March 9, 2005    Our Own Choices


It's a Tuesday night about eight days past when this was supposed to be written. It was because that's the way it is. I could have had a few excuses like: being poked in the eye or rushed to Wills eye hospital and found out I couldn't see. I could also have said I then went on a ten-day water fast, lost 16 pounds and was happy as a lark. All these thoughts were rushing thru my entangled mesh of a brain. What do I write about in March that could top the first eight days? As of now I am on Day three of a 14-day juice feast. The water fast restored my vision about an inkling past blindness. I needed to look for another natural route. What do I choose? In medical terms I have a traumatic cataract which medically needs to be surgically removed in order for my vision to be restored. A cataract removal is essentially an easy surgical procedure taking all of about an hour. It was a clear choice either to go medical which offered a high degree of success but with knowing that I would forever lose my real lens or to look for a raw food lifestyle choice. It was not a hard choice. I chose first to fast, which got almost no results. My next option is to go on a 14-day juice feast to bring back my vision. These were my choices. I inquired to those that knew and those who thought they knew. Everyone made sense. I had to do what was in my heart. There is no gray area here. Everyone in my family had their opinion and I had mine. Life is that simple. We as a people are constantly at choice whether it makes sense really only matters to ourselves. In the end we are the ones who have to live with our decisions day in day out.

I Thank You for your time.