April 17, 2001    Diabetes Type 2


In keeping with the traditions of sharing information about health and happiness. This week feature is diabetes type 2, its cause, its joy, its hope and its freedom. What are some of the causes and how we as a people can take charge. This newsletter was written without reviewing so please excuse grammar and spelling. It has been almost 2 weeks since our last newsletter. So we are sending this one with great urgency and love. This information is important and not a moment to be lost, so please share it.<BR>

Type 2 Diabetes is caused by the glucose not being able to enter the cells. There is no magic formula r pills one could take to get better. The pancreas secrete enough insulin which is the glucose carrier but the surrounding area of the cell is clogged. According to Dr. George N. Malkmus, " All a diabetic has to do is remove animal product from his or her diet and the blood sugar problem will simply disappear". It is that easy. In the Diet for the New America, they discussed different scientific studies to confirm this fact.

Laura Lyons- (see Events) details of her story.

My Story

By Laura Lyons

Born in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1940's, victim of a triple whammy- black, poor and female, I descended from the womb with an odds-beater attitude. I overcome poverty and transcended the inherent barriers of black and female to achieve my goals. I went from maid in Birmingham to CEO of my own consulting firm in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

I thought I was done with defying the odds until my physician diagnosed me as a "victim" of type 2 diabetes in 1992 and pronounced me insulin dependent for the rest of my life. From my hospital bed I began to plot my escape from my "condemnation" to life as an insulin dependent diabetic with the indignities of "shooting up" in airports during my executive travels and the roller coaster emotional "highs and lows" insulin produces with the rise and fall of blood sugar levels.

I tries numerous approaches to breaking the shackles of insulin dependence, but all the dietary and diabetic programs that I attended were strongly anchored in a belief that I needed to eat from the basic 5 food groups ( diary, meat, etc.) but just less. That way I could loose some of the excess pounds I was toting, and get the benefit of reducing my 30 units dosage of insulin per day.

The divine universe brought me in touch with earth angel, Leola Brooks co-director of Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute where my healing journey began in 1995. Before long the energy soup, colonic, the mind body connection and the entire Living Foods Lifestyle of AWNHI had my pancreas eking out its own insulin reserves that had been suppressed by years of overeating cooked, processed, dead foods.

The enzymes in living foods have enabled me to restore my parents, increase my metabolism, lose weight and gain vitality. Enzymes have provided my body with the means of self-healing. The good news is that enzymes are effective for any health challenged, it just takes longer for more serious conditions.

The Living Foods Lifestyle is more than just a diet. It is a spiritual connection. It is a way taking total responsible for achieving the maximum level of health and receiving optimal nourishment.

My Living Foods Lifestyle choice has been validated by my endocrinologist. Dr. Peter Lodewick of Birmingham. Alabama, who writes, " Your test results are amazing. It is the rare individual who is able to become non insulin dependent through diet and lifestyle changes. It appears that your disciplines Ann Wigmore Lifestyle is working for you."