April 24, 2001    100% Raw Food


Its 12:10 PM and I'm just starting to write this newsletter. Why? Good question. To answer honestly, its something I must do. To share the information on raw food and its healing possibilities. For this has become my mission in life. No amount of words, or top 40 songs to describe the joy and happiness I feel as I am true to my mission.

Last Tuesday (now a full week later) I decided to go fully RAW! 100%. What a difference that has made. There are no compromises. For two years I swayed like a limp celery stick between 60%-90% raw. I felt guilty for not being 100%, feeling guilty for not being able to socialize without eating cooked foods.

Then like grease lighting it happened. I got so called "sick." I started spitting mucus, coughing, feeling a little groggy. My first thought was, why? My second thought was, yeah! Thank you GOD. I said to myself, enjoy the sickness, watch my body expel the mucus and reach for perfection. Which by the way was caused by eating two vegetarian dishes. Both containing cheese, the number one mistake for a vegetarian. This whole incident, my cough, my cold, my spitting was caused by my compromises. A voice grew louder and louder, never again! Go a 100% raw.

This all made perfect sense. That was over two weeks ago. This has been my longest time ever, and it is working tremendously! To have this huge break through and not share it would be a disservice to myself and to you. It is now 12:25 at night and I have been up for 18 hours. Only eating raw foods I complete a full day everyday. From waking up and feeding my grandson, doing my trampoline exercises, going to the local warehouse and loading 320lbs of bananas, and 75lbs of dates, working 11 hours of full pace work day at the store. It could be called an act of love, an act of desperation, an act of God, or for the simple reason this all must be done. The best is, it does all get done, to my fullest with my full raw belly, only generating raw, pure energy.

Now we can begin to write most about what is true and what is not. What makes sense is revealed, what is nonsense seems obvious. The truth of our food becomes the truth of ourselves. We begin to see the why of the cries in our schools. Where the constant up flow of violence becomes and everyday thing. Where the death of 13 columbine students is reincarnated as a warning of things to come.

I close my eyes and think of the "Raw Family." A new book that is a MUST READ. An immigrant family whose hunger for gold and success leads them to an American adventure of health standards. They are introduced to the American lifestyle of hamburgers, coke, cake...the so called "good life." The results disastrous. The mother gains over a 100lbs, the father becomes deathly sick with abnormal high blood pressure, the son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. At this point the mother becomes frantic, especially when she is told there is "no known cure." The story shows how raw food has brought so much happiness and joy into their lives. I feel that this has also happened to me.

What does all this mean? We as individuals are constantly being faced with decisions. In terms of our everyday, what time we get up, what we wear, what we don't wear. Where we go to work, whether we like our job or not. How we feel about ourselves, are we happy, are we not?? I have experienced that once I went 100% raw, not 60% or 95% but with no compromises, everything take a shift. Our existence is about happiness. Our jobs, our relationships with others, and ourselves. To be in an environment that supports who we are for what we are. Once we stop eating the garbage, the mind becomes more clear, like an open deep mountain sky. It can be the sunrise of our souls. We become more in tune to what's really important. I am personally in my glory with my enlightenment, my focus, my honesty with myself and the finally stopping of my compromises. Thank you for your time.


*this last paragraph is dedicated to Maureen, a part time employee who demonstrates that in my mind.

On that note Maureen will be doing a program on May 3rd. It is on a Thursday night from 7 to 9pm.

The program is called "your chosen step" A program to help you initiate your path and reach your goals, physically, mentally and emotionally. She will talk about raw food, give recipes, and show food preparations with good, simple ideas. She will also talk about the relationship between raw food and a spirituality. All are welcomed, and, its free!