March 24, 2003    50 lb. Weight Loss


The churning clock cracks
No one notices, no one cares
A hero lies alone while whispers above
Sneeze on time
These were the words that echo thru the
Halls of silence
These were the thoughts that brought a store to close
It was the loneliest of times that dictate
Being alone is the hardest thing

These are words—these are actions—there is a "what to be". This weeks' newsletter appears to be easy to write. A young man, a 50lb. weight loss, a story behind it all. It's so easy, so simple that I would be doing everyone an injustice if I wrote just about that. The story goes much deeper than that. It's about how heroes are  made not born. It's about following a path to self-discovery. It's about being free and being there to enjoy that feeling. It's about Morgan Tindall, age 19, who not only experienced the weight loss but also is humbled by all that he had to go through to reach that goal.

Morgan Tindall, 6 months ago was your normal; whatever that means, fellow. He was caught in the system of eating all those things that one is supposed to eat. Morgan loved his potato chips, loved his cheese sandwiches, the soda, the snacks, the idea of just eating to eat. It was on this basis that Morgan began his journey to recovery, to recapture the dream of what a 19 year old fellow should do; have fun, play, be in the energy mode of freedom. This was the Morgan on the inside, this was his true calling, and this is what Morgan wanted. This was also impossible to achieve as long as he ate chemicalized food. This my friend is the gist of Morgan's tale. This is what length Morgan had to stretch to break the bonds of food shackles. This is Morgan's tale.

As we read is there a pattern being formed? We look at America's youth. Are they on an average, overweight? Are they on the average being mesmerized from a young three years with Barney blib graduate to transform to Barbie's hero and constantly sucked into the TV philosophy of what's next? I shudder with fear for I have seen the result, a generation of youth being bored with nothing to do, a generation of youth that understands the remote control as a prized possession. All these things, all these acceptances, and all these fallacies that was so ingrained in Morgan Tindall's character make-up. What he had was not that much at all.

Morgan who weighed 220 lbs., who was on the standard American diet, described himself as "lethargic, irritable, and with mood swings". These were the words I heard from someone who gradually changed himself completely around. Morgan had changed so much, free of loaded baggage. I am forced not only to write his story of tremendous weight loss but of becoming a hero without fanfare in the same breath.

Morgan who weighed 220 lbs. six months ago was used to a lot of eating, the cheese sandwiches, the soda, the endless barrage of candy. Morgan was ready for a change. It was on such a day, with such a feeling that Morgan found himself in Arnold's Way, a store that specialized in "Banana Whips". It's like ice cream but oh so much better. It's a store that not only sells food that is biologically accepted by our body's innate intelligence, but also focuses on education of the consumer. It is under these circumstances that Morgan's whole lifestyle came under questions. Morgan first tried a banana whip, one of those superfluous food items that masquerades itself as a dessert but suffices as a meal. Once Morgan tasted his first banana whip he was hooked, that simple, that easy. From Morgan's first whip he secretly knew there was magic in continuing with this dessert meal. On this premise, Morgan established a daily routine of eating a banana whip every day. Morgan, under the confines of ingesting the never ending, never filling, never satisfying processed food had decided that he was going to "beat" the food giants".

Morgan had to re-evaluate his dietary habits. Morgan not only liked his daily banana whip he was also seeing positive results in his mental and physical well-being. He was not as moody and his laziness was being replaced by an attitude of "what can I do". Morgan, at the tender age of 19, made a commitment to excellence, a commitment to himself as well as a commitment to his family.

As Morgan began seeing and feeling the benefits he bought a food chopper and began making meals for his family to share his new learned discovery. Although this sounds a little unbelievable, from my experience, this is what usually happens. Morgan began to know the excellence, began to know joy, and began to know the benefits of eating a mostly raw diet. As one begins to experience joy, one can also see pain and suffering. What becomes truth and what becomes a lie becomes very distinguishable. As quoted in "Conscious Eating" by Gabriel Cousens M.D. "Living on raw foods means it has not been processed in any way, including cooking". Can these words mean something? Can the intelligence that was ingrained within our walls of silence see the harm of eating cooked food? Does Morgan idly sit by and watch his family do harm to themselves, does he yell, scream, STOP! What would a sane man do? As a parent, as a father, and as a husband, I too am faced with these choices. Does my word create sense or is it a smack into nothingness like wet balloons on a foggy day?

We listen to Morgan, we take notes, and we try to read between the lines. Morgan essentially became at peace with himself. He did not try to dictate his new eating habits on everyone. Morgan, whether consciously or unconsciously rather than using words, used action. He bought a food chopper and began making his mother and sister dinner. I write of Morgan losing 50lbs. and my hero in the same breath. In my opinion these were the deeds of heroic proportion. Morgan gave up cheese and followed his path of self-actualization, self-peace, creating a loving caring environment for himself and those around.

