March 17, 2002    Sinusitis


It has come to my attention that in the newsletter on Leukemia, Albert E. Carter, author of The Cancer Answer, was incorrectly typed as Alfred E. Carter.  My deepest apologies for any problems that may have caused.  Please note the change.


We cry.  We weep.  The storm never stops
A blast of arctic air.  There is no snow today
 It was the rejoicing of clear air
The jubilation of night falling
 The smell, the crystal clear fragrance of another day
 Brought hope that help is on the way

The silent spring of summers past.  The blockage of mountain dew.  Trying to use words that depict a sufferer of sinusitis is this week's topic.  I close my eyes and want to stop the rhythm of the words that are about the flow; to grasp the very essence of my soul, your soul, our souls; to scream, to yell, to do whatever it takes to convey the message that sinusitis, like all other diseases, is a result of the same cause.  I was to spread the words that sufferers of sinusitis, like sufferer of all other diseases, can become symptom free if the body is given the proper conditions for health.  As stated by Hippocrates, "Thy foods shall be thy medicine and thy medicine thy foods."  As stated by T. C. Fry, "The concept of medicine is a mistake. Healing agencies or substances do not exist outside the organism."  A quote by Voltaire emphasizes the point that the art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.

It is on that note that I, Arnold, begin this week's research on sinusitis. The reason why I chose this topic was very clear.  Being an owner of a health food store, at this time of the year cold remedies are a popular item.  The most common complaint is a sinus condition.  People can't breathe, can't think, and just can't be.  So we begin looking for answers, for solutions, for possibilities about the reasons why sinus problems occur and what can be done.

Sinusitis, according to Prescription for Nutritional Healing, "is an inflammation of the nasal sinuses that accompanies upper respiratory infection.  More than 50% of all cases of sinusitis are caused by bacteria." If I were a doctor, I would probably agree more or less with that statement. If I were an adult who was suffering from this disease, I would just want immediate relief.  As a medical researcher (that's stretching it, but for lack of a better title, that's how I'm defining myself), I look at the first word that gets my goat.  Inflammation.  In the standard medical practice it' s like a call for arms.  Proceed with caution.  Take a pill.  Take an antibiotic if it gets worse.  Take these other pills for pain.  Stop!  Is the world going mad?  Is inflammation an accident created by the body's intelligent design?  Is inflammation being used as a defensive measure against the toxic infiltration, the greater danger?  Does one = two when three is really the answer?  Inflammation is defined by Dr. Herbert Shelton as, "a local response to toxemia and injury on a cellular level characterized by capillary dilation, leukocytic infiltration, redness, heat, and or pain as a mechanism to start the elimination of noxious agents."  We as a people should be rejoicing when these things are happening if we think just a little about trying to realize where these toxins come from.  How about putrefying flesh that lies dormant in our colons?  These are, according to God's Way to Ultimate Health by Dr. George Malkamus, "cesspools, collecting layers and pockets of toxic and putrid feces and mucus that poisons the blood stream and every cell and organ in the body. The body has no choice but to protect itself and every organ and tissue and cell with in it's domains by whatever means possible with or without out permission."  We see the words.  We read the sentences, but do we truly understand the implication when these toxic wastes are left to roam unprotected?  In Colon Health Dr. Walker's states, "Short-term afflictions resulting from the absorption of mucus and toxic waste from the colon into the rest of the body includes sinus.  Affliction of a more long-term nature caused by a constant influx of toxemia into the body from the colon includes degeneration of cancer in vital organs."

The earth shakes, the thunder roars, an efficient body, yours and mine, becomes the goal not the norm.  Sinusitis, as being reviewed, may be in our best interest.  Sounds too far out.  A body is about love and peace, about coexistence in harmony not chaos.  When we eat meat, mucus is created as it is with dairy, white flour products, and all cooked food.  As stated by Dr. Walker, "This mucus build up is a natural defense mechanism."

