March 25, 2004    Breast Cancer - A Different View


As the owner of Arnold's Way, a vegetarian raw cafe and health food store, I would like to share my views on breast cancer. From my perspective, breast cancer can not only be cured but is also totally preventable.

In those countries - as quoted by Dr. Joel Fuhrman in "Eat to Live" - that have a mostly grain, fruit and vegetable diet, cancer does not exist. In China, Colin Campbell did a detailed study on cancer and dietary choices, and found that cancer did not exist in provinces where meat was rarely consumed. Campbell found that the rate of cancer increased proportionately with meat consumption.

In the United States, our diet includes 40-60% of our calories as dietary fat, mostly animal in origin. Also a high percentage of our food is processed. The weight of this dietary fat plus the chemicals in our food, may equal 50 pounds per person per year.

Dr. Kristine Nolfi states very bluntly that "breast cancer disappears on a raw food diet."

Dr. Lorraine Day created the video "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore" and states that "doctors know that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are not the answer to cancer."

Aware of these views, I believe that women need to be given true options - both medical and raw foods information. Women must become aware that cancer is simply a group of cells that are not under the jurisdiction of the brain.

As Dr. Herbert Shelton states, cancerous and non-cancerous tumors are "indurations characterized by a hardening and filling in of empty space. It is an increase in the fibrous element, otherwise known as scarring and encapsulation. This process engulfs toxic materials in a gelatinous hardened fibrous sac in order to isolate them from the rest of the body. This is commonly referred to as tumor formation. This is the last intelligent thing the body will do before the last and final stage of disease." In other words, tumors are created by the body as a defense strategy to deal with the onslaught of toxic material that we consume through food, drugs, air, water, or skin contact such as cosmetics.

In order to beat any disease, the body needs to be given the proper tools and relieved of the source of toxic material. The proper healing strategies include plenty of sleep, exercise, fresh air, a diet of mostly organic raw food, and the right attitude - the realization that our bodies have an innate healing system that was genetically designed to beat any virus or bacteria that has entered our system.

As we look at the world, filled with chemicals in our food, air, water, cosmetics, workplace, garden, drugstore, etc., we begin to realize why cancer is so rampant today. We begin to realize why the incidence of breast cancer in women has gone up almost four-fold in the last 50 years. We begin to realize why almost 15 million American women were diagnosed with fibroid tumors last year. When we learn that cancer does not exist in all cultures, we wonder why no one asks why? When we understand the power of our natural immune system to heal us, we wonder why current cancer treatments attack the immune system?

I believe that if enough vitality remains, our immune systems can overcome any disease with the proper sleep, exercise, fresh air, and a diet of mostly organic raw food.

I thank you for your time.




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