March 12, 2002    Acne


Timeless wonder sift through the midnight air
Billowy clouds turn torrent as night approaches
 And daylight fades into another day
The infamous horn strikes its discord of true delight
Our sensitive skin shrieks in delusional fright
 As toxins of weight share to bare
 Tis not an ugly sight

So begins the haunting tale of show and tell.  The body is burdened by toxic overload and unloads the debris, the waste, and the dietary choices that were made along the way.  So beings this week's newsletter on a topic not unlike any other disease, for in essence, although they all have different names, every disease can really be named "toxicosis."

Acne is not quite a disease and not quite an everyday thing.  It affects over 100 million Americans between the ages of 15 and 45.  They have to suffer with the embarrassing, the ugly, and the radically noticeable outbursts on the face.  It's a terrible thing for one to have to contend with in today's facial-conscious society.  Acne can come in many different shapes and sizes.

Let's get into the real nitty-gritty of what causes acnes and how to treat it successfully.  By definition according to Alternative Medicine, "Acne is inflammation of the skin because a sebaceous gland located at the bottom of each hair follicle becomes trapped with natural oils causing bacterial buildup and inflammation."  I look at that answer.  I think of the 100 million who suffer from this so-called non-disease.  Is this the answer that would soothe the soul of those teenagers suffering for naught?  Is this the answer necessary to hear for those women 30-40 years old who have developed acne recently due to a number of reasons?  I think not.  People want answers now.  They want solutions now.  They want that pimply face gone.  We are in an ever-changing society with today's heroes, yesterday's scum, and tomorrow 's hope for another day.  We as a people are thrilled by the sight of winning, and we don't want to hear about losing.  Acne is a reaction of the body's intelligence creating a systematic process of toxic overload elimination.

If we study solutions rather than explanations, then a gateway for possibilities can unfold with truth as the final arbitrage of expedient expulsion.  So beings the acne journey from disfiguration to clear skin.  As a basis for continuation we have to briefly delve into our innate intelligence.  We as a people are blessed with the supreme knowing of knowing.  At any given moment, man is composed of zillions upon zillions of life units that are operated in complex, able units of the soul for our highest good.  It is the excellence that we strive for in such delicacy of motion.  A Michael Jordan slam jam.  A forward pass.  A diving catch.  All heroic actions on the filed; all worthy of rousing applause.  All just a tippling, for lack of a better word, that cannot be compared to our body's miraculous spontaneous interactions happening every millisecond.  It is with these boundaries that we share the joy of acne.  It's the realization that our humble universe awaits us.  This is the understanding that we, all 100 million sufferers of acne, have to embrace.  The body's intelligence is supremely divine.  The causes, as in every disease I have written about or will write on, are all the same.  Only the names change.  The doctors become more specialized, the tests more specific, to make costs seem to become more justified.  T.C. Fry states in Achieving Vibrant Well-being, "What is different is the body's propensity for conducting its eliminating processes through the skin of the face."  Heaven to Betsy.  To all those teenagers, chuck that Clearasil, toss those burgers, and hide the pizza.  This is a bad moon rising.  Changes have to come.  We clasp our ears, hold our nose, rant, rave, crowd of teens yell, scream, stating it can't be so.  So begins the battle, so starts the war, so continues the peace.

As stated in God's Way to Ultimate Health, "When God created man he placed him in a garden and told him his diet was to consist of raw fruit and vegetables."  Is this the way of God?  Is this the way of supreme health? Is this the way that acne should end?  We see the words.  We envision the garden.  We smell the roses.  The words of Genesis 1:29 come back to haunt us - me, you.  The very nature of our souls that strive for excellence are being bombarded on a second to second mini-illusion of lies and deceit of what is true and what is false.  We stand in humble appreciation.  And God said, behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for me.

We hold these words in highest of esteem.  We reread the words of T.C. Fry in Achieving Vibrant Well-being.  "Acne is caused by cooked foods, condiments, soft drinks, dairy products, and especially cheese, breads, and grain products, beans and bean products, and animal products in general including eggs, poultry, and fish."

As I read, I see not only easy acceptance but also actual agreement.  That is from my perspective, but it is not I that reads.  The words have to reach out further than what is.  There is an acceptance that living well means eating well, that to live high on the hog means just that.  A steak becomes a standard for excellence.  To a body all cooked food is poison.  Almost all the nutritional value is destroyed as well as all enzymes, 83% of all
vitamins, all fiber, all minerals, and most important, All Life Force is destroyed.  Gone.  Completely gone forever.

What has to be understood is so eloquently stated by Joe Alexander in Raw Food Propaganda.  "The raw foodist would enjoy a higher standard of living in a little hut than a junk food eater could in a palace."

Acne is the result of cooked food intake.  It is the overload of toxicity that causes the body to create an extraordinary body cleanse.  It is a process that creates pus, a process that creates blackheads, a process that creates inflammation.  These are not diseases but cures.  These are not scars of deformation but beauty of divine inspiration.  "We are fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14).  The human body is a masterpiece created by God.