As we explain inflammation being not an accident, but rather by body design, we can also explain bacteria as, "God's brilliant invention and gift to us all," (from 12 Steps to Raw Foods by Victoria Boutenko).  Let's review the medical definition.  "Fifty percent of all cases of sinusitis are caused by bacteria," implying that bacteria is a bad thing.  The question remains. What is truth, what is a lie?  Bacteria have the ability to differentiate what is living, what is dead.  I quote Victoria again (I love her book) who says, "Bacteria will never touch anything that is still alive."  So what does all this mean?  Keep in mind, I, Arnold, am not a doctor, but here is goes.  To those who suffer from sinusitis, the inflammation, which is caused 50% of the time by bacteria, the symptoms created are by a knowing much greater than ours.  They have to be honored and cherished since they are an act of kindness.  They are God's brilliant invention to keep us healthy. The bacteria growth comes from the fact that there is toxic waste caused by dietary choices.  As stated by Victoria Boutenko, once again, "If a body is clean inside, the bacteria is not interested in our muscles, heart, eyes, or brain, but only in recycling toxins in our body."  So we leave this statement in fruitful disregard of the obvious.  There are answers for those who seek guidance and answers from within rather than from without.  In order to be clean inside it starts with educating oneself.  One must be dutifully prepared to reexamine one's lifestyle, from the moment of awakening to that very moment before sleep.  We animals of habit have to create a new dialogue for what is acceptable and what is not.  The rules are newly written and newly created to be implemented by only I in the first person.  There are wars to be fought, struggles to be overcome as well as pitfalls along the way.  There is no wrong, no right, only paths for self-fulfillment.  I close my eyes and wait for the answers most suited for my well being.

We continue our quest for purification, for justification, for determination of the whys of sinusitis occurrences.  The Merck Manual 17th edition provides the same definition but expands its causes to include viral and fungal.  There is a bad moon rising with the enemy below dressed as a friend indeed.  The Merck Manual explains, defines, excludes, and includes all data and pertinent information, which from their point of view is necessary to clearly understand the causes and cares of sinusitis.  We read the words, "Chronic sinusitis may be exacerbated by a gram-negative rod or anaerobic microorganism."  These are the words from the Merck Manual to explain sinusitis.  I must have read that sentence five times.  These were the sentences I am reading without understanding.  I look for clarity, and I get confusion.  As we read on under treatment, "In acute and chronic sinusitis, antibiotics should be given for at least 10-12 days."  Using this as a basis for healing, we continue reading the treatment.  "In acute sinusitis, penicillin is the initial antibiotic of choice and crythromycin (great word) is the second choice."  This is the statement by one of the most widely used medical texts.  These are standard practices, and this is the information to be distributed to the public.  There was no mention of dietary changes. There was no mention of any possible healing option other than drug therapy. According to Nancy Appleton, Ph.D., "In a controlled study of 135 multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, it was found that of these subjects, 65.9% had histories of sinusitis."  Removal of dairy products from the patients' diets resulted in the disappearances of the sinusitis as well as a number of MS symptoms."

In the words of Matt Goodman, conqueror of MS in 5 months after 5 years as well as author of, "Multiple sclerosis is the best thing that ever happened to me."  He heard about cooked food and its effect on health.  He learned about raw, living food and its effect on his body and his healing power.  When Matt stopped his medications, stopped his cooked food addiction, the meat, the dairy, the breads, the cheese, and everything else that involved cooked food he saw major changes.  Instead of choosing to continue medication he chose to change his diet to go an almost totally raw diet.  As his dietary habits changed so the healing accelerated.  Within 5 months Matt Goodman became symptom free.

We listen to the words of Loren Lockman who did not develop sinusitis until the age of 23.  At that time he was only aware of medical treatment.  He listened, he took, he listened, he took.  Loren suffered for three years not only of severe sinusitis, but Loren also developed irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, candida, and 60 other allergies.  During this time he took a broad range of antibiotics, which not only didn't improve his symptoms but also made them worse. Finally, Loren took a dietary approach.  He began eliminating the dairy products, the meat products, the processed food, and all his severe symptoms were eliminated.

These are the stories of sinusitis.  The answer, my friends, is if you want change it has to start with I, with you.  We have to take responsibility for our own actions and how they affect ourselves.  Dr. Stan Gravely states in God's Way to Ultimate Health, "The effectiveness of any one drug would lessen once I built up a tolerance to it.  These remedies would never remedy the problem.  They would mask the symptom and drug me to sleep."

It is with this understanding that we end this week's newsletter on sinusitis.  As we stated in the beginning, every disease is just a name difference.  They are all essentially body toxicity.  Our bodies cannot on a continual basis be barraged with chemicalized, nonvibrant, non-living with altered protein discombobulated toxic debris without suffering from this intake.  It just doesn't work that way.

I take my pen in peace and share these thoughts in harmony.  I yearn to learn to wisdom within.

I thank you for your time.


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