April 8, 2001    I.B.S.


This week’s newsletter is dedicated to Toby.  The topic is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), AKA Colitis and/or Crohn’s Disease.  Even the name sounds disgusting.  It’s a disease, which by the way affects mostly women, according to the Merck Manual, by a ratio of 3 to 1.  Isn’t that interesting.  Could it be all those no-fat yogurts and bagels women eat in their never ending diets?  We could devote a whole section on the why’s of that ratio, but we won’t.  Just the past 2 weeks since I have become interested in writing this so-called woman’s disease, there have been horror stories I have heard in my store ranging from surgery that removes the large intestine to never ending drug therapy.

Let’s examine this in further detail.  Actually, I am referring to myself, but thinking of Toby, who I somewhat promised that I would complete this paper in one weeks time.  I have seven manuals in front of me and believe it or not, there are definite causes and definite treatments in at least 3 of the texts.  Beginning from the most confused, least responsive, and non-factual data on healing, I quote from the Merck Manual  “No anatomical cause can be found.”  Emotional factors, diet, drugs, and/or hormones may precipitate or aggravate a heightened sensitivity to GI motility.  If I had IBS I would be furious with that answer, especially since according to natural hygiene, and I quote, “IBS has been indicated as fat-eaters disease, especially animal fats.”  There was no mention of personalities.

If we study the Merck Manual it details such stresses women might have that can cause this dreaded disease include, “Marital discord, anxiety related to children, loss of a loved one, and obsessive worry over trivial everyday problems.”

If we study a holistic approach, alternative medicine, it becomes somewhat mainstream, stating, “Cause is unknown.”  This is a natural statement since it was written by 380 leading physicians (as opposed to the Merck Manual, which was written in 4.5 years by 272 authors).  Nevertheless, alternative medicine clearly enters new ground when it indicates that food allergies, excess dietary fat, and stress seem to be implicated in IBS.  Don’t you like the word SEEM?  It’s very safe, very chic.

David Klein suffered nine years with ulcerative colitis, was treated by seven gastrointestinal specialists, and was given the choice of surgical removal of his colon as his best option.  True. 

Once he was given this option he created a new alternative that works.  His quest for truth and his quest for health arose due to the strong desire to seek out alternative methods of treatment that would address this terrible disease.  He chose a natural hygiene approach.  “Essentially following a diet of only fruits and vegetables.”

By the way, the Merck Manual treatment does not recommend any fruit, but it does recommend one vegetable, cabbage plus six types of drug therapy, which best suits the patient’s needs.  Alternative medicine recommends treatment through diet and herbs with emphasis on herbs and vitamins.  (This means one line talking about fruits and vegetables and about 20 lines listing herbal and vitamin therapies, the that doctor recommended them, where that doctor works, and that doctor’s position.  Who cares?  But someone must.

According to David Klein, who later became a nutritional counselor specializing in colitis and Crohns, successfully treated himself and totally healed in FOUR weeks.

According to the natural hygiene doctrine, IBS “is a chronic non-inflammatory problem of the bowels with diarrhea sometimes constipation and sometimes both.”

Their mode of treatment is primarily reducing the drug intake.  According to natural hygienists drugs, “At first suppress the symptoms but soon cease to do so.”  This leads to more medication and according to natural hygiene, “The drugs serve to beget worse symptoms down the line,” including the terrible fear begetting condition called Crohn’s disease.

The options are there: surgery, drugs, herbs, or fruits and vegetables.  I give thanks to Toby for giving me the encouragement to research this topic for her friend, for the community, for all those women who are blindly following all the medical opinions without taking responsibility to research this disease for themselves.

David Klein, who almost became a victim himself by following the so-called medical standard not only had the courage to seek alternative methods but also became a crusader for the truth.  He has become a health education consultant successfully treating hundreds of people in a very short time as long as they follow the program.

Paul Nison, who changed his diet, became totally free of colitis and also wrote a book.  Paul said, “Today I am in better health than ever.  My healing has led me to become a natural health educator and author.  I have referred many people to David and have learning that the ones who used this approach heal every time.”  Every standard medical and so-called holistic text I read could not even mention one success story.

Treatment of IBS, Crohn’s Disease, and Colitis, according to natural hygiene:

            Discontinue the causes:

1.      All animal products

2.      All heated protein

3.      All foods contrary to our biological adaptation

4.      All drugs and chemicals

5.      All hot foods and drugs

6.      Pollutant in the air

7.      Lack of sunshine

8.      Inadequate sleep

9.      Failure to exercise

This is a long list, but according to natural hygienist as long as you follow the program the chances for restoration of complete health is 100%. 

To all those women and men who suffer from this disease, David Klein can be reached at:




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