March 8, 2002    Leukemia - Part 2


We ended part 1 of the newsletter on leukemia with words from T.C. Fry. "Leukemia is one of the easiest children's diseases to overcome."  If this statement is true, why are so many children suffering.  The words of the Merck Manual 17th edition come bulldozing out of its pages.  "Long-term disease-free survival reportedly occurs in 20-40% of patients and increases to 40-50% in younger patients."  The question blaringly hits me head on. Who do I believe?  Do I dare to continue even one more word in light of such dark and doom statistics?

The body has the ability to obliterate all internal opposition given the right condition for health.  Everything that happens within us happens for a reason, for a cause, for our highest good.  It is the intensity of our soul, the lifeblood of our forces, the will to thrive, that keeps our bodies in continuous motion.  There are no random accidents.  We are based on live reactions fed by live graces of universal power.  We are humbled by its greatness when that learning refuses to be let in.  The designation of our click on, click off chemistry begins.  In response to the question "what causes disease?" T.C. Fry states, "The debris resulting from cooking is toxic.  These toxic by-products of cooking cause what is called leukocytosis, a proliferation of the immune system."  In other words, the number of white blood cells (WBC) increases to the point that their count many double or triple.  That, my friends, when it happens over and over and over and over where the body's defense system is so exasperated that the WBC count is so high, that is what the medical establishment calls leukemia. Keep in mind I'm not a doctor.  I'm just voicing an opinion.

Our WBCs, by whatever means created, for whatever purpose, are lean, mean fighting machines.  Their defense mechanisms and opposition maneuvers are calculated, devised, and executed so that the enemy stands no chance.  It has been that way for thousands of years, ever since man's creation.  There are no mistakes, no losses, ever.

In our immune system in addition to the macrophes and helper T cells, which were briefly explained in part 1, there are also the killer T cells that are WBCs that according to Alfred E. Carter in Cancer Answer "track down and destroy germs."  There are B-lymphocytes that are WBCs that mature in bone marrow and produce antibodies, which are able to recognize and destroy foreign invaders.

There are neatrophils, small WBCs that are also manufactured in bone marrow that act in conjunction with our helper T calls to send out messages to our defense system.  Then there is MHC (major histocompatibility complex) - a mouth full but very essential part of our immune system.  It acts as an identity badge for all our cells, establishing that they all belong to one's own body.  The list goes on and on.  There is, according to Alfred Carter, "a complex network of billions of highly specialized cells as well as a staggering array of potent hormones."  These are heavy duty statements that are geared to both energize and humble us as a people, as a race, as human beings that are given the opportunity to enjoy life as is for a very short time in its splendid glory by our splendid being.  There are no accidents. Ever.

The MHC holds antigens, which are fragments of protein that distinguish whether the cell is friend or foe.  There are also memory cells, according to Alfred Carter, that are made up of "special T cells and B cells that along with antibodies record all bodily intake of every virus or bacteria ever encountered so that we don't have to start all over again when the same enemy invades a second time."  That, my friends, works on the same theory as a vaccination except its without the shot, without the side effects, without the cost, without our children receiving these invasive and synthetic materials that can create havoc within their bodies.  Our bodies have the genetic coding to protect not harm, to empower not enslave.  We have to open our eyes to the glorious beauty of ourselves.  As Carter states, "For every species of virus on the earth from smallpox to the common cold and for every species of bacteria there are T cells and antibodies which recognize them as foreign and as fair game for us to attack and destroy."

These are serious statements for serious times that can become the jackhammer of medical counter thought.  Carter's statements are right on target.  Who senses the reverberation of changing tides and rolling rivers? We as a people stand ready for more internal combustion, the engine that rocks our very soul to purity of mind and peace at heart.

So we silently retrieve our actions, our thoughts, and our grandiose grandeur that within change opens possibility.  We reread T.C. Fry's humble opinion about leukemia.  It's the easiest childhood disease to overcome. 

We listen to T.C. Fry's main suggestion of first stopping the eating of all pizza and all dairy, two American favorites.  To do so holds no anger, no honor.  To be willing to take a stance without changing what one eats today can hold true for all of tomorrow's todays.

I desperately hold on to my wakefulness to exclaim peace and serenity within one's energy force is possible.  It's not only possibly without ever having any survival rates but a birthright for sanctity among our cells.

As the pizza stops, as the dairy products stop, according to T.C. Fry, so too the word "overcome" appears.

As stated by T.C. Fry, according to Anna Inez, when the pizza is stopped with its crust of flower and water, the cheese of infinite crime against the baby craft, the spicy sauces, and the meat topping everything that was so called good took on a different twist.  When the dairy is stopped, T.C. Fry found that leukemia also stopped.  We have a story of what is true and what is a false and how the body does not make judgments by a continual flow of continuation that demands excellence.

Anna Inez relays T.C. Fry's story of a boy we'll call Roy.  At age 10, Roy was diagnosed with leukemia and was given no hope of life.  Using this as a basis, his father's quest for hope brought on a search for truth.  He met T.C. Fry who put Roy on a strict natural hygiene diet.  Roy ate only whole fruit for breakfast since they, meaning whole fruits, contain every vitamin, mineral, enzyme, every life force in proper portion in exactly the way the human body needs it.  It's that simple.  It's that pure.  It's that necessary.  Roy now had to make a choice between putting cooked food in his system, which would act as a destroyer, and putting whole fruit in his system, which would act as a cleanser as a fighter, as a healer, for the boy 's innate wisdom demands excellence and only excellence of the universal energy's purity.

Roy ate salad, baked potatoes, and avocado for lunch.  Three hours later Roy went back to eating whole fruit.  Roy kept this regimen for one month and each day there was improvement, each day his immune system was getting better.  At dinnertime Roy went back to a large salad with 1/3 cup of nuts or seeds.  Within one month, to the doctor's surprise and to the joy of his parents, Roy became symptom free.

Roy remained that way for 2 years until just before he hit his teenage years.  At that time the peer pressure was too great for Roy to overcome. The powerful influence of the cooked food addiction became too overwhelming for Roy to refuse.  All his friends were on the cooked food bandwagon.  He was surrounded by the spicy aroma of the pizza, the sweet smell of French fries, the enticing aroma of cheese steak.  All these foods are chemically enhanced which only weakens our immune system as the increased bacterial decomposition by products are absorbed into the bloodstream and body fluids from the intestinal tract.  The body's immune system, the WBC - our first line of defense, has to double and triple because of these heat-deranged nutrients.  Roy's immune system, which was symptom free for 2 years, could not handle the constant influx of the cooked food.  Toxic overload.  Roy die d at the age of 12 from leukemia.  It came back and took his life. According to Anna Inez, "The body will always use the weakest point to eliminate toxins because it is the easiest route to get it out of your system."

We end as we begin: with hope, for there is hope; with sadness, for there is sadness; with a clear conscience for this information has been and can be shared; with ignorance, for this information can be tossed aside like a wet noodle looking for a place to hide.

I thank you for your time.


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