Morgan did turn off a lot of people not by his words but by his actions. His friend began to take notice of Morgan's dietary actions, choosing not to eat the greasy chips, the bubbly soda or the sugar candy but rather a green salad, as quoted by Morgan, "they were grossed out". In today's society eating junk food is the norm, that simple, that plain. There is so much pressure to conform to everyone else's standard of eating. We are living in a world of conformity where if anyone dares to do, to eat something not heavily promoted on the TV, radio, or in a magazine they would get grossed out. Is there a hidden message being pervaded (sounds good), do we as an individual really have free will? We look around at the so-called "good life". Are these standards that we as a people have established or were they thrushed upon us like white snow to gravel streets? I close my eyes and think, what is important, what is not important? I think of the United States rushing to war, is there a choice or are we the metal soldiers being played by a system that takes no prisoners? I think of fasting as a way of cleansing the dark depths of hate that ring out with our every word. What if there is a higher power that placed his dominion over the world leaders that they are forced to fast, without food, without liquor, without the junk foods of the world and the only thing they were allowed was pure water for forty days and nights. These are my thoughts—I think of a fast, I think of the world leaders, I think of what a fast does as quoted by T.C. Fry in "Fasting, the Fastest Way to Superb Health", "the body begins automatization of growth, tumors, adhesions and accumulations". What fasting does best is to eliminate toxins that are not only our great inhibitors of enjoying life, but of being at peace. I think of "The Essence Science of Fasting", by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely as quoted, "Renew yourself and fast, for I tell you truly, that Satan and his plaques may only be cast out by fasting and prayer". We take these words, we think of the impending war; we think of fasting, we think of raw food and Morgan doing his thing, changing his diet, getting rid of all his toxins, slowly but surely. We think of Morgan as a hero to himself following his path of eliminating the toxins not only in his life but also in his family. Morgan had no choice but to lead by example, without words of condemnation but words of silence that soothe the soul and just lead by example.

If truth be known, we are all well aware if we could just hear the words of our innate wisdom. I scan the "Essence of Science of Fasting", I envision Morgan's path. I read the words carefully "but the foods which you eat from the abundant table of God give strength and youth to your body, and you will never see disease". It is these words that I live by. It is these words that give me a continual flow of strength to carry on the message. It is these words that I share with those all around.

The days passed into months and what became clear is that if Morgan wanted to keep the weight off, he too would have to continue changing to a mostly raw diet. Morgan had faced his biggest fear and won! As quoted by Morgan, "I no longer have to worry about being 220 lbs. the rest of my life". As of this writing, Morgan is now facing his biggest food challenge, "bread product", it is not just Morgan's biggest addiction, it is everyone's. Bread is one of the quiet misconceptions so woven into our thinking process that no one questions whether it is truly necessary in our diet. If truth can be labeled fiction, and fiction could be labeled white lies, the more we read the less we think we know. So I remember the words of Paul Nison in "The Raw Life" as quoted, "In fact eating grains especially cooked grains can kill you". Hopefully Morgan is reading these words. Hopefully someone is reading these words. This is a powerful message of buyer beware! Paul Nison specifically mentioned wheat. As quoted, "gluten is found in wheat products and because gluten is unnatural to the human body, everyone is allergic to it. It is very addictive and difficult to stop eating. This becomes Morgan's challenge. He has won the fight against the cheese, the soda, and the candy. He has long since forgotten the taste of chicken, fish, burgers, steaks and chips; he has beaten his biggest fear of being overweight. The bread challenge is his next major hurdle. Once again, it does not stop overnight; it is a gradual process to realize that grains are not the "staff of life". Is that what we as a people want, to constantly be supported by an outside force? Is that to our benefit? In Douglas Graham D.C.'s book, "Grain Damage" he states, "constant use of a staff or crutches will invariably lead to debility". Are there more words necessary? Does Morgan begin to see how his dietary choices were causing havoc from within? According to Dr. George H. Malkamus in "God's Way to Ultimate Health", he carefully describes the miller who removes the fiber, removes the germ and grinds it into fine white flour, which by the standards of making bread is still not ready to be consumed. According to Dr. George H. Malkamus this white flour is, as quoted, "a bleaching agent similar to Clorox". At this point it is almost ready for human consumption. The bread contains zero fiber and zero nutrients". The one missing ingredient is nutrients. At this point, the logic of what is right, what is truth, comes rolling down a long stretch of soft clay and cement. Where is the human decency to allow the next step to occur? Does the end justify the means? A quaint quote by Dr. George H. Malkamus, "the miller or the power to be adds some artificial coal tar derived vitamins and minerals which have been known to cause cancer". So we begin researching what Morgan already knew, that the bread products have to go!

As there is a beginning there is also an end. As there is an end there is also a beginning; a circle of knowledge that expedites its own wisdom, we as a people clamor for success. We as a people strive for having things rather than not having. It all makes so much sense until one day you arbitrarily realize every goal that was set before us vanishes like cherry blossoms into a bottomless pit. The values that were so tediously ingrained in our very genetic make-up no longer make sense.

What stands before me is the new Morgan, a person who stands for the truth of what lies beneath his soul; a fellow who has learned to push away the evils of man's zealous nature to push on the unsuspecting public anything that will derive a profit. A sweet plot that lures traps and finally engulfs a people who are not yet ready to empower themselves of their own God given rights to understanding their own truth.

So, we at Arnold's Way salute Morgan Tindall, not a kid of belief but a man with a destiny, that his faith in life is his responsibility and his alone. I thank you for your time, Arnold 


Gabriel Cousews M.D. – Conscious Eating
Paul Stilt – Beat the Food Giants
Paul Nison – The Raw Life
Douglas Graham D.C. – Grain Damage
T.C. Fry – Fasting, the Fastest Way to Superb Health
Edmond Bordeaux Szekely – The Essence Science of Fasting
Dr. George H. Malkamus – God's Way to Ultimate Health


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