March 15, 2001    What we eat...


There are moments of reflections. There are moments of doubt. This week I was inundated with a whole lot of emotions. Like a boomerang against the sky, there were sparks of total disbelief when I heard the news about the latest episode of school violence in Santee, CA. What is happening in our schools? What is happening in this country? We listen to the news and hear about endless murders of innocent bystanders. We hear about guns being used in acts of terror. We hear the reports - reports that tell us what we need is more security, more police, more enforcement . . . more money being spent on treating the symptoms of the problem vs. fixing it's cause. What about gun control? What about taking a good hard look at the ROOTS of these problems? Anger, frustration, and confusion are wreaking havoc on parents all across the country. What can be done? What can we do? Who is to blame?

Well, the blame really hits home on this issue. Who IS to blame? We all are. WE must take responsibility for each other and stop the finger-pointing. We must try to get to the bottom of the matter and figure out what we are doing wrong - why this has become a national trend, why children are KILLING . . . and what can we do to change this?

What would drive a seemingly "normal" child to murder? When I think of the 14 year-old who killed 2 of his classmates last week, my mind quickly asks : what was he eating? Not only has our food supply in this country been systematically poisoned for years, but on top of that, we have been misinformed by the supposed "authorities". WE have been misled by nutritional information bathed in propaganda and driven by greed. And the general population has also been victimized by a philosophical and psychological dilemma : detachment from our food sources, and thus, detachment from the circle of life.

Remember the old saying : "you are what you eat" ? Well, let's take a good look at one of the major sources of food in our country -- cows. In Paul Nisson's Raw Life, the author talks about how these graceful, sacred animals are transformed to meat on the dinner table. Beginning with a trip to the slaughterhouse, the cows are squashed together and packed so tight they can't move. Then they arrive at their final destination in life to be greeted by sting guns which render them unconscious. Next the poor defenseless creatures are hung by their necks and stabbed with a big knife in order to drain the blood. Workers slosh around in deep puddles of this blood while stripping their hides, and removing the heart, liver, and tongue. Such inhumane and awful treatment for one of Nature's most beloved creatures. And all in the name of steaks and burgers. . . which lay in the pits of our stomachs and turn our insides into cemeteries for dead animals.

In an article entitled "Raising Children Hygienically", Paula Duvall discusses the relationship between meat and behavior. She talks about "flesh food" and its inherent chemicals which serve to clog one's circulation, causing anemia, poor circulation, and defective elimination through the pores of the skin. How does this affect us? It shows up as congestion, high blood pressure, headaches, nervousness, irritability, poor immune response, and inflammation as the body attempts to maintain a balance. Could such imbalances be a cause for concern over our children's behavior and outlook? I think this is a topic that absolutely must be examined fully : an in-depth look at how our children's nutrition affects their behavior.

The refined and enriched flours, the chemicals and processed sugars of juices, snacks, convenience foods, and supposedly healthy breakfast cereals all are poisoning our children and adversely affecting their behavior. The average child does NOT have a good breakfast. Even if its not donuts and SunnyDelight, they are being fed over-processed and chemically-enhanced products passed off as healthy foods by ad executives across the nation. The book Sugar Blues, by William Duffy, questions, analyzes, and deciphers the impact that sugar has had on our nation. It shows how a child's behavior will change completely in just 10 days once they are off the sugar kick. The behavior and healthy growth of our children hinges on what they are fed. "You are what you eat" has never rang so true.

And what would happen if we taught our children to respect ALL living things- man and beast alike? What if we not only refused to feed them the carcasses of our poorly treated animal brothers and sisters, but were able to instill in them an understanding and respect for the circle of life? In "A Diet for a New America", Indian Chief Seattle is quoted as saying :

For whatever happens to the beasts soon happens to man.

All things are connected - this we know.

Our culture has become so far removed from our food sources & has been handed down a system which does not have a strong sense of respect for ALL living things. Our value system is plagued by empty consciousness and a lack of understanding for who we are and what is important. It is unfortunate that there are too few examples of rightful living around us. We are surrounded by unwholesome forces which only serve to weaken us from the inside out. As Don Weaver said in "The Survival and Transformation of Civilization" :

Have we simply forgotten who we are and why we're here? How would

our total consciousness awaken and grow and flower and bear fruit if we

were not from birth stuffed with life-weakening foods, drugs, polluted air

and water, as well as brain-conditioning misinformation and thought

paradigms motivated by fears, greed and competitive ego-level games of

divisiveness, rather than a clearer perception of our natural unity and

cooperative potentials?

We must rise above these unwholesome forces and allow each of us to become those very examples of rightful living this society so desperately needs.

Well, I'm not saying that these are the only causes of school violence. All I'm saying is that this is a huge problem that has landed on our shoulders and we'd better start examining the possibilities for causation and implementing change. It is up to US to figure out why this is happening and it is up to US to DO SOMETHING about it. We can all start by practicing conscious living and conscious eating . . . setting good examples and promoting health and happiness. And of course, I advocate doing it the RAW way --



"Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food."



Easy children menu:

6 dates, 3 bananas, quarter cup raisins, quarter cup walnuts, 3oz. apple juice.

Blend. Refrigerate: PUDDING. freeze: ICE CREAM.