April 3, 2006    Chemicalization


It is a Friday morning when everything seems so perfect, so amazingly fantastic, so amazingly pure and so amazingly out of place. It is just too perfect. I am living in a world that I created.  I am living in a world based on my thoughts, based on my feelings and based on the possibilities that wherever I am, it is a blessing to be there.  I could do no wrong. I am living a dream of perfection in an imperfect society. I got up early not because I had to but because I wanted to. I rested enough. I had slept 5 and half hours and was well rested. I am living on a mostly raw, mostly blended diet of green smoothies. These are the foundations that enable me to see the sun shining thru my bedroom everyday. These are the foundations that enable me to hear the green plants speak to me in voices so clear and so radiantly, lovingly that it touches the bottom of my soul. Everything I do, everything I write and everything I breathe is in tune to the world around me. It is on this note that I begin this newsletter. I write of what should be rather than what is.


I write of my anger. I write of my frustration. I write of words that deal with the atrocities of chemicalization of the human body. I write of what I see. I write of what I hear. I write of customers who choose a chemical healing path rather than a raw food healing treatment. I write of words to understand without trying to underscore the value in free decision.  I stand in silence as I swallow hard on these well-meant choices of medical treatments. I stand in silence and allow the loud vibration of my horrific anger to spread throughout the land. If thoughts can boomerang from one soul to another, let the drums roll and let the truth ring out so crystal clear to those who want to hear. I speak of my customers who are afraid of the language of trusting their innermost wisdom of doing the right thing. I speak of the word cancer being so casually passed around from one person than moving on to the next. This is the word that is being forced upon our society. This is the word that we have created to offset the goodness in life. This word offsets the darkness of light and changes it into the gloom of doom. This is one of those evil words that everyone wants to know whether they have it but doesn’t want to know if they do.  Cancer is one of those words, which blindsides hope into despair, the goodness of life into a dark evil tunnel without any light and a word to hear especially when it is placed on our shoulders.  These are the words I am dealing with on a Friday morning when everything in my world seems so perfectly right.


I speak of Tom. I speak of Bill. I speak of Sarah. I speak of Mary. Day in and day out all these names roll into my presence and into my store. All these people, all these families and all these real vulnerable people are being given this name to be placed on the buxom of their souls. It’s like a sharp butter knife plunged into their heart, into their brain and into their every word spoken. Every blood cell is drenched with that weight of it, never leaving. These are my thoughts and I can’t get them out of my head on this Friday morning. I know the pain of knowing that word so intimately. I know that death sentence as it hangs on our every movement.  I know that people just march into a medical facility seeking a magic bullet that will wash everything clean once again. That is the path chosen by most. That is the path that is easy to travel. That is the path that is so wrong because it takes the responsibility from self to them.


We stand in silence and watch them die, one by one. We stand in silence as we watch the Toms, the Mary’s and the Bills as they sit down and expose their bodies to these horrific chemical-blasting machines. We stand in silence as these machines ooze their poisons into our bodies. We stand in silence as these medications of beknownst (no such word) power are allowed into our bodies as if they know where to go. We stand in silence as the will of the people are being strung out to die while they listen to the magic words that cancer is part of you now please accept.


I speak not of death, not of pain and not of sadness. I speak of sharing. I speak words that will encourage just someone, anyone of the insanity of trusting a machine or a drug as your only hope for salvation. I speak of the purity of life to someone, anyone, to realize that a machine that pours out toxic chemicals from its plastic walls into our bodies cannot save us. I speak my truth of medications that will destroy a healthy man so much in fact that no doctor or medical establishment would ever prescribe it to a vibrant happy individual because it would make him or her deathly sick. Though, they would not hesitate, not even for an instantaneous second, to prescribe a sick wounded individual who is given that life sentence of cancer, that same medication, to make them healthier.  My friends, where is that logic coming from? I watch in horror as customer after customer believes in this logic. It’s beyond all sense of normalcy.  Chemotherapy destroys the body. There is no such thing as a little amount. I sit. I write. I am in total disbelief that day after day I see people walking with blind shutters to a slow death because they didn’t believe strong enough in their own healing ability. I watch in silence as I see all the cancer that is growing like a time bomb in everyone’s system. I sit and admire the plants, as they grow green in spirit and green in my heart.


