April 3, 2002    Chicken Pox


Raging bulldogs highlighted by the shadow of discontent
 Amber fumes, purple hodgepodge that has no room
It was the voice of warning that no one took heed
 Is 33 shot before two?
  One too many or not quite enough?
Heed the voice of the well to do
 Never ever is a nonsensible whimsical chord
  The chicken pox vaccination has to be given this year to you

As March 2002 is about to end and April is about to begin, choosing a topic for the newsletter report becomes easier with hardly any thought.  Having researched for almost one year straight, reading countless books, journals, medical texts plus many interviews, I didn't think there was anything that could surprise me.  The many diseases that exist, the treatments for the ill, and the lifestyles we choose are all individually self-taught, for lack of a better work.  Every question, every answer, becomes unified in united symbiotic unison.  That is until I began my research of the chicken pox vaccination.  Within the first hours of my reading, I was literally and figuratively thrown a right-handed fast curve that I barely avoided.

Randall Neustaedler, OMD stated in his book The Vaccine Guide: Making an informed choice, "The most frequently stated purpose of the chicken pox vaccine is not to protect children from this benign childhood illness but to keep parents at their jobs rather than missing a few days of work to care for their sick child at home."  It was that statement that created a sensation of utter disbelief.  It was that statement that drove me to research this week's topic.

This week we're on the quest for obtaining information regarding chicken pox, the vaccination, and my purpose for writing this.  It started from a newspaper article I read titled "Chicken pox close to being wiped out." Thinking to myself, if half presumptuous and half warily, let's not get hooked into believing everything I read.

I start to think, why am I doing this?  This is really a no-brainer.  As clearly stated in Vaccinations: Deception and tragedy by Michael Dye, "There is no evidence that your child will fare any better with the vaccination than without."  From all reports that I read, "Chicken pox is universally recognized as a mild and benign disease of childhood," (from Vaccine Guide by Randall Neustaedler).  Is wiping out this disease a good thing?  These are questions that have to be answered.  I stand, I sit.  I look beyond the circle of clouds.  We as parents are forever protecting our kids but at what cost?  Dr. Mendelsohn, author of How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor, states, "There is growing suspicion that immunization against relatively harmless childhood diseases may be responsible for the dramatic  increase in autoimmune diseases since most inoculations were introduced." To add further insult to the already supposedly innocuous chicken pox vaccine that the public so readily accepts, Dr. Mendelsohn further states, "The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunization.  There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease."

These are the statements that lead me into answering that question about why I am doing this.  There is a red flag that has to be raised saying, "Stop the lies!"  Our children's lives are affected.  In today's world by the time a child is 18 months old they have received 25 vaccinations.  There's a stance that we as parents have to make.  Are we being told the truth about vaccinations?  According to the British Association for the Advancement of Science childhood diseases declined by 90% before mandatory vaccine programs.  In the book Vaccines: Are they really safe? by Neil Miller, we read that there were decreases in, "tetanus by 99.8%, diphtheria by more than 90% between 1900 and 1930,  the pertussis death rate by more than 75% from 1900 to 1935, and the measles death rate 97.7% from 1900 to 1955." These are declines not advances.  These are facts that we as parents have to consider when deciding whether or not our child should be vaccinated. 

As I research the origin of the chicken pox vaccine it's like treading through murky water.  There is a massive amount of deceptions and lies where the only truth that really stands out is the inconceivable of the vaccine actually becoming a reality.

Everybody, every book, agrees that chicken pox (varicella) is harmless.  The symptoms of chicken pox as stated in the Vaccine Guide include "fever and runny nose followed by the appearance of small, flat, pink areas which soon fill with a clear fluid then open and crust over within 2-3 days."  These symptoms are the impetus for the chicken pox vaccine.  These same symptoms were why for so many years the authorities were reluctant to approve the vaccine.  There was no justification for mass inoculation.  The symptoms did not justify the adverse reaction the vaccine may cause.  But all that is beside the point.  It really doesn't matter.  It's a financial decision, and our children's health is being played as a pawn.  Once again I repeat my initial shock about the reason for the chicken pox vaccine, this time quoted by Neil Miller in Immunization Theory vs. Reality.  "Nevertheless, medical forces are prepared to approve it because the US could save five times as much as it would spend on the vaccine by avoiding the costs incurred by moms and dads who stay home to care for their sick children."  I read these quotes, and I'm at a total loss for words.  I want to gobble up everything that sits before me.  I throw up my hands, slam my fist, wishing to know why.  There are no words to explain how these injustices not only became the law of the land but our constitutional justification of righteousness. There are no arguments, only a common consensus, which is yes, chicken pox vaccine is necessary and we the people are winning the war.  Who owns these newspapers?  Are their reporters reading the same journals and books that I' m reading?  Are we living in two different centuries?  In the Vaccine Guide, Randall Neustaedler tried to give an objective report on every vaccine, even to the point of bending over backwards on most vaccinations so he wouldn't rock anyone's boat.  That is until he analyzed the chicken pox vaccine.  The chicken pox vaccine "qualifies as one of the great marketing scams of the century.  The idea of preventing chicken pox in healthy children is ludicrous to the point of insanity."

