March 8, 2001    Processed Foods


Within the confines of our celestial structure lies diamonds of untold value waiting to be discovered. We as a people are filtrated with gobs of gook that create havoc within our souls and demoralize our thought processes. We therefore never seek the truth or alternative possibilities to this internal chaos.

Can we as a people find a better way?  "Yes," I scream! Every passing day brings more exciting news and greater discoveries. This week I read, not once, but twice, Doug Graham's "Nutrition and Athletic Performances." It was exhilarating! An informative and a "must keep" book. A sample of his glorious insight on page 55 details facts that burst the bubbles of mass media which suppress the truths of our dietary choices.

As quoted, "the narcotic opium is know for its addictive and sedating qualities". Chemists have discovered fifteen separate opiods (molecular structure similar enough to opium to cause an opium like response by the body) in wheat. Is that a mind blower! Jumping Jeosophat! We are a country sedated by chemicalized food that are pushed upon us by the major food companies, mass media and the USDA.

These forces are trying to lead us down an addictive path of chemicalized food. This path has lead us to our current state where disease, obesity and illness is the norm. We are one of the most unhealthy countries the world has ever known.

We are a country whose senses, responses, clarity, vision, and physical activity are being slowed by its addiction to starches. To make matters worse, it's everywhere.  It's accepted, glorified, and praised for its positive effects.

For those who understand, there's no running away. We are being bombarded by the insanity of the popularized opiates found in spaghetti, bread, donuts, cakes, pretzels, etc..etc..etc...  What's a person to do?

In our humble opinion, (keep in mind that Arnold's Way just shares information) is to get a trash bag and start collecting everything that reeks of possible disaster in your home. Take this trash bag full of society's gelabious gook, and head toward the neighborhood's most unfriendly dog. Then knock on the owners door, hand him the bag, as a present for his dog. Surprise, you might find a sedated dog a few days later!

That was yesterday, but what about today? If a beginning can be possible, once the ills of society are literally tossed to the dog. This freedom will enable you to be free, replenished from the dead weight that had clung to our every cells. We now close our eyes and run with the wind, forever!

But one must start somewhere within the pillars of the raw food transformational possibilities. The transition, designed for everyday success has to be easy, cheap and not too much work. These are easily obtained by switching to a raw food diet.

At the morning wake-up, without the alarm clock please. It stops the natural sleep process. We at Arnold's Way, always recommend filtered H2O or distilled. A point well argued by Paul Nisson, author of raw life, and appearing at Arnold's Way, April 18 from 7 to 9 . Sign up early. I do it every morning with Blue Green Algae enzymes. It works. I am then raring to go onto the next phase of my day: rebounding, rebounding, rebounding. It's a must. OUR BODIES ARE DESIGNED TO USE THE MUSCLES WE WERE BORN WITH, otherwise they go south. In the past month I upped my exercise time from 30 minutes to 1 hour, from doing my own routine to following along with a video: "Urban Rebounding." Words cannot be strong enough to give such bountiful thanks for this video coming into my life. It's a winner of a tape that incorporates stretching aerobics calisthenics, isotonic weightlifting, and stomach exercise. Like everything into a 1 hour workout. It has rejuvenated me into a young kid again: all gushy and springy and ripe. ready to rock and roll. That's the difference this video tape has made in my life.

Anyway, we have to move onto creating clarity of thought and vision, with boundless energy till the day we die. After exercising, eat fruits, fruits, fruits. Preferably one kind for the best results, but 2 or 3 kinds can be eaten. Remember: eat melons alone! Sweet fruit cannot share the same bowl with acid fruit. That's it! At the store we hand out free food combining charts.

Fruit is a simple sugar, which is the only sugar which our body can use fast, without any work. It's fast, enzyme, minerals and vitamin rich. They contain valuable soluble fiber so our body doesn't have to deal with that sugar rush, as well as aiding and nourishing every cell in the body, including the sugar lost from the muscles during exercise

That's my breakfast: fruit, fruit, fruit. It's simple, cheap, easy to make plus no cleanup. What more can one ask for?



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