatment? I wonder.

As a novice researcher I looked up the definition of hepatitis. It is defined as, "Inflammation of the liver." Next I looked up the definition a liver as written in World Medicine. It states, "The liver is the body's largest internal organ and reservoir of blood. The liver is a remarkable chemical factory that plays a major role in digesting food, eliminating waste, preventing infection, and producing essential blood elements."

As we research further, meaning me, myself, and I, we discover the liver's wide range of duties - almost 500 tasks! Not bad for such a little organ weighing between 2.5 lbs and 4 lbs. The liver is also the only organ that can be destroyed and still perform its task, and given the proper conditions it can actually regenerate itself.

What does "proper conditions" for health mean?? Put simply, it means removing the agents that actually caused the inflammation in the first place. In other words replace the meat, chicken, fish, dairy products, processed food, drugs/medication, cigarettes, and coffee with RAW fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sea vegetables.

The next big word is inflammation. According to Dr. J. H. Tilden inflammation is, "A local response to toxemia and injury on a cellular level characterized by capillary dilation and leukocytic infiltration."

As a searcher for truth I think, I explore, I close my eyes and see the possibilities that may create this inflammation. The medical field also has their choice of healing possibilities for hepatitis. As a medical professional, surgery should be out of the question, as well as chemotherapy and radiation. Both of them are a little radical and invasive even for the medical field. The only possibility remaining in the medical field is medication. As a novice, the questions I would want to ask the most would be, "Where does the medication come from, and on what basis do they know whether or not it will work?"

As a medical professional, they are privileged to their resources. One of them, the elite of the elite sources is called the Merck Manual. The readings are questionable; the answers are questionable; the treatments are questionable. I read the section on hepatitis twice and still did not understand after the second reading. Oh well. I am not a doctor.

In spite of the information that is out there, the side effects the medicine may cause, the cost of the medication, the fact that the medication has no RNA, no DNA, no life force, no vitamins, no minerals, no intelligence, and is initially rejected by the liver that it is supposed to heal, the public is seeking a quick fix, and the medical professional has only been trained in drug orientation. In other words, something must be done and in the medical field, that means finding a pill that may work with the least side effects and/or taking another pill to counter balance the side effects caused by the first pill.

As a simple person, not having any medical background, I researched alternative books that emphasize, "Let food be your medicine. Let medicine be your food," (Hippocrates). I open my ears to finding a medical professional who will work with this methodology. Natural hygienists, chiropractors, homeopathics, laymen. The possibilities become endless. If I personally contracted hepatitis, my initial reaction would be to remove the causes, which by the way in the Merck Manual were not even mentioned. According to World Medicine, removing the causes would involve "Getting rid of the saturated fat found in meat, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs, and all related meat and dairy sources, refined foods, artificial ingredients, drugs, sugar, alcohol." Next I would replace them with foods that are more toward my biological adaptation. According to a natural hygienist, that would mean eating mostly fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, and a sprinkling of seaweed with moderate use of the best olive oil.

In researching hepatitis further, the natural hygienist Marti Fry who personally had infectious hepatitis wrote an article on just that: "How I overcame infectious hepatitis." Her choice treatment was a fast, which means to abstain from all food except for distilled water. A fast acts as the body's ultimate healing system. As quoted, "During this period the body redirects its energies to the elimination of toxins and repairs the cell and tissue damage that has occurred largely as a result of toxic material in the body. Marti's total fast lasted 13 days, in addition to a week of recovery on a hygienic diet. Afterward she was not only back to her old self but also with more energy.

I researched further discovering articles written to Dr. George Malkmus who printed their stories of success, which occurred once they changed their diet. Dr. George Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres teaches health from a biblical perspective. "The original diet of raw fruit and vegetables handed down to mankind by God in Genesis 1:29 as the perfect means of nourishing and sustaining our bodies in abundant health without all the processed foods and drugs of this world."

I think to myself of the medical field. If these statements spoke of truth would a pre-med student have to go to school for 4 years followed by 4 more years as a med student and then 2 more years as a specialist to prescribe fruits and vegetables as the only choice in medication? Holy Cow! The drug industry would collapse, the hospital could not charge their exorbitant fee, their cafeteria would have to change their menus, and the senior citizens would no longer have to pay an average bill of $100 per month for their medication. The disease death rate would almost vanish. The insurance companies would have to drastically reduce their rates. The fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds would come in thousands and millions of possibilities that would line the supermarket shelves. I close my eyes and think. Nah. It will never happen. There is too much money being made in keeping John Q. Public sick, drug overloaded, vaccinated, and junk food possessed.

In summation, yes hepatitis is a serious disease. And to the doctor (whom I never had an argument with since I do not have that label behind my name, nor do I have 10 years of medical training, but I do have an opinion based on my research) the way to treat hepatitis successfully is two-fold.

Remove that which causes it and give the body the necessary food material, which will rebuild the liver. In the life food recipe book by David Tubb, it details both gall bladder and liver flushing through a raw food option. There are so many live food options for cleansing yourself. The truth of the matter is that the individual has to empower himself to find the best option that fits his personal goal and lifestyle.

We at Arnold's Way can only share the information. We have plenty of books, plenty of classes, plus a knowledgeable staff.

Our bodies were born of miracles having the intelligence, the wisdom, and the know-how to keep us in perfect health untill the day we die.

We as a people have to honor that and only put in our bodies what it is biologically adapted to accept - raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sea vegetables.

Bye for now, Arnold

References: World Medicine Merck Manual Hallelujah Acres -Newsletters Health Seekers Natural Hygiene


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