April 21, 2002    Epilepsy


An angel weeps for joy
Many leaps across the sidewalks clean
Guitar rampantly ceases another chord
The old man hums his tune
A nation feels betrayed.  A child continues on
 Raptors of fine tune
Saving grace makes the day
Seizure of life and body are no longer a thought
Throw the medicine away

It is with the complexity of thought that we begin this week's newsletter. Another disease, another name, another hope, another failure.  As a novice in the field of medical research I am in the throes of total apprehension to continue.  Each week another disease, another illness, another death.  For what, I ask?  Why?  I do not know.  It's both aggravating and challenging. An oxymoron of discontent.  The total wellness program in our society astounds, overwhelms, and brings out the fire in me to make clear, to decipher, to share that all those sicknesses, all those diseases, all those premature deaths just don't have to be.  Read Milk A-Z by Robert Cohen.  His website is www.notmilk.com.  There are questions, there are solutions, there are answers to questions, and there are questions to those answers.  What we see, what we read, what we believe may all not be necessarily so.

It is on this note that we begin our research on epilepsy.  Not that there is an easy answer nor a probable cause.  It's one of those diseases that stares you in the face and demands an immediate solution.  I was and still will be scared trying to find solutions or causes of something that is deemed by the medical establishment as unknown.

Epilepsy is defined in Alternative Medicine as "recurrent episodes of disturbances in brain electrical activity that manifest as sudden, brief attacks of altered consciousness, sometimes loss of consciousness, involuntary and abnormal motor function, and sensation alteration of the nervous system."  In other words, it's a real scary disease that requires complete self-composure if someone near you has a seizure.

It's a Sunday night, day one of my research.  I chose epilepsy not because of a particular person or article but because the only other subject, oxymoron, was too broad, too wide, too imbedded in the souls and hearts of our nation.  It was like everything we do as a people, as a county, in the way we eat, in the way we believe.  It was a subject that was too immense in proportion to the time I allotted myself for writing this paper.  So, I chose epilepsy, still a difficult subject with respect to the information that is not out there.

Besides the fact that in practically every book I read the word unknown was quite prevalent there were a few startling surprises.  According to James Balch, M.D. in Prescription for Nutritional Healing, "Research done by Arizona State University Biochemical Department demonstrated that Nutrasweet has been associated with seizures."  No further information was found in any other of my sources.  Here is another interesting bit of information. According to Alternative Medicine, "Hal A. Huggins, D.D.S., reports that the improvement or disappearance of certain motor problems such as epilepsy comes after removing toxic dental amalgrams."

We hold these two statements in quiet gratitude for they are there, taken by us, eaten by us, and as may be seen, remain in us.  For better, for worse. Epilepsy affects 1-2% of children in the U.S.  As a parent of 4 children and grandfather of 2 children I am blessed and grateful that I deal with this disease from a sympathetic viewpoint.  As a wannabe writer who's on a quest for truth within myself I want to know more.  I have seven days to understand what unknown causes means.  In Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, they discussed epilepsy's other symptoms such as "twitching, weakness, a feeling of warmth, and garbled speech.  Many children also experience a seizure as a result of high fever."  The question remains: why? If we believe the words of the great natural hygiene thinkers Dr. Herbert Shelton and T.C. Fry, in that the body never makes mistakes, we study the word fever.  We hold the word seizure in proper respect.  We reread the meaning of the word fever as defined in World Medicine.  "Scientists now speculate that fever may actually be an important first step in the body's effort to destroy an enemy invader perhaps raising the body's temperature to make the inner environment hostile to the invading organism."

Epilepsy for most people goes deeper than a fever.  When an attack begins the body loses consciousness and motor control and begins an extreme muscular movement.  Is the body so overwhelmed with toxic material that is has to go in a violent crises of elimination?  Can these convulsions be understood or does it require medication, the medical standby to treat the unknown?  We research the textbook.  In Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, besides saying that most children have a seizure as a result of high fever, they also say that most "never have another episode and do not require long term medication."  That's the good news unless they have chronic seizures, which could be brought on by a variety of things including fever, lack of sleep, low blood sugar, certain drugs, flashing light, and/or loud noises.

So we review the drugs named for treating epilepsy.  We read about the warnings of taking these medications, but they are still listed.  Names of medications are tossed aside as the possibility of healing comes into focus. Dilatin, mysoline, tegretol, depakine, klonopin.  These names are long, trendy, and supposedly prevent the recurrence of seizure.  The 5th issue of Clinical Evidence from 2001 ("the international source of the best available evidence for effective healthcare") makes a major statement in regards to treatment of epilepsy with medication.  "Treatment of single seizures reduces the risk of further seizure by about half.  However, we found no evidence that treatment alters long-term progress.  Long-term anti-epileptic drug treatment is potentially harmful."

So we remember the body never makes a mistake.  Now we review the different types of epilepsy.  I read about the four types.  It's not that they are not important.  Some think that they are, but I ask myself why?  As the sun sets and the moon begins to rise, a soft setting of tiny rainbow twinkles.  It never ever dusts in the midnight air.  For those that have this dreadful disease, I say take a look.

In Alternative Medicine, they recommend a "low fat, low carbohydrate diet. Eliminate fried food, salt, sugar, meat, milk, and alcohol.  For long-term care follow a hypoglycemic diet.  Avoid artificial sweeteners, excessive refined carbohydrates, and caffeine."