The quotes in this newsletter are from those that know, that study, and that live with the results, the deaths, the illness, and the prolonged adverse reactions of after the fact.  They have no vested interest other than telling the truth from their perspective.  Merck, the pharmaceutical giant that invested over 5 million dollars in its development, would like a return on its investment.  These are the battles that are being fought, and these are battles throughout the country.  They are in the hospitals, in the schools, in the daycare centers, and in the doctor's offices.  Who will be responsible for the payback for all the millions of dollars being invested for drug research?  Who will be the distributors for their merchandise?  Who will lead the way?  Who will believe us?  These are the questions that have to be asked by those that are in the know before a single penny is spent.

In terms of vaccines, in the American medical establishment that is also a no-brainer.  As stated by Randall Neustaedler, OMD, "The selling of this vaccine to the American public could only be due to an unequivocal belief that any vaccine is worthwhile."  These are the assumptions of the pharmaceutical giants.  Their financial commitment is too great for them to see it any other way.  So we hold these thoughts in limbo.  We also hold the fact that on March 17, 1995, the Food and Drug Administration announced that it approved a chicken pox vaccine.  We also slightly disregard that shortly thereafter the American Academy of Pediatrics began recommending it for all infants.  We also slightly submerge the following into our subliminal consciousness: the risk of death from chicken pox complications in healthy children is 0.0014.  That in its own right is insignificant.  If all these facts began to add up the reality of what is maybe really isn't.  The fact that vaccines have been credited with saving millions of lives as stated by the powers that be is ludicrous to me.  I, Arnold, only 1 week into my  research have seen otherwise.  But that's me.  The research is not medical jumble gumble.  It's easy to find, easy to figure out, easy to understand.

 "Truth in all its kinds is most difficult to win, and truth in medicine is the most difficult of all."
       -Peter Mere Latham

(from Shot in the Dark Harris L. Coulture and Barbara Loe Fischer)

I am totally exasperated.  Every book I read speaks of the danger in vaccination.  Am I a blind man following the faith of a heated dog?  Are there shotguns of light that silhouette the darkened skies, or are we a nation of obedience?  Are doing the right thing by not even questioning all this toxic material being put into our children's bodies for the sake of health?

I reread Vaccinations: Deception and Tragedy by Michael Dye.  The word oxymoron filters through my every thought as I question in agreement his statement, "The assumption is often made that the only available protection against disease is from a series of pharmaceutically manufactured vaccines mandated by our government."  Michael Dye states emphatically, "This is not the case."  Absolutely, we me, you, have come from a higher power.  Call it what you may, God, universal spirit, but whatever form it exists, it creates, it understand unequivocally.  We came into this world with perfection with symbiotic unison of a total nation of cellular jubilation. Our immune system is a gift of immense intelligence and made to last during our lifetime from birth to death.  In the infinite wisdom there is never a mistake.  We have 100 trillion cells that not only make up our body, they have the ability to regenerate and create new life.  As stated by Michael Dye, "This regeneration is the true source of healing, and it is how life is perpetuated.  Your body creates about a million new cells every second."

So when a child develops a fever, let's rejoice in the body's effort to destroy an enemy invader.  Perhaps raising the body temperature makes the inner environment hostile to the invading organism.  When a child has a runny nose it is not necessarily bad.  It is our body's immune system working frantically through every means possible to reject, to destroy, to encapsulate the enemy and send it on its way.  Through mucous as the vehicle and the nose as the outlet this is our God-given forces of life, forces of regeneration, forces of perpetual perfection that created this ability of continual cleansing.

The lymph system is our protector, our army, and our self-defense.  It makes up 2% of our total body weight and it is capable of protecting the other 98%.  I read Michael Dye's description of the incredible immune system.  I read Tom Monte's description.  I read Al Carter's words in the Cancer Answer.  I want to cry, laugh, scream, go to the hilltop, and sing their praises.  It is that magnificent.  All the glory that exists inside us for our good, for our protection.  It's just so, so much!  "Everyday millions of new red and white blood cells are born inside our bone marrow and these cells are sent where ever they are needed by our lymphatic and circulatory system.  These are our armies of unequivocal loyalty.  They are trained to undermine this holy bond with our higher power.  In my opinion it is sacrilegious to quote that chicken pox is down 79%.  It undermines the true intent of self-rejuvenation.  These chicken pox occurrences are the forces of nature that have been our self-preservation since the beginning of time. I honor its presence within my soul.  The chicken pox vaccine as been quoted, as been universally accepted, does not represent a threat.  It should consider that as a gift.  The body's innate intelligence is trying its utmost to cleanse itself.  I thank you.

We gather as pawns against the wind and trees that gather their force from sky blue as infinite tales that hold its truth high for Mother Nature to spread her protective wings against our brow.  I write, I share, and I allow what has to be seen, seen.  It is my job.  It is my passion.  It is my love for who I am.  It is the father in me.

I thank you for your time.


A Shot in the Dark by Harris Coulture and Barbara Loe Fischer
World Medicine by Tom Monte, East West Natural Health
Vaccine Guide by Randall Neustaedler, OMD
Immunization: Theory vs. Reality by Neil Z. Miller
Immunization: The People Speak by Neil Z. Miller
Vaccinations: Deceptions and Tragedy by Michael Dye
"Chicken Pox Close to Being Wiped Out," article by Susan Fitzgerald

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