We talk about cancer. We talk about exactly what it is. Our bodies understand that truth. Our bodies understand that lie. As soon as a food is cooked above a temperature of 125 degrees (don’t quote me), all the life force of the food is cooked out. To be considered a food it has to meet six qualifications according to Dr Joel Robbins. It has to be in an organic state otherwise the body cannot assimilate it properly in the system. It has to have vitamins and minerals. This is needed for the energy of our being.  It has to have water content. Our bodies are made up supposedly of 70 percent water. It has to have protein.  We need this for muscle building. It has to have glucose. This is needed for the fuel of the brain. It needs a constant supply. The food also has to have essential fatty acids. My friends these are the six essential that the food has to have in order for our body to use it. These are the six requirements that are needed as a source of energy for our bodies to have the proper equipment to fight any incoming disease that enters our system.   This is what some scientific people call an alkaline state. The body needs to be alkaline in order for cancer to be destroyed. This theory has yet to be disproved. I know I am entering area where my expertise is not as good as it should be. I know I am saying words and sentences which could be a little beyond my reach. I have no choice in this matter. There are people dying out there because they are given the wrong information. There are people dying out there because they are given the wrong treatment. How in hell is a medication going to save anyone?  How in hell does a medication know where to go?  We have 98000 miles of arteries. Who directs that medication? How does the blood know what to do? Does a chemical reaction justify the side effects caused by this continuous flow of interaction?


I sit in silence. I think of truth as being everything alive, everything that is good and everything that we can eat. According to Dr. Joel Robbins, a food has to meet three qualifications in order for us to eat it (1) It has to grow in nature (2) It has to grow on a tree bush or vine or in the earth  (3) you have to be able to eat it in large quantities in

a raw state. These rules are so simple to follow. There is no medication that grows in nature. It’s dead and it has no life force and the body does not recognize it. It makes the body acid forming which is harmful to the body. It does not interact peacefully and lovingly within our body. Our body sees it as a harmful invader and tries to destroy it.  Every time we ingest food that does not meet these qualifications the body considers it acid forming. This harmful invader will eventually begin mutating the cells causing them to be cancerous. By my definition, cancer cells are those cells that do not communicate with the body. They are uncontrollable with no sense of peace and harmony. Our body understands their harm and will destroy them giving the proper equipment. There is no cure for cancer. Period. There is no hope unless we abide by the system of peace and harmony.


I sit in silence knowing what I say does not matter to most if not all people. I sit in silence, as I know that most people will not take responsibility for their own health. I sit in silence and watch day in and day out people gorging themselves with cancerous food that will eventually destroy them. My friends, food is not meant to entertain us but to fuel us. It is that simple and that pure. Our bodies do not understand an onslaught of so many dead foods coming into its system day in day out. They cannot be neutralized fast enough so as not to have an effect.  Protein takes 6 hours for the body to digest. You add a starch product, the body then would take days, if you're lucky, in order to digest that. Every time you eat a cookie, every time you eat a piece of bread, every time you eat dead food with ingredients, you are causing your body harm.


It is for this reason I push the green smoothie. I know what it can do. I have seen the results. I see the glow in peoples’ faces once they begin drinking them on a regular basis.  I see the energetic transformation of people who had no hope and begin to have hope.   The simple ideal of ingesting fruit and leafy greens in a predigested state adds to our bodies immune fighting system. The simple act of our bodies not using much of its digesting energy, adds to our bodies immune fighting strength. The simple act of eating fruits and vegetables, which are alkaline forming all, helps destroy all this acid waste that was being accumulated in our system. The simple act of putting this liquid magic into our system helps our thought process to become clear and decide what is the right thing to do.


The secret for vibrant health is so simple, oh so pure and so easy to do. According to Loren Lockman, “What we can do is to provide the body with the optimum conditions in which to heal itself.” This is what I believe. This is what I practice. This is what I tell all my customers. There is no magic pill. There is no magic machine. There is no one condition that will somehow change the body from a sick state to a healthy one. We need, as quoted once again from Loren Lockman’s little pamphlet, A Handbook for Vibrant Living, “eight keys to optimal health fasting-sleep-diet-air-water-exercise-sunshine and emotional poise.”   These are the factors for good health. There are no others. These are the factors for treating all diseases. These are the choices that one has to make in order to recover from any disease, including cancer.  These are the words that I share with all the Mary’s, the Toms and the Bills who want to go medically because they believe that their own body does not know how to heal. Close your eyes. Think of peace. Think of love. Think of what you want to do.


May peace be with you. Arnold