That is everything I agree with.  There are no surprises, especially what is said in their last statement.   "Make sure bowel moves adequately (two or three times a day)," as what comes in must leave.  From my perspective as a 100% raw foodist (I just celebrated two months - yeah!) the only way that is possible is with having a mostly raw diet, meaning a vegetable and fruit based diet.  To take this thought process one step further, Dr. David Jubb in Colloidal Biology and Secrets of an Alkaline Body states, "You can receive help virtually overnight for seizure by simply ingesting some soil born organism."

Are statements out of the blue?  Are they harsh realities?  Does it make sense to eat fresh fruit and vegetables off the tree or take some fancy synthetic medication, which for all intended purposes does not work?  The information in Smart Medicine is based on medication.  What's going on? "Treatment for epilepsy focuses on using medication to prevent the recurrence of seizures."

We turn to the Merck Manual, which classified the etiology of epilepsy into two categories: symptomatic or idiopathic.  Symptomatic indicates that a probable cause exists as opposed to idiopathic, which means no obvious cause can be found.  Once again the standard treatment is drugs, tests, tests, and more drugs.  According to the Merck Manual, "Drug therapy completely eliminates seizures in 1/3 of patients and greatly reduces the frequency of seizures in another 1/3.  About 2/3 of patients with well controlled seizures can eventually discontinue drugs without relapse."  What they fail to mention according to Clinical Evidence is that, "Long term anti-epileptic drug treatment is potentially harmful."  In Prescription for Nutritional Healing it goes one step further to say, "The side effects of anti-seizure medication includes liver problems, mental fatigue and fogginess, leukemia-like symptoms, and in some cases death."  Can evolution's solution be just around the corner?  Is seizure the body's reactive measure to clearly erase the toxic overload by whatever means possible even if it means shaking some sense into itself?  I wonder.  In The Hygienic Care of Epilepsy by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, he emphatically states, "Practically every sufferer with epilepsy who reads this may be restored to sound health and remain free of convulsion."  What he says next may find the medical community a little taken aback.  He states, "The first need is the elimination of toxic poisons which includes too much sugar or too much meat, which often cause enough decomposition and poisoning to bring on epileptic convulsion."  To all those parents please review your child's school lunches.  It can only be called unbelievable.  Add tea, coffee, alcohol, and drug usage, which are other habits that have to be avoided.  "There is no remedy for disease outside the removal of the cause, and there is no prevention of disease save by avoiding its causes."  This, my friends, is the cause and reversal of epilepsy.  There is no medication on the market that has shown to be consistently effective over time.  In fact, it's just the opposite.

Loren Lockman, director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center repeats the words of Dr. Shelton.  The system has to be cleaned out if the body will have a chance to restore itself.  What does that mean?  Fasting.  It's the easiest and most effective way.  Loren, although he doesn't have any experience with epilepsy directly, treats every case the same way.  Primarily all medication has to be stopped under their doctor's care.  These are the rules and regulations of most hygienic practitioners.  Dr. Shelton takes it one step further.  "Medical treatment of epilepsy is such a consistent failure that one can only wonder why it is persisted in."  These are the words written more that 20 years ago, and the truth stands out in broad shadows not wanting to be heard.  So we lower our head in shame, in sorrow, and in defeat of all the lost chances.

We listen to the words of Anna Inez who runs a health education center in Pinesville, PA.  She tells the story of Beth, a 4-year-old girl.  I can't describe her as a pretty blond, with a dimple on the chin, who used to run and play.  All that doesn't matter.  The fact that she was born a healthy, free spirit, and a lover of life also doesn't matter.  When you have violent convulsions beginning at age two, (which may look like suspended respiration, even circulation, while the face changes with the seconds from pale to red then purple and almost black) that just doesn't matter.  What does a mother care for only at the moment watching her daughter go through the seizures?  It's not a pretty site.  The pulse shoots up while the pupils dilate.  The head is turned to one side or the other and is jerking. Imagine all this happening to your 2-year old daughter.  You have to be on guard never relaxing for the only really important thing is right then, right there.  During epileptic seizures, the cheeks as well as the tongue can be severely bitten.  Beth began having seizures at age 2.  She had up to six or seven per day for two years.  The only thing given was medication, which was not only not working, but also made Beth feel worse.  I think about all of Beth's options.  I think of all the medical books, what they said and what they didn't say.  I think about all those TV shows with  doctors, hospitals, emergency rooms, and medications given.  All that glory, all that hope, all that hype, as the way and only way for recovery.  So Beth 's mom was given that option, given that glory, given that power, and the medication was not working.  Beth's mother was at a clear choice.  To all those out there we too are faced with the same choice, the body's intelligence or medical possibilities, there are no compromises.  None. Either you go medically or hygienically.  One or the other.  Those are the options.  Beth's mother called Anna for information, for self-help, for possibilities, and for complete reversal of her daughter's 2-year fight with epileptic seizures.  Beth chose hygienic care.  She weaned off all stimulated food, milk, dairy, meat products, all loaded with excess nitrogen (protein) which increases the acidity in the blood, which in turn causes a weakness and impairment of the nervous system.  She replaced it with the proper diet, proper sunshine, exercise, and watched the body repair itself. Beth's mother chose freedom, chose love of life, chose raw food, chose rebounding exercise, chose Beth going off all her medication.  Three weeks later Beth stopped having seizures, her vocabulary, which had been at a stand still expanded rapidly.  Beth began having control over her urinary and anal sphincters.  Beth was happy.  Her mother was happy.  The fear of Beth being sent to an institution by the medical establishment because they couldn't handle her epileptic seizures was also over.  Two and a half months later Beth became completely healed and embarked on the road to a normal childhood where everything matters.

I thank you for your time.


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Anna Inez, Director of Health and Education Center
Loren Lockman, Director of Tanglewood Wellness Center


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