As we write, we begin to understand.  As we see, we begin to realize that there are possibilities.  T.C. Fry states, "A discontinuation of everything cooked, refined, processed, or in any condition other than delivered to us by nature in its raw, natural state will enable the body to go on a massive house cleansing."  It's that simple.  It's that pure.  It's that easy.

So we read but do we believe?  Are we trained as a people, as a nation to take responsibility for our health?  I wonder.  I continue my quest.  I research further in Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child.  It clearly states, "Because of the many normal shifts experienced during adolescence, preventing an outbreak of acne may not be possible."  This statement is based on cooked food addictions.  They are strong words for a disease we suffer through no fault other than our own.  The facts continue to blast off the pages.  85% of the American population develops acne at some point during their teenage years.  Girls develop acne between the ages of 14 and 17, while boys develop acne between the ages of 16 and 19.

We close our eyes and think not of darkness but of light.  We can't cry for acne until we realize that acne becomes the salvation.  We listen to the words of Dr. Andrew Weil.  "Health is a temporary dynamic state of balance that has to break down periodically in order to reform as conditions  change."  What becomes truth also becomes lies.  What is deemed necessary by some is deemed unnecessary from what is inside.  What becomes outlandish and unsightly on the outside is deemed necessary from the inside.

World Medicine states, "The skin is the body's largest organ responsible for an array of essential bodily functions including breaking oxygen, eliminating carbon dioxide, and other forms of waste."  We are talking about waste in whatever form, in whatever shape, in whatever name.  As we continue, World Medicine explains acne on a technical level based on their understand.  "Acne occurs when oil called sebum blocks the pores and hair follicles at the skin's surface."  Sounds simple, but it's not really good enough.  "This causes waste to accumulate in the pores, resulting in pockets of infection."  What does that statement mean?  This is the information being given to 100 million Americans.  They give every reason but the right reason as the cause of acne.  As quoted in Reader's Digest by Christine B. Needham, "Stop bothering with your acne.  Leave it alone.  You picked the wrong parents to start with.  Acne is genetically caused."  Does that mean acne forever?  These are the medical answers.  As always, the solution is a pill or cream.  In Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child they say, "Preventing an outbreak of acne may not be possible."

But why acne, why teenagers?  There are truths that exist, and there are survival techniques.  There are cleansing processes, which a body that is on an overload of toxicity must do in order to survive.  It's called the Law of Vital Adjustment, as stated by Victoria Boutenko in 12 Steps to Raw Food (a must to buy).  "The body of every living thing is dedicated to the survival of the owner or spirit that lives within.  The body does everything to protect itself and to keep the species going, no matter what the obstacle." We reread the last two lines.  We think about cooked food.  We think about live food.  We think of all the processes that went into making cooked food: the heating, the mixing, the destroying.  One process following another, and what is left is devoid of any life force.  This is what we put into our bodies.  There are no enzymes, no fiber, no nutrients.  The body has no choice in the matter.  It will do whatever it takes no matter what to expel this toxic material.  In the beginning when the body is still young, there is sufficient energy to expel it through our largest organ, the skin.  Hence acne.  Hence the teenage years.  Hence the term vital adjustment.

When we hear the words about acne being unpreventable or genetically caused we have to realize that according to Victoria Boutenko, "The human body never makes mistakes."  We have to read the words of T.C. Fry in Achieving Vibrant Well Being.  "I have seen hundreds of acne cases clear up in one to three weeks on a natural life regimen."  We look for details.  We look for case histories.  We look for pictures.  We look for truth.  We look for lies.

We read of T.C. Fry's story of a young woman whose face was so pockmarked that its appearance reminded one of the craters of the moon.  If we were to follow the truth that fasting is the easiest way to overcome acne and that cooking is the scrooge of all disease, then it would stand to reason that if one partakes of a fast, one's acne would disappear.  In fact, that is what happened.  T.C. Fry stated that "within seven days of fasting her pustules had disappeared and after 14 days, her face was smoothing out."

I heard similar stories over and over again from Loren Lockman, director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center.  He related almost the same scenario.  I lost my notes during the valentine shuffle.  The dining room table is the vortex of all my writing activities.  Anyway, if I remember correctly, a young girl in her mid twenties came to this wellness center not so much for her skin problem but for other health issues.  Tanglewood Wellness Center focuses on distilled water fasting and rest and that's it.  What I mean is that once the body is not worried about the digestive process it will go to whatever area that needs special attention and will remove the morbid matter that does not belong there.  Extraordinary.  Brilliant.  Hence the disappearance of acne.

The only word of caution as stated by T.C. Fry is, "As long as the natural life regimen was observed, these people remained acne free.  When some of these ex-sufferers reverted to their former unhealthful ways of life, acne was again suffered."

On that note, I thank you for your time.


God's Way to Ultimate Health by Dr. George H. Malkamus
Achieving Vibrant Health by T.C. Fry
Alternative Medicine Presented by Burton Goldberg
Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child by Janet Zand, Rachael Walton, R.N.,
Bob Roundtree, M.D.
World Medicine by Tom Monte and editors of East West Natural Health
Interview with Loren Lockman, director of Tanglewood Wellness